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Sheriff to Paris: "Stay Out of Trouble & Follow the Law"

6/26/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheriff Baca, ParisL.A. Sheriff Lee Baca addressed reporters in the hallway before facing the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, and he had a few choice words for Paris Hilton.

While waiting to be interviewed at the meeting, he addressed reporters with, "Paris, do a better job in your life." When asked if he had a more specific message for the heiress he replied, "Redirect your energy ... Stay out of trouble and follow the law." When a reporter asked about Paris receiving special treatment, the Sheriff said, "Yes, she got special treatment ... she got more time in jail than anybody in her situation." Burn!

Baca is waiting for his turn in the hotseat while the Supervisors discuss other topics.


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Okay, my last bit of prose didn't post and my first rant re-posted. Sorry peeps.

2673 days ago

william conley    

paris, you have lot of courage and are brave. hang in there for we love you. have a good one. waiting to see you on the larry king show. God bless!

2673 days ago

John Doe    

Seems that people open their mouth and start talking before they know the facts.

Paris was made to serve her whole sentence because she deliberately disrespected the judge.

01. First Court Appearance She Got A Fine And Community Service And Lost Her Drivers License, This is standard for a first offense a DUI.

02. Then She Has No Respect For The Law And Has Always Been A Spoiled Brat, So She Says To Herself" I'm Little Mrs Paris Hilton, That Judge Can't Tell Me I Can't Drive My Car, How Dare Him" So She Gets In Her Car And Drives, Knowing That She Can Do Anything She Wants, What Do You Know,! She Gets Pulled Over With A Suspended License Then Has To Go To Court Again, Then She Shows Up To Court Late Again Just Knowing That Everyone Will Wait For Her, And Not Mind Because She Is Paris Hilton And Has Been Spoiled All Her Life..

The only reason that Harvey Levin and Mark Garragose stuck up for her on Larry King Is the next time she gets Into trouble and needs counsel they are hoping that she will remember that they did stick up for her on national T.V. and they may have hopes that she will line their pockets to defend her.

The Moral To This Stupid Story Is She Got What She Needed, She Got Her Share Of Breaks And Disrespected The Law.

Let Me Tell You This, I Don't Care Who She Thinks She Is Or How Much Money She Has, If She Were To Hurt One Of Your, Or My Loved Ones While Driving Under The Influence You And I Would Have Been Out Raged...

2673 days ago


* It is not uncommon for strong, powerful, successful people to realize that there is more to life than material abundance.

* Celebrities tend to realize this even faster because they have already been exposed to the ultimate fantasy most people have been trying to get to (not just the money and “perfect life”, but also the admiration or recognition that all humans tend to long for) and yet that still doesn’t ‘make them happy’. And so they quickly start searching for answers.

* It is very common for all people to undergo some sort of spiritual revelation when they encounter an event in their lives that really shakes them up. For most people that can be losing their job or getting in an accident, while for people used to getting everything they want in life that could be going to jail (even for a short period).

* I think there comes a time in life when everyone has this spiritual revelation. Hopefully, this happens to you before death. There’s not much point in reincarnation if you STILL don’t know who you are.

* Paris, of course, would not be the only one realizing this. People seem to be waking up wherever you go. These past years and the ones following are leading into the next stages of evolution: trancending the mind.

* If a woman like Paris “awakens”, someone who has such a huge influence on our younger generation (whether you like that or not) and the money or “power” to make a difference, then she can help reach that many more people, taking us one leap closer to the critical mass necessary for the next stages of human consciousness. Now THAT’s Hot.

2673 days ago


Jealous bitches all of you. Paris does not have to set a good example for your stupid brats or do charity work to satisfy your holier than thou asses. SHE'S RICH_DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE>

2673 days ago


Paris who?

2673 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

todd to judge:shove it u fashist biased conservitive should get drunk now she was put in thier bacause of the judges bias period!

2673 days ago


The heat should be on the Sheriff's office instead of the LAPD? Gee, reassigning Paris to home confinement is worse than beating the crap out of innocent people over and over again?

LAPD is a mess of a department, one under federal oversight, run by William "Mayday" Bratton, somebody who is appointed, not elected.

Baca is actually the first top law enforcement offcial in this city who thinks it's wrong to beat the crap out of innocent people. Trust me, we will NOT vote him out over a bimbo like Paris Hilton.

You people need to get a grip.

2673 days ago



2673 days ago

Cathy J    

Im sick of this Paris crap. Laws are laws! I think Paris's fans are 12 to 14 yr olds. You don't understand the law. What if Paris was drunker than a skunk and ran over your best little friend and she was in the hospital for 6 months and then your friend died. What would you think of her? What would you think of a policeman who didn't care? The police have cameras in their cars and they video tape everything as they are talking to you. Thats why you can't sue them. They are tryiny to keep America safe for us. I give a BIG High Five to the policemen in America.

2673 days ago


Good for you,Sheriff Lee Baca. Good advice and you're right, Paris got more time than she should have. I hope that her family sues.

2673 days ago

Cathy J    

I dont think we are jealous of Paris. Most of you who are sticking up for Paris are young and don't know any better. She is a Ho Ho. Her mother was on a tv show a long time ago and didnt act like this. She (Paris has to follow the law. just like the rest of us. I really hope she does change and becomes a better role model.

2673 days ago

sick of paris    

Her family sure ???WTF for????? she BROKE THE F_ING LAW
and #39 -karen-get a clue- LAPD is always under a microscope- it is time LASD gets the same- you have no flipping clue what goes on in these depts- unless you are in law enforcment?? sorry but I am- Baca needs to go

2673 days ago


L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca


2673 days ago


32. Are you really that thick? As the others who think like you?

IF the Sheriff thinks she got a raw deal and if THE PRISON doctors said she was in danger, and if the Sheriff agreed, then you don't?

So you are the moron stating that if you don't know the "Facts" to shut up?


So you don't think the Sheriff or ANYONE who has followed this knows nothing compared to your idiocy?


As EVERYONE who knows about this says, she got TEN TIMES more time than anyone else would for the EXACT same offense. Breaking probation and driving with a suspended license. And you think she got what was deserved?


No one else gets that time FOR THE EXACT SAME OFFENSE. So why should she?

Good Lord but you people who hate just refuse to see the truth(But believe in "truthiness)....must be Republicans or as we call 'em around here:

The Thug Party.

2673 days ago
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