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Rosie's Daughter -- Child Soldier?

6/26/2007 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The strenuously anti-war Rosie O'Donnell just took her message to a completely different level, dressing her 4-year-old daughter Vivienne in an ammo belt and fatigues in a photo on the top of her blog at
Rosie's daughter
Rosie took flak from fans and foes alike, almost immediately after posting, but defended the choice in her usual defiantly minimalist way. "Art can't hurt u," she said to one foe who called her "sick," and replied, "Art provokes," to one fan who had begged her to take the picture down.

Trump? O'Reilly? Your serve.


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SO many doctors and experts posting here at TMZ! Are you all just biding your time until Paris craps out the Taco Bell? What a bunch of dimwits! It's a frickin picture! She's not "using" her daughter for any political statement. Like someone else said, read the WHOLE blog before making stupid, uninformed comments.

And yes, TMZ, you made the posting deadline so this can be the BREAKING STORY on O'Reilly. Assholes.

2674 days ago


Is she hoping Paris will hand over her crown to Vivienne.

Isn't this how these attention seeking kids are created?

2674 days ago


Let' s fix Rosie. The next time she appears on any show, no matter how popular. Do not watch her. Using that child like that just to start controversy to call attention to herself. Let's boycutt her. Remember do not watch her. When she comes on the tube, radio, website. Do not watch her, listen etc. She deserves to be ignored.

2674 days ago


It must just be a cultural thing, I only know one kid who has the army hat and many kids have camo play clothes, ........

but guns and like wrapping stuff like head wear whatever you call that.


I don't see these outfits anywhere in West Coast. So. Cal.

Give me some reference here???

2674 days ago


me too catty.

i'm sure i agree with rosie on most of her political and social views, but she has gone completely bonkers and needs to SHUT UP and stay inside her house forevermore (and stay off the computer!!!!).

those poor kids!

2674 days ago


To #45 When I was a kid, I played with baby dolls, cut out paper dolls and played "bakery." I grew up to have three kids, sew my own clothes and eat bakery goods!

My son played with a reel to reel projector , rode his motorcycle and went camping. He grew up to become a videographer, goes 4 Wheeling in his Jeep and has a motor home.

One of my grandkids loved being around the water, road his motorcycle and liked to fish. He grew up to join the Coast Guard, race his motorcycle and frequently goes fishing.

Need I say more?

2674 days ago


chance and hope's mom, i'm in portland and i dont even know any kids who have toy guns, let alone this bullet thingy. it is weird!

2674 days ago


Trump is right , that is one sick "BITCH"

2674 days ago


It is unbelievable that anyone would have even CONSIDERED this woman to host The Price is Right!! I thought the crotch grabbing "eat me" incident in April was bad, but this is even worse, using her own child in a distasteful way to make headlines!!!

2674 days ago

Jo Jo    

Looks like something a terrorist would post on his web site. She deserves some time in a mental ward.

2674 days ago


Hey 71, you never know if all their friends are into some sort of play acting and it became a big thing with the local area, maybe all the parents sought out these props.

Lord knows kids love to dress up, but to buy these outfits seems interesting.
Most kids imagine sticks and other stuff into weapons, but most parents don't buy make believe weapons. (maybe a sicko good ole boy bought them for the kids and they didn't the heart to tell him they're inappropriate for little kids who are blank canvasses.)

I need more information.

2674 days ago


Oh get over it people. Act like you never played with a GI Joe doll as a kid, were a soldier for Halloween, played cops and robbers, had the little green army men, played "war" games like battleship, cowboys and Indians, ever had a toy gun, played dress up, wear camo, etc. You all know you have so stop acting superior just because it's Rosie!

2674 days ago


awwwwwwwww what a cutie!

2674 days ago


Rosie should be ashamed of herself, who in there right mind would let your child wear bullets around their neck -fake or god forebid real, even if she was playing soldier with her brother. (you don't like war, but you'll let you kids play and dress up like soldiers). Not setting a good example at all.
If she trying's to make a statement with that photo, then maybe she needs to go to Iraq and see what's going on for herself.

2674 days ago


Reminds me of the photo of little Palestinian kids in suicide bomber outfits. Disgusting.

2674 days ago
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