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WWE: Bibles Prove Benoit Killings Were Not "Roid Rage"

6/26/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The WWE is firing back at claims that the murders/suicide by former wrestling champion Chris Benoit were the result of "roid rage."
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After local authorities revealed that steroids were found at the chilling murder scene, several media outlets claimed that a violent reaction caused by use of the supplements may have contributed Benoit's murderous behavior. The WWE claims that assumption is pure bulls**t, although they name no criminal, psychopharmaceutical or hormone expert as the source of their claims.

In a statement released to TMZ, WWE reps claim that the proof is in the Bibles left at the feet of Benoit's two victims. "The physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation, not rage. The wife's feet and hands were bound and she was asphyxiated, not beaten to death. By the account of the authorities, there were substantial periods of time between the death of the wife and the death of the son, again suggesting deliberate thought, not rage. The presence of a Bible by each is also not an act of rage."

The WWE also claims that Benoit tested negative for steroids in the company's independently administered drug testing program, done on April 10, 2007.


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Found this on the internet. My first posting of this comment does not appear here.

My second cousin is an officer with *BI (* Bureau of Investigations) and what he's heard in his circle is that Chris Benoit's wife killed their son Daniel, called Chris and told him to rush home because of an emergency which is why he missed last Sunday's Vengeance PPV. Upon arriving home Benoit killed his wife in a rage for the death of his son and then killed himself Monday morning. His wife's body was found in the master bedroom, strangled with the cord from an alarm clock. The son's body was found in his room apparently suffocated with a garbage bag. Chris then wrote a suicide note explaining what had happened, apologized to his family, his other children (from a separate relationship), and his fans. He then fashioned a slip-knot noose from from rope taken from the garage and hung himself from the banister in the foyer of his suburban Atlanta home.

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here is the WWE's SICKENING denial that steroids were to blame.

STAMFORD, Conn., June 26, 2007 – World Wrestling Entertainment is stunned and saddened by the details released by local authorities concerning the double homicide-suicide involving Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and his son, Daniel.

However, WWE is concerned with the sensationalistic reporting and speculation being undertaken by some members of the media following the press conference held by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney. During the press conference, the investigating authorities made the following points, all of which run contrary to the media speculation that "roid rage" was a factor in the senseless murders and suicide:

1. The authorities stated that all drugs found in the house were believed to be legal prescriptions. (guess what idiots - they were perscription steroids. They were definately there, roids in the house)

2. Steroids were not, and could not, be related to the cause of death (asphyxiation). Authorities had no factual basis to speculate as to Benoit’s state of mind, and rightly did not do so. (I think the asphyxiation was caused by Benoit choking off the air supply of the victims. Maybe becuase he was on roids, after years of abuse. Statement 2 is a gross, disgusting lie.)

3. Toxicology tests have not even been completed, so there is no current evidence that Benoit even had steroids or any other substance in his body. In that regard, on the last test done on Benoit by WWE's independently administered drug testing program, done on April 10, 2007, Benoit tested negative. (I guess you'll make that test public then eh? The authorities made a point of saying they WERE investigating steriod use as an aggrivating factor)

4. The physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation, not rage. The wife's feet and hands were bound and she was asphyxiated, not beaten to death. By the account of the authorities, there were substantial periods of time between the death of the wife and the death of the son, again suggesting deliberate thought, not rage. The presence of a Bible by each is also not an act of rage. (Again - idiocy. The initial murder was roid rage and the rest was a damaged mind trying to resolve the situation. If the WWe are telling everyone else not to speculate, why are they doing it? Oh yeah - to protect thier stockholders money...)

5. WWE strongly suggests that it is entirely wrong for speculators to suggest that steroids had anything to do with these senseless acts, especially when the authorities plainly stated there is no evidence that Benoit had steroids in his body, pending the toxicological reports, and that they had no evidence at this time as to the motive for these acts. (The authorities stated nothing of the sort. They said steriod use was clearly being investigated. And they didn't say they had no motive, they said they wern't going to discuss the motive. more lies...)

WWE is continuing to monitor the ongoing investigation being conducted by local authorities. I had some sympathy for them up until now, but after reading this the WWE is clearly an drug ridden, lying, hypocritical joke. I really hope someone in the Labour party makes drug tests manditory next time they soil our shores. They have no right in the UK

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Paris Fan    

Look, I don’t think there is any question that this poor man, and his family are victims of one of the many, many dangerous, and deadly side effects of steroids.

Not only do these drugs commonly cause so-called roid rage. They commonly cause complete psychotic breakdowns.

Where the individual may not have any conscious awareness of what they are doing. Or they may know what they are doing. But not have any control over their actions.

Steroids are among the most powerful drugs in the body. And they affect every part of the body down to the cellular level.

If people truly understood how dangerous these drugs are. They would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

Anyone on these drugs is a serious potential danger to them-self. Their family. And others.

Do your homework people. You live in the information age. Look it up. And read between the lines. And the sales pitches. You don’t want to take steroids except for good, sound medical reasons. They are very, very dangerous drugs.

