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Benoit Murder Details Revealed

6/26/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitTMZ has learned more about the deaths of WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and son -- and the information is extremely disturbing.

Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later. Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room inside the family home.

A police investigation is ongoing.


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WWE is for idiots    

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2683 days ago


How old was the son?

2683 days ago


this is awful. if you saw the tribute show last night you saw alot of people who are supposed to be tough break down crying. my 3 favorite superstars in the wwe are the 2 members of d generation x and chris benoit. this is extremely sad and chris will be missed

2683 days ago


This kind of story just breaks my heart, wrestling has been a part of my life since I was 9 yrs old and Bruno Samartino was the reigning champ. My dad and I loved it. To hear how this unique man could do something this horrific do his own child and wife is more than a blow to the wrestling makes you question the very world we live in.

2683 days ago


I think she was threatening him to leave and divorce. That's when most victims of domestic violence are killed. Some people will blame steroids, but an abuser doesn't need them to abuse. Its a control thing, with or without steroids. This story is going to get more sick as facts come out.

2683 days ago


This did NOT deserve a tribute...

They should have had a tribute for his wife and 7-year-old son, and not for this maniacal murderer.

2683 days ago

kim coffelt    

okay everyone that is enough downing this man he has had a problem he is no differnent then the heros most of you follow today look at paris hilton goes to prision get in trouble for drinking and driving and most of you still let your kids admire her. There is something wrong there. i follow the wwe for many and many years and i don't belive he did not even the cops can prove it to me cuz one of there own killed there girlfriends and their unborn child you want to talk about a sicko look at that. all people have problems includuing the star so lets just respect the dead and remeber he still has two children alive that could be reading this we should be showing our sympathy to the family and extend family. this could of been one of our family member. Chris benoit will be missed by many fans just like eddie geurro and the media takes the story to extreme to make their money so when need to be use our heads and give the family god bless them and their sympathys for the deaths of their family this is tragic and the sport world is the worst who takes it.

2683 days ago

Cina beena    

I am a avid wrestling fan, have been watching actually since I was a kid. I have enjoyed wrestling over the years, seen a lot of the fake and a lot of the real with the deaths that have occurred over the years. By far this is the most saddening, tragic, and disturbing story of them all, not even Vince could spin a plot as twisted as this. As the facts come out, more and more by the hour it shows a family affected by domestic violence, and now in the end death. It's sad, sad as in the sense of feeling a loss for his wife's family and his family both as parents and grandparents. It leaves you with a dual feelings, you will miss Benoit the wrestler but will not the man, miss his charisma in the ring but despise his character at home. For the technical wrestling talent that he was, I miss him. For the man that he died as, I feel on pity and sorrow that he reached his personal end and killed his family. Roid rage or not, the whole process took 3 days, there was moments of lucidity but obviously standing up and owning up to the crime wasn't in his cards. Instead grief, guilt, and a cowards pride won out. So long Chris, purgatory is deep I hear.

2683 days ago


I wouldn't look for the WWE to do anything else to acknowledge this. For those of you who have followed wrestling for any length of time, McMahon bailed out Jimmy Snuka about 25 years ago after's Snuka's girlfriend was found beaten to death. Most people, including authorities, believe he did it but that McMaho's lawyers and money covered it up (Snuka "disappeared" for about 6 months before the investigation was ever truly underway).

For the McMahon's, it's all about protecting the company at any cost. Not mentioning this maniac, and forbidding any other employee from doing so, will allow them to sweep this under the rug...

2683 days ago


I agree that the WWE should not have done a tribute IF IF IF IF they knew about this being a murder. However, I believe details were still sketchy at the time of their decision to do the tribute. As this story unfolds & if Chris truly was to blame......then I am sure the WWE will be feeling the backlash from the media & fans IF IF IF IF it turns out that the WWE knew. As I posted a bit ago, I wonder what those text messages said. Perhaps someone should have spoken up sooner if any of those text mesages were hinting to this tragedy. As for the person saying Chris is a white OJ......look at who is dead & who is out living a free life & then try to make that comment.

2683 days ago


Trina well i guess his wife and child had no choice then. If someone is so miserable and want to take someones needs to be there own. I swear some people will say anything to salvage a celebrities image.

2683 days ago


I really don't know what to say.... I have been a hardcore wrestling fan since 1994. Wrestling is a big portion of my life so all the wrestlers are a big part of my life. I've always thought of benoit as a nice guy, a man who loved his family. I dont know what happend that set him off but when I heard this I would have never imagined that benoit would have killed his family. Jesus Christ he killed his son, he killed his wife, thats the saddest thing I have ever heard of. The word "Hang" has always given me chills and when I heard that he hung himself I couldnt help but have goosbumps rush through my body. Every detail of this is just horrible. I really don't know what else to say exept how could he have done this? Is this really happening? It feels like a facade, it dosent feel real, as if this actually happed. This was not the Chris Benoit we knew and admired for so many years.

2683 days ago

princess t    

this is so sad he was so nice and a family man i cant believe he did this everyone respects him something bad must have happened to make him do this to his family and fans.

2683 days ago


One more things, I just read the comments of one of the viewers:

"You know it's bad enough to kill an adult, but how can ANYONE take the life of a child?!!! I don't mourn him at all, but I do mourn that poor little boy and his mother....I can't even fathom how scared that poor child must have been."

Honestly, thats so horrific that it makes my stomotch turn. He was only seven years old, his dad killed him. I mourned the loss of Eddie for many months and I had tears in my eyes on several occasions when I heard the name Eddie. But Chris, I will not mourn his death, I will no longer respect him, I will no longer think of him as a fellow Canadian, but as a sick man.

2683 days ago


hard to believe it was benoit who may have done the killing... it makes me wonder what the world is coming to... ur own wife and kid? i wish we knew what was going on in his life to make him crazed enough to kill his own flesh and blood as well as wife..... it makes me sad to a great extent; benoit lived for respect.... what a strange way to show it. i wonder how his close friends and family will feel about this pending the autopsy results....

2683 days ago
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