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Wrestling Superstar Found Dead

6/25/2007 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE superstar Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy and young son were found dead in their Atlanta home early this afternoon, this according to

No further details regarding the tragedy have been released. Benoit was scheduled to appear at a pay-per-view event last night ... WWE said that there was a "family emergency" that prevented him from being there.

Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champ, wreaked havoc with his signature move, the "Crippler Crossface."

The incident comes on the heels of the shocking death of former WWE wrestler "Sensational" Sherri Martel, and the supposed "assassination" of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. TMZ has learned that the WWE is scrapping all references to the McMahon death storyline on tonight's episode of "Raw.'

According to the official WWE website, tonight's "Raw" will serve as a tribute to the wrestling great.

Police are investigating the incident.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that the deaths are being investigated as a possible suicide and double homicide.


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Ihma Khunt    

O.J did it.

2641 days ago


"Respected the man's work"--oooh, that's rich. I didn't know he was the Picasso of wrestling. Jesus H. Christ, get a friggin' life. Put down the beer and bag of pork rinds and get out of your trailor for an hour or two and go visit a museum or your local library to observe "the works" of far more interesting men.

2641 days ago


Im sorry to hear about his death and im glad Vince has made this night for him. I just hope Chris didnt do anything...gosh thats horrible to think but these days you never know.

2641 days ago


My first thought is/was murder suicide. But why a child? Why in general? I am heartbroken and I was not really a fan, it's the thought of something so horrific happening. My heart goes out to the families and friends left to figure out what happened.

2641 days ago


John. you are a bad person.

2641 days ago

WWE does it right.    

John, I live in New York City and am an educated man. So because someone likes to watch wrestling that makes them a dumb or bad person? Look in the mirror and take your hate elsewhere.

2641 days ago


I just checked the Atlanta Journal-Constitution site and all they say aside from what's here is that they were not shot to death.

2641 days ago

James T    

This is a sad day in wresting. Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestelers. I will truly miss him. My heart goes out to him and the rest of his family. God bless you Chris.

2641 days ago

KEVIN Griboski    

We will miss him very much. I hope they find what happened to them. And if they were killed I hope they hang the bastards!!

2641 days ago


Let me get this straight, John. You're on here continually antagonizing and spewing general idiocy, and WE'RE the ones who need to "get a friggin' life"?

Don't you have a fire to be playing in or something?

2641 days ago


I am deeply sadden on hearing this. Chris was one of my favorite wrestlers. and will always be my favorite. Who could do such a horrible crime. Who ever did this you will be found. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Benoit family on losing three of there family members. Chris you will never ever be forgotten

2641 days ago


Actually WWE had a very strict drug policy. Roids may have been something in the past but now when wrestlers are caught action is taken. Look at RVD, arrested for possesion, within the next week he loses both WWE and ECW titiles and is suspended for 30 days. Randy Orton came up hot as well and was suspended. These reports were made available to the public. Benoit was not a steroid user or he could magically pass the drug tests. He has been in the business for over twenty years and was one of the most determined and trained just as hard if not harder than anyone else. Maybe he did kill his family, who knows, but he was not a steroid freak that went bezerk.

2641 days ago

kim suck    

this is the new way to kill--take everyone out--SICK!!!!!!

2641 days ago


You're just mad Matt, because the truth hurts. If roid-boy really walked in on his sick family, "coughing up blood", a normal person dials 911 and the ambulance is on its way. A normal person doesn't wait until they die and then kill themself in his "grief."

2641 days ago

Deeply disappointed    

What has this world come to when people in the face of a family's death have nothing to say but negative, derogatory, and meaningless comments. As the mother of two sons who watch wresting, I know that there is a LOT of fakeness to the shows and to some of the storylines, but when the current storyline is put aside to do a tribute to a fellow wrestler who has died along with his family, shouldn't there be some compassion from those of us who do NOT know these people. If you have no compassion or nothing meaningless to say why bother. My prayers go out to those members of the Benoit family. May God Bless.

2641 days ago
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