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susie q    

Just because the house is not torn up... does not mean it was not steroid induced. The wife was strangled... oh yeah.. that is a real passive act. The son was smothered...this guy sounds like a few eggs short of a dozen... My take on it is the bibles were his way of "smothing things over" after he realized what he did and then cowardly hung himself rather than take responsibility for his actions.
Oh... steroids can be prescribed.. don't have to be obtained illegally. The prescriptions don't mean anything.. ask Elvis... ask Marilyn...

2677 days ago


CMON and give me a break. those who take the stronger steroids (which can cause roid rage more so then weaker steroids) are at risk to roid rage especially if taking high doses of the stronger roids. not everyones roid rage will be the same (while one may go into a bust and break everything in sight doesnt mean the next guy will. some just lose all ratinale thinking).
Im not saying that roid rage was the cause just that it cannot be ruled out as the wwe has said!!

for those ppl who say that they dont believe he did it because he didnt appear that way on tv??? WAKE UP!! your watching a character on a TV show! that isnt the real life person. the word here is ACTOR. your watching one actor perform with another actor.
who really knows what a actor is like in real everyday life unless your happen to be a personal friend or family member.

to the one who is self diluted thinking that the guys with big muscles arent taking steroids, you need to spend some time in the gym and less on a pc. dont take my advice though! go ask your family DR. i dont care how much time you spend in a gym, everyones body has a certain size it will reach then thats it. thats also one of the reasons guys take roids, to go beyond that wall and achieve the big muscles.
yea you can get a good looking ripped physique by going natural but your not gonna look like priest, arnold, ferrigno, or any of the other pro bodybuilders without roids period!

In closing. wwe saying he passed a controlled substance test doesnt proof a thing as well since there are ways for roid users to pass a drug test and im pretty sure wwe superstars are aware of the methods.
a bible beside the victims doesnt prove anything except they had religious ties.

2677 days ago


Okay since you cant blame it on roid rage, I guess he was just a cold hearted killer and perhaps they should check to see if he has killed anyone else.

2677 days ago


OK seposably friday when he was going to catch a plain he got a call from his wife that her and his son were coughfing up blood and chris went strait home where he had caught what they had. And there house was brand new and had gas leaks since they moved in and alot of people belive that it was a gas leak and chris put his family out of there mysery.

2677 days ago


He had a couple of bibles present... at least that's a good thing.
He may have found religion and then got a little over-jealous by killing them.
Never good when that happens.

2677 days ago


I believe this was murder made to look like murder-suicide. Just think about it. Why did he send text messages(anyone can get your cellphone and do that), when you could have called the people you were texting, better yet why not just write a note(at least they would have been able to identify your handwriting). Why kill them day by day? Why bound your wife's feet and hands--if you knew she would put up a struggle, why not kill her while she was asleep? I could be wrong but just a lot of weird things happened. If he did do it, I wouldn't say steroid played a factor-if that was the case what about other athletes that use it-you don't see them killing their families or themselves.

2677 days ago


Give me a break!

This situation isn't "tragic," this guy is a cold blooded self centered sociopathic asshole of a killer!

He doesn't deserve any consideration for any "problems" he might have had.

He KILLED his wife!

He KILLED his young son! A CHILD!!!!!!! Can you IMAGINE what it is like to be suffocated???????? It isn't quick, folks.

2677 days ago

Ya Think?    

#65 - Vendeta: It's not necessarily true that the house would have been torn up if this was 'roid rage. That's just not always the case. Did any of you watch Danny Bonaduce in his reality show when he was shooting up steroids? He was never violent, but he was a freaking nutjob with a hair trigger and a deep sense of paranoia. We don't know for sure if it was or wasn't steroids that led to this tragedy. But don't be so gullible as to believe that steroids cause wild, massive destruction and outward rage. It causes irrational paranoia which can lead to the user to methodically carrying out their plan which -- in their mind -- makes sense.

Money-grubbing McMahon knew. He sure did. That's why he's releasing press statements now, trying to cover his greedy ass. I wish people would stop watching, supporting, and attending WWE programs. The only way to get through to a j*ckoff like McMahon is to hit him in his wallet. How many more of his so-called "stars" does he have to lose before he catches a clue? Does it take him losing one of his kids before that porch light finally comes on?

2677 days ago


Lita your post speaks for itself,just reread it if you indeed know how to read.

2677 days ago

I sell the stuff!    

It concrens me that just because he passed a drug test people actually assume he was clean.


Certian body-building supplements alter the results of a drug test. Also, men who are in the army can beat a test because their bodies will expell pollutants at a faster rate if they are physically working over-time. The WWE test was done months ago, and he probably had a heads up for the test, so to say that that is any evidence is faulty.

Sad day. Thats it. Atleast he loved them enough to want to be with them. Peace for him and his family!

2677 days ago


I'm not sure why the WWE even did the tribute for Benoit they supposedly did before they knew the circumstances behind the deaths. And now they're getting in on the 'roid rage debate?

And what the hell do bibles have to do with proving he wasn't on steroids or medication?

Give me a break! A total tragedy and his actions can't be defended, he killed his KID and the MOTHER of his KID in front of the KID. No defense for that.

2677 days ago
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