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Benoit's History of Domestic Violence Exposed

6/26/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before her grisly death, Chris Benoit's wife once told a judge that she was, "intimidated by threats of violence" from her 220 lb. husband.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed that Benoit, "lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties, including furniture." Nancy added that she was, "in reasonable fear for petitioner's own safety and that of the minor child."

Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

As TMZ first reported, law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Benoit strangled his wife on Saturday, smothered his son on Sunday and then hanged himself on Monday.


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Reading some of these comments is just really scary - and a very sad testament on our society. You actually think you KNOW somebody because you watch them on TV? Give me a frickin' break! Use your frickin' brain. You don't know anything about this person. You don't know what he was capable of. No excuses, no explanations can make this right. Grow up.....

2673 days ago


I did not think the Duke students were guilty and usually I like to wait until the facts are in, but the officials seem pretty certain of the scenario.

Benoit put a bible next to each body-what a sociopath.

The timeline leaves Benoit as the last one standing. The wife had been bound and killed on Friday night. The boy was killed in bed Saturday. Benoit hung himself Sunday. I wish creeps like Benoit would just kill themselves. They are too selfish to do that.

People idolize Benoit and want to believe there is some reason for what he did because they think they know who he is from TV.

No one knows who these celebrities really are—we only know what we read and that is carefully controlled.

2673 days ago


Hahahaha to all of you that said steroids DID NOT play a part in this. Reports just indicated steroids were found in the HOME.. Baaahh!!!

2673 days ago


HK, I hadn't heard the Bible by the bodies story yet. Very creepy. Like that atones for his murdering him, in his mind?

2673 days ago


Oh, now they are saying he killed his son FIRST on

2673 days ago


Regardless of the situation, if it stems from steroids, anti-depressents etc. What people fail to understand is the wrestling buisness is a monopoly run by Vince Mcmahon. WWE is the most lucritive organization for a professional wrestler to work in, (granted there are other orgs. such as TNA or independent territories) no other organization can hold a candle to the "mom and pop" international organization that Mcmahon created. With that being said Vince has his choice of top prosepects from all over the world; therefore if one wrestler lacks a connection with the fans, fails to perform to Vinces expectations, or is injured Vince can easily replace him/ her with younger talent. The negotiation (bargaining) power has always been in VInce's corner; the performers have little choice in their character or when they can and can't work. That being said older stars like Benoit (although concedely have a little more to say about the direction of their character) still must perform to keep a job. Benoit like all other WWE wrestlers tour 4 out of the 7 days a week, and travel all over the world. Also, they perform injured, and push their bodies to the limits so Vince can fatten his wallet and the performer can keep their job. So how does the performer cope with the stress of always being on the "bubble"? First, yes they may take steroids, and do so for many reasons: maintaining their physique (Vince loves the big guys); keeping strength when they are fighting an injury; and it enables them to perform at their best so they can keep their spot. Also, contrary to what some bloggers have said about Vince's "Wellness Policy" (which is a mandatory drug testing policy) it only test for unprescribed drugs or over use of prescription drugs. Benoit, being at the age of 40 easily and legally could have been on steroids prescribed by a doctor. Next, Benoit could have easily been using pain killers as well, he has been injured many times before, and will not be suprising if he was using the pain killers to maintain his roster-spot. Clearly this combination is not a very good one. But like I said, its all to maintain a career. Lastly, Benoit had a 22 year career in the wrestling buisness. He easily could have retired with the money he made, however he loved performing for the fans and himself. He had what many wrestlers call a "sickness" for the buisness, an obsession to be the best. Mcmahon feeds off that ideology to manipulate the wrestlers into performing when they cannot. Benoit, from the facts I have gathered was supposed to win the ECW heavyweight title the night of his wife and sons death. However, he could not make the show because he had to go home for personal reasons. In turn, Vince fed the title, and Benoits spot, to another younger wrestler. Maybe, the sickness took over Benoit, when he found out he lost his spot, his mental state was probably altered if he was using drugs. Granted this is no excuse, and I am not trying to justify his actions if the press release is true. All I am merely saying is that someone needs to step up to bat and regulate this buisness. In the past 15 years many wrestlers have died, been crippled, are or were drug abusers, and or received some criminal time. It's the nature of the beast as wrestlers are pretty much independent contractors used at Vinces disposal then disgarded when Vince feels the well has run dry. I do not know Benotis personal life situation but I will say that as a performer Benoit was one of the top 10 ever. This story is a tragedy but hopefully someone a group of Legislative reps, Attorney's etc can step to the plate and regulate Vince and maybe even unionize these talented performers.

2673 days ago


kia, nope son was killed Friday, wife Sat AM and himself later on Sat.

2673 days ago

Rasslin' Fan    

As a lifelong wrestling fan I am heartbroken over these events . Some responses here have been negative about the show last night that celebrated Chris Benoit's career. The events surrounding his death and that of his wife and son do not change the many years he spent in the ring entertaining people all over the world. As a professional, Chris Benoit was one of the best. He never stepped into the ring to have a "bad" match.

Regardless of suggested steriod or drug usage as a factor; it is necessary to understand that these actions are not those of someone operating in their right mind. Mental illnes appears in many ways, sometimes suddenly and shockingly. Even if it was steriod/drug related, these addictions are mental illnesses. People functioning in a sane manner do not act out to cause this type of deveastation.

I will miss Chris's spirit in the ring and I will pray for his family and close friends as they seek to find sense in an act that was senseless. It is a great shame that he did not find counseling or other help prior to this tragedy.

God bless Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit.
May they all rest in peace.

2673 days ago



That is really a shame.. There should be a form a regulation. I agree with you there.. still no reason to kill your little boy...

2673 days ago


You know what makes me ill is that last night the WWE was praising this guy and that is really sad because my GOD he killed his wife and his son. Come on you guys he is a coward. I do not know how anyone can kill their on child. Now that is sick. May GOD rest his wife and son's soul.

2673 days ago



What are you talking about???

2673 days ago


Not only did I feel shocked and saddened by the deaths of Chris, Nancy and Daniel, but to me, that should not take away what he has accomplished in his career.

2673 days ago


Jessie, yes, I just saw that new information, but my comment was made based on the original information that indicated that Nancy was probably the first victim. I'm glad that they found that to be wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that the boy was probably freaking out....asphyxiation is a HORRIBLE way to die! That is, unless he drugged them first, which will come out as the investigation progresses.

2673 days ago


We are a society who has NO control over their anger, our warmonger ways show
it to the world. No wonder we are so hated all over. This sleazebag and his steroid's
and the poor girl and her son who tried to break loose and made the deadly mistake
by not doing so years earlier. rest in peace

2673 days ago


kia, yes it is all awful. I had just seen the new report.

2673 days ago
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