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Sheriff: Paris' Life Was "Definitely in Danger"

6/26/2007 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca revealed that he reassigned Paris Hilton to house arrest because he feared her life was "definitely in danger."

Baca said, "When people are not functioning normally, they're not eating normally, they don't have a sense balance in their lives, God only knows what could happen." He added, "We've had plenty of people die in the county jail system, not because of anything we did, but because we didn't understand the medical problem."

Sheriff Baca came under fire for releasing Paris early to serve the remainder of her sentence under house arrest. Baca was questioned about that decision by the L.A. Board of Supervisors today.


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He's just trying to save his own neck.

2674 days ago


Hey, I was first. Maybe I'm also last.

2674 days ago


has he got an explanation then as to why prisoners with aids, cancer, and other more life threatening issues are not granted the same consideration as Ms. Hilton? Im sure other people experience the same exact symptons he just mentioned and they are not released from their prison sentence. BS!!!!

2674 days ago


I think celebs do deserve special treatment....They have to put up with camera's and fans in their face 24/7... why shouldn't they at least be granted a little leniency when it comes to the law??
She was only being released to house arrest - which BTW is probably punishment enough for a party girl like her - AFTER she put in her 3 days. That's what 90% of criminals usually do..... she was treated poorly by a Unich Judge who just wanted to hurt the poor little rich girl. I think she should do her time, but not MORE than other citizens.

2674 days ago


The Sheriff's words describes almost everybody in jail - how they feel about being there.
Maybe they are smarter than Paris. Most people would tell the authorities they are on addictive medications before they are put into jail so they won't go into withdrawal. I am sure the medical staff is keeping track of other individuals that need the same kind of drugs, but were reluctant to trust Paris to the medical care that other prisoners were getting there. If the present medical treatment is good enough for the other prisoners, it should be good enough for a Hilton.

2674 days ago


...............LUCY you got some splaining to do ...............haha

2674 days ago


To #5 - Right on the money.

To #6 - Get a clue you moron. She knew what she was getting into. No one held a gun to her head and told her to become a celeb. That was her choice. No one is above the law, especially celebs.

2674 days ago


Oh please! I'm sure the other inmates have issues too.

2674 days ago


Hope he got enough from her parents to retire with.
I suspect he'll be looking for a job come next election, there aren't enough celebs who actually vote in LA County to save his ass.

2674 days ago


Well I guess all the other imates who claustrophobic and depression. I guess he should let lem all go home too. I am sure he would think all thier lifes are in danger too. EVERYONE IN JAIL HAS THOSE MEDICAL CONDITIONS . Baca is an idiot. He needs to be on crossing guard dut. Does he think when he makes a statment like that. That we are not gonna question all the other imates mental state. He would just do a cell extraction and put inmate in 4 point restraints DUUUUUUUUUU were not stupid. But I guess he is.

2674 days ago


I hate to inform Baca of this, because he is supposed to be an authority, but peoples lives are constantly in jeopardy in jail. I dont wish bad or worse on Hilton. However it would be nice if everyone in jail got sheltered like Paris because their life was in danger. My friend has been in jail for two years now because of repeated DUIS. There was a huge fight between inmates in the jail not long ago, and no one sheltered him. he pretended to be asleep to escape incolvement in the fight. Paris got preferential treatment, plain and simple. THey even moved her to her own jail because of her celebrity staus. This sherriff is making excuses, and he watched over Paris becasue paris relative contributed to his campaign, Plain and simple.

2674 days ago


To #6 - No one is above the law. Being a celebrity comes with certain responsibilities. Why anyone would view her as a role model I wouldn't know, but there are those who do and because of that, Ms Hilton should take responsibility for her actions. Would you have the same comments if she had killed someone while driving intoxicated? Some people like Ms. Hilton need a good kick in the *ss to smarten them up.

2674 days ago


So what? All this complaining and whining about how Paris got "special attention" isn't going to change anything.

2674 days ago

We have seen enough......    

No one ever died of claustrophobia or a panic attack........Come on!

2674 days ago

molasses crinkles    

this guy should just shut up. its obvious with the grocery list of things paris ate in jail she was not in a poor condition. mini muffins? toffee peanuts? vasolene. what was the vasolene for? baca? her well paid lawyer? hmmm.

what a crock of bs. like the world is stupid. we aren't stupid baca. you have destroyed your reputation and the reputation of the many women and men that serve the county sheriff's department.

grow a brain!

2674 days ago
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