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WWE: Bibles Prove Benoit Killings Were Not "Roid Rage"

6/26/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The WWE is firing back at claims that the murders/suicide by former wrestling champion Chris Benoit were the result of "roid rage."
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After local authorities revealed that steroids were found at the chilling murder scene, several media outlets claimed that a violent reaction caused by use of the supplements may have contributed Benoit's murderous behavior. The WWE claims that assumption is pure bulls**t, although they name no criminal, psychopharmaceutical or hormone expert as the source of their claims.

In a statement released to TMZ, WWE reps claim that the proof is in the Bibles left at the feet of Benoit's two victims. "The physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation, not rage. The wife's feet and hands were bound and she was asphyxiated, not beaten to death. By the account of the authorities, there were substantial periods of time between the death of the wife and the death of the son, again suggesting deliberate thought, not rage. The presence of a Bible by each is also not an act of rage."

The WWE also claims that Benoit tested negative for steroids in the company's independently administered drug testing program, done on April 10, 2007.


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Roids didn't kill his wife and son.. he did... but ummm WHEN IS TMZ GOING TO TELL US WHAT THE TEXT MESSAGES SAID????

2623 days ago


First off, if he was not taking steroids then what were they doing in his house? Secondly, the last drug screen was back in April and it is almost July now so how do they know that he was not taking steroids since his last drug screen? WWE should stay out of it because they are not trained Homicide Investigators and it is not their job! They are also not trained Psychiatrists so how would they know what Chris Benoit was thinking when he killed his family? They need to stick to wrestling and stay out of the murder investigation and leave it to the trained professionals!

2623 days ago

Cat Stevns    

The point is, the lunatic killed his wife and sweet inocent child. May he burn in hell!

2623 days ago

Perez Hilton    

At least his son lived a long full life!


2623 days ago


gee, maybe it's bible rage

2623 days ago


Very good point made by the WWE. The media is always jumping to conclusions and sensationalizing everything. This may very well have been "roid rage" or whatever but let's all wait until the FACTS come out before we start pointing fingers. In the meantime, just say a prayer for Benoit's extended family. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.

2623 days ago


Roid rage? Gimme a break. Maybe if he got into a fight and beat someone to death, I'd believe it. But there seems to be no rage in this crime. He methodically strangled his wife, suffocated his child, and hanged himself. It seems very unlikely that he would have been angry at all during this, let alone in a rage. Familicide is an extremely rare crime, and the factors that cause it are complex; to say that some pills did it is very shortsighted, even if he was taking steroids (not saying that he was, just saying that steroid use is irrelevant).

I wish people wouldn't look for these silly scapegoats. Steroids don't make people kill. Extreme pressure, stress, a lack of options, and depression do.

2623 days ago


A motive has yet be released, so until then....shut the eff up.

2623 days ago

Carlos Mal Pacheco    

At first I thought it was some sort of hemorrhoid rage... It sounded weird.

2623 days ago


#14, you on Vince's payroll?

2623 days ago


This is a sad situation. Innocent life was snuffed out over this. This wrestling organization may state that they have a anti-drug program but is it their "policy" or is it just a line they are feeding us? Let's see the documents that show that they are what they say, "a drug free organization."

2623 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

ah the bible again the biggest excuse since the beginning of time 4 sociopathy cruelty and such things.if god sayz its ok how can u have GOD FORBID feelings and actually care!maybe its time we get over acting like religion parents and all that wholesome crap r good and start feeling ok 2 criticize it eh???gee know 1 ever killed there children at a paris hilton lindsay lohan party this iz a point weather people wasnt 2 aknolage it or is not wrong paris waz a good person in the 1st place who did she hurt unlike this god fearing family man.

2623 days ago


This was NOT roid rage...just because it is a wrestler doesn't mean roid rage. This was obviously the act of someone who had become completely unglued @ the prospect of their marriage falling apart, not a roided up freak. WWE is pointing out that despite him being one of their own, this was a violent act comitted by a man who was unbalanced. If he weren't a wrestler, they wouldn't claim roid rage, just that he lost it. That's what this is, the actions of a man who suffered a breakdown and lashed out @ his family and then himself. Instead of pointing fingers @ the man's employer, why not point them where they truly belong, @ the man himself.

2623 days ago


The complete opposite. Placing a bible at their feet shows he was a crazy nut on drugs.

2623 days ago


that statement lost all credibility when it stated that he negative for steroids.
reminds me of the MLB players & their phony tests.

2623 days ago
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