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Dye Britney!

6/26/2007 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears needs to stop doing wrecking her own hair! Oops!

After scalping herself alive back in February, TMZ has learned that Britney has now attempted to dye her ratty blonde mane herself on Saturday. Weave it alone, girl!

Well-placed sources tell us Brit's assistant rushed over to the Epitome Salon in Bel Air at around 6:00 PM, because the former pop star had spilled black dye all over her face. Toxic! We're told the salon staff saved the day and sent Britney's minder off with some much-needed dye remover. Tragedy avoided -- sort of!

If only the rest of Britney's life were as easily fixed!

A rep for Britney could not be reached.


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

She looks like a more bloated and drunker LIza Minelli

2678 days ago


A rep couldnt be reached ?? Who cares. The picture is probably fake, if it isnt, the story doesnt make sense. If she is doing her own hair, who is holding the dye bottle in the upper left corner ? Her shoulders are level, so she cant be holding the bottle. If you look at the bottom of the picture, it shows a composite photo. Pretty sad

2678 days ago


There was a time, not too long ago, when child celebrities would just quietly, and gracefully walk off into the sunset, and just be content with the fame they had. But No, not anymore... Now they try to Hold on to that Fame with Every Fiber of their Being.. at ALL Costs! "No, No.. Please I Beg of You... Don't Take My Fame Away!" :P

2678 days ago


Britney needs serious psychiatric help. Surely, the people around her know that? She can't raise her sons to be psychologicall sound if she's not. Sad...

2678 days ago


Sent her home with dye remover? What soap and water? Hair dye washes right off of skin, this story is bogus.

2678 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


When did you get a degree in psychology. Britney dyed her hair like thousands of others. She smokes a little pot... like millions of people SO WHAT.. This girl has it going on and you are so jealous!!!! Your sad little life in Ohio...where the biggest thrill of you day is putting the strudel on your toaster strudel is so pathetic!

Here are some items I bet you have in your trailer/house:

Ceramic hand ring holder
Plastic placemats with map of your miserable town in Ohio
Easy Mac in pantry
Wine coolers in fridge
Gallon size Suave conditioner
Crest whitening strips in your filthy medicine cabineet
Large screen TV in the center of your "living room" with QVC blaring away
Dopey mixed breed dog that still isn't house broken covered in fleas sits on your Layzee boy
Your LayZee Boy has a pocket for your remote control
You have dial-up instead of a modem
Airbrush T-shirt with Unicorn hangs in your closet
Blue dye in toilet bowl that is filthy beyond belief
Pubic hair on Dial soap in your drippy shower
Shower curtain covered with mold
CDs: Vicki Carr, Norah Jones, The Soundalikes

Look you can't help the way you are any more than Britney can... Dee give the girl a break!

2678 days ago


Remember, this is an "AOL" Site... got to make that Money Some Way. :P

2678 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

This girl is a lost soul..Pray for her!

2678 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Take a good hard look at that photo folks. Britiny is in costume and not at a beauty parlor.

Check out the prop axe in the back of her head. And the painted blood drops.

TMZ is pulling your leg

2678 days ago


shes only trying to get attention thats all .

Paris just got out and Britt is trying to throw herself on top of the Media .

i feel sorry for her at times but shes another one im getting sick of but i still wish her the best.....

2678 days ago


Obviously the photo is fake. TMZ didnt obtain a photo of her actually coloring her hair since she did it IN HER HOME. They posted this to recreate what they are saying happened. I cannot believe how naive some people are. Anyone with the slightest ounce of intelligence knows that TMZ didnt intend for us to think this was the actual photo of her getting the dye on her face...only a recreation. Wow...people.

2678 days ago

We have seen enough......    

If her much needed minder was competent, we wouldn't be seeing this ! ! !

2678 days ago


Your ALL bashing the wrong people!!! If people in the salon and connected to these sad young women would keep their traps shut TMZ would have nothing to report. What happend to treat others how you want to be treated? So she didnt know how to remove it BFD I bet most of the girls on here have dyed their own hair once or twice and said oh crap how do I get it off my skin. Here is a thought write something nice and see how that makes you feel! It feels damn good to see the glass half full TRY IT

2678 days ago

uh oh    

That is an old picture, but she is brunette again. Maybe she did it herself, looks like the back is much lighter than her real hair. Who the hell knows? Nothing surprises me anymore where she is concerned.

2678 days ago


Look, lets just cut to the chase.. We just don't want to hear about Britney, anymore. That's what all this is really about. She's done, and We're done with Her.

2678 days ago
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