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Benoit Murder Details Revealed

6/26/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitTMZ has learned more about the deaths of WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and son -- and the information is extremely disturbing.

Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later. Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room inside the family home.

A police investigation is ongoing.


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This is a sad day in the world of wrestling. I send my prayers and thoughts to the whole wrestling world. R.I.P. The Canadian Crippler.

2683 days ago


I believe Vince McMahon and the WWE should be ashamed of themselves for the memorial broadcast of Chris Beniot on Monday Night Raw; the man killed his wife and son and certainly shouldn't have ever been "memorialized".

2683 days ago


Roids i bets it was Roids Poor Family and a honorable end to an awesome carrier.

2683 days ago


#145 Chris was Canadian. Aren't they supposed to be "nice"? And why not say it doesn't happen all over the world? It does. Even "nice" Canadians.

2683 days ago


You all need to remember that NO one knows what really happened yet, it's just media turning this into an anti-wrestling campaign. Until the police release the news, and until the autopsy results are in, no one knows ANYTHING. Chris Benoit was my favorite pro wrestler, and yes I still love wrestling. If he did it, then i'm sorry for his family, but you people turning this into a burn in hell/roid rage fest is disturbing. There is no such thing as hell anyway.

2683 days ago


obviously not alot of you are wreslting fans b/c ya'll are talking alot of BS. He was a great guy and we dont know what happened. He could have done or he could have been set up. The possibilities are endless. People are crazy nowadays so no telling what happened, but I think if you are not a fan and really don't know much about him, then you don't need to be saying anything, b/c people are always hating on wrestlers saying steriods this and that. I bet thats what the haters are blaming this on he had roid rage and blah blah. Just wait and sit back and watch like the rest of us. Get the facts and then say what you have to. Don't be so quick to judge him b/c of what he did for a living.

2683 days ago


Such a common occurrence these days, killing one's family and self. Very sad and disturbing. Prayers for all.

2683 days ago


ok people enough is enough, We don't know exaclty if he did it. There is still an investigation going on. We can only jump to conclusions like the police did by seeing the state of the bodies. This isn't CSI, a murder can't be solved in an hours time. It's going to take time to sort out the clues. and I don't believe he was on steriods, because of the WWE's strict policy on steroids and substance abuse. yes they are entertainers, but they are stilled drug tested like athletes. We live in an age where we believe everything on the internet we see. There are a ton of things left to possibly look into, such as the phone call he got in Texas saying that his wife and son were ill and spitting up blood. possibly his wife could of done this or perhaps by someone else. Has anyone thought to think of Nancy's ex husband Kevin Sullivan as a possible motive, he does live in Florida. Nancy did leave Kevin for Chris Benoit after Kevin setup a storyline that they should be seen in public as a real couple only for her to actually fall in love with Chris in real life. Kevin Sullivan was always a loose cannon, perhaps he should be a suspect. and so what if he was a quiet person, that doesn't make a person a killer. I'm a quiet person too does that make me a murderer? and all of you claiming roid rage, if he was on roids he would have blown up long ago. I followed his career since the beginning and his body has always looked like that. it's never changed. all that's been added is a bit more definition. go look at all his pictures from his early days. and I've seen him with his family in person several times, he genuinely loved them. I can't possibly see him doing this. something just isn't sitting right with this case. I refuse to believe gossip and rumors. and if you notice every single news site is copying off each other. did he do it? no one knows but God and the walls but I do think there might be more to it than meets the eye because of the complexity of the case and so little facts that we do have

2683 days ago


What happened inside that house? We will never know. For a man than seems very nice, to kill his wife and his son....Terrible!....I believe in God, but I also believe that evil exist. Evil is within us and if you don't control it, it will control you.

Another explanation .... this man made a living being violent, the core of his profession is inflicting pain and being agressive. Maybe he is so used to do this, then in an argument, he used his anger against his wife,, when he realized she was dead, he panick and killed his son and then, himself. (The only death I can't understand is the one to his child)

A real tragic. After the autopsy we may find out how they were killed, but we'll never know why evil itransform a good man into a beast.

2683 days ago


They didn't take Beniot's profile off the wwe site....he was drafted to ECW, so you have to look under the right show...if you're not a wrestling fan just shut the hell up. You don't know what you're talking about.

2683 days ago


It is very sad and disturbing but I can't believe that Benoit would do such a terrible thing. He was a very proud family man and loved his kids to death....The whole thing is very mysterious.... Don't make any judgements until the final ruling has been made public.

2683 days ago


I am saddened about the tragic deaths. My heart goes out to both families in this horrific affair. My husband and son watch wrestling every week. This has touched them as well. I can't imagine what could have prompted Benoit to murder his family!

2683 days ago


How can you all sit there and blame Chris Benoit for this tragedy? I'm certain it's going to come out that Chris suffered from, what alot of guys in his profession suffer from, that my friends, is Roid Rage. It's going to be proven that steroids were found in his body. If you want to fault anyone, fault those at the peak...Mr. McMahon and WWE. They practically force these guys to look their best by turning a blind eye and deaf ear to steroid use and if memory serves, Vincent K. McMahon was indicted for steroids some time ago. I believe Hulk Hogan testified against him. Don't blame Chris for his sickness. I don't condone what happened but you all are condemning the wrong person. Chris loved his son more than any of you will know. In his rage, he didn't know what he was doing. He and Nancy had an argument and her death by strangulation was by accident. Not wanting his son to grow up knowing his father as a murderer or without a mother, he chose, again in his roid raged state, to end HIS life and then take his own. A terrible tragedy indeed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the WWE wrestlers, the fans, his family and the Hart family. This is truly a sad day.

2683 days ago


I just read this and it is sad. I did hear that it could've been a murder suicide last night, and not it's all coming into play. First of all, My heart goes out to Nancy and the child. They were the victims in this. I remember when Nancy was Woman in NWA/WCW (and my was she a beautiful woman). As for Chris, I don't know what to think. I am thinking that maybe steroids could've caused the rage.

These wrestling marriages can get tumultuous: Randy Savage and Liz., Lex Luger and Liz, Steve Austin and Debra McMichael, and now Chris and Nancy Benoit.

It doesn't make sense.

2683 days ago


Just goes to show y'all how destructive steroids are...time n time again...don't tell me they didn't play a role in Benoit's lethal decisions this past weekend...classic symptoms.

Shouldn't he have been memorialized? I think so. After all, he wasn't "himself" in doing this, and his entire family was immersed professionally in wrestling...memorializing his accomplishments in wrestling by the organization he dedicated himself to, which profited by his being in it, and which led to his actions via steroids is only "right".

...what should've followed is a commitment by pro wrestling orgs to ban steroids, period...not making this one man a "satan" for actions driven by steroid abuse.

Plus, his wife was no virgin to the wrestling world...she actively participated...she could've & should've been the first one to sound an alert & get a doctor or police over there...she knew or could've found out what he was taking & how much. so why make her into a saint while he's satan...grow up y'all.

2683 days ago
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