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Topless Bikini Britney

6/26/2007 11:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's summertime, y'all, and a girl needs a new swimsuit -- and new boots, and a pair of jeans ... and a top.

The striptastic pop mom dropped into Jill Roberts boutique in Beverly Hills yesterday, stepping out from behind a changing room curtain to ask a question of her assistant. "How do these bikini bottoms look, y'all?"

After the exhausting ordeal of trying on clothes, Brit split for the Four Seasons and a spa treatment.

It ain't easy bein' Britney.


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The people who are defending Britney's "privacy" here are both right and wrong. Yes, the paparazzi should have some class and some limits, BUT you all seem to be forgetting two things: 1) Britney is in a public store and is knowingly and intentionally exposing her chest to anyone in the vicinity, with no attempt to cover up, and 2) Whether the paparazzi are being nosy or not, she knows who she is and that she is constantly being followed by photographers, therefore most of her recent actions in public cannot be blamed entirely on the paparazzi...she does things that regular citizens would be thrown in jail for (can you say 'indecent exposure laws?'). Yes, paparazzi are scummy, but Britney is not faultless...she needs to learn the word 'modesty' and 'class' and practice having some. You know why no one has ever taken a picture of most people like that in a store? Because they don't give people the opportunity to.

2645 days ago

Queen B    

Ok Brit Again WTF? Your butt, your nethers, and now your breast. Do you understand that even if you are making money from these pics, they are ruining you. You are not going to be respected ever, not by anyone, not even your children. This is the time in your life to show them how strong you can be, that you know your own self worth; teach these things to them. I liked what was said earlier, you need to evolve. Life is too short to be worried about what others think, but what you are doing is purposely inviting this into your life. It is time to simplfy. Forget about trying to restart your career, and restart your life. You have two children that would love their mom to teach them, play with them, sing with them, show them who you were, show them who you want to be and ask them what they want from you. Children have an amazing ability to see things clearer than the adults around them. I would say read to them but girl, they are going to see every single thing ever said about you, you have got to start changing what is said about, do not give them a reason, go to walmart, go to chucky cheese, go the movie store, be normal see what happens then come back with some real inspiration that you can channel into your career. You have nothing at this time to give.

2645 days ago

Normal MA Woman    


Live and let live. Life is way too short for all this negativity. Take what you don't like about Brittany and apply it to yourself. Maybe you'll learn something. What we dislike about others tends to be what we don't like about ourselves.

In any event, I wish everyone peace, contentment, a good life and most of all, a positive outlook for themselves and others!! ;-)

Let's all find our own way to contribute to a better world!

2645 days ago


Thank you, Queen B (comment above mine)...well said.

2645 days ago


And, tks y'all for the lovely comments! Don't ya love my new red star bra?


2644 days ago


SOUTHERNMAN, I have to agree with you. "Y'all" is a plural term, read: referring to more than one person. For all you Norrtherners that needen more explanation, this means simply a contraction of the words "You all". It amazes me when people don't understand this. Both my husband and myself were born and raised in the south, and now we live in Minnesota. So many Northerners don't understand the concept of someone saying "Yes, Ma'am" or "Yes Sir" or "No, Ma'am" or "No, Sir". Everyone seems to think (mostly women) that the use of the word "Ma'am" has some relevance or reference to their age...(I.E. if you are called Ma'am, the person calling you that thinks you are old). This is such a FALSE misunderstanding. The use of the words "Ma'am" or "Sir" is just a sign of RESPECT, not age. Any female can be referred to as "Ma'am", and any male as "Sir", no matter your age, or whether or not you are older than the person calling you "Ma'am" or "Sir". This is such a false, yet common and misinformed, way of thinking. So, for all you people (or all y'all) out of the know, ignorance is no longer an excuse: if you are called "Ma'am" or "Sir" in the future, just say " Thank you" as you are being respected. So many people could stand to return this common decency.

2644 days ago


I'm convinced she has some sort of disorder that compels her to expose herself -- since she does so regularly.

No female is unaware of when they are or are not exposing themselves. I am convinced she was completely aware of the fact that her photo would be taken when she stood in front of that mirror with the open curtain, while topless.

I've read it a hundred times and now I'm going to say it: we are watching a complete meltdown, she's sick and she needs help. It is not NORMAL to be flashing yourself on practically a daily basis. A NORMAL person doesn't flaunt their crotch and boobs for all to see. Someone whose (crumbling) identity is completely and soley tied to their sexuality might behave this way, as well as someone who has a pathological need to be the center of attention. She needs help.

I hope there is someone around her with enough sense do to what they can to be sure she gets it before she ends up like Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith.

2644 days ago

The Expatriot    

#72, Jani:
I, for example like Americans, at least most of them. I like the Canadians, the Argentineans, the Brazilians, the people from San Salvador, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and all of the other countries that do not come to my mind this very second (my apologies, and I like all of you too). Also I like most of the people I met and befriended in California, New York, Atlanta, Tulsa, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, and many other cities.

Nevertheless I despise the government of the U.S.A. and the people that elected those bastards.

2644 days ago


bottom line is that the media needs to pick better people to report on
Britney is disgusting im tired of seeing her on all the magazines
Yes she had a great career years back but it isnt like that anymore
move on magazines to people who deserve the coverage

2644 days ago


LEAVE THIS POOR GIRL ALONE. She had a bad marriage, 2 precious babies in a row. Walk in her shoes & see how well you would do. She will overcome all of this & get on the rt. track soon.

2644 days ago

rat turd    

she's got some weird looking boob......

2644 days ago



2644 days ago


One thing I think people are missing when they say "Oh, That's really sick, they followed her into a changing room...". Simply put, she knows she has these people following her around everywhere. I do agree that the papparazzi (or however it's spelled) should show SOME decorum, I consider papparazzi both the lowest rung of journalist (if they even qualify) and photographer (if someone who just pops snapshots qualifies, albeit with professional grade gear). So sure, I'll say they maybe went somewhat too far if they did wait outside her changing room. Note I said OUTSIDE though. The article plainly states she went out from around the curtain to ask her assistant something.

Or to put it another way, she knew they could be there, and I think did this intentionally. Just like her upskirt shots coming out of the car before she had her "Shave myselfbald" meltdown. It would be one thing if she popped out, forgot about the press for a second, blushed and popped back behind the curtain then pulled on her shirt or the top to that swimsuit or whatever. It's another to pop out and just ask if the outfit looks good. Nothing has changed about her, she's doing this intentionally to be a little redneck attention whore, like always.

2644 days ago


Yeah...You go girl. Do anything you want with your hair and your life. Redefining yourself isn't easy. Mostly it's crazy making, so Brittany... here's permission to explore, right in front of the cameras. Those camera folks wish they were you so go ahead and show them what being Brittany Spears means. No fear girl.

2644 days ago


Britney craves publicity, the press wasn't just there, someone called them. Sorry I've never been in a dressing room where a woman pops out (literally) bare chested and asks if her bikini bottom fits. BTW where are her kids?Kfed is looking like the better parent, never thought I would say that.

2632 days ago
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