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WWE -- No Killer Zone

6/26/2007 11:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After authorities revealed the grisly details of Chris Benoit's final days, the WWE is changing their tune. In a televised statement, aired just moments ago on Sci Fi Channel's ECW, Vince McMahon made it clear -- they will no longer honor the memory of the murdering wrestler:

"Last night on 'Monday Night Raw,' the WWE presented a special tribute show, recognizing the career of Chris Benoit. However, now some 26 hours later, the facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. Therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit tonight. On the contrary, tonight's show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident. This evening marks the first step of the healing process. Tonight, the WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world -- entertain you."


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Jeff, LA least someone gets it

People talked worse after the death of.....Jeff Erwin..That was tragedy and great loss !!
The thought process of some of you scary......the man killed his family.....Fact
You can investigate until know what happened..... everyone continues to talk about what a great guy he was......don't lose touch with the outcome of his actions... .....HE KILLED HIS FAMILY..
He should not be celebrated...he is not a celebrity.....
Killers ...are not regular Joe's...they are sick demented people !!
OJ..should be disowned..people fall all over him..he's a media circus
Does Michael Jackson...feel the wrath of his not guilty crimes....NOT .he's broke..good
I don't feel sorry for him either
I, don't care if it was steroids, or demons, he did a bad thing, he's a criminal...
He is a terrible person..
How would you comment .....if it were your family...some "great wrestler "decided to remove from the planet ?? ..

Feel bad for the 9 courageous Firemen that just died protecting your cities..they were "great guys"

2641 days ago

Bill ( WJR21 )    

Of all the comments, it seems as though Sabrina is the only one with real common sense. Like her I feel that this was a tragedy. If I remember correctly some of the Van Erics committed suicide. Most of us do not know what goes on behind the scenes.It must take alot out of a person to be on the road for days without seeing your family. Under normal circumstances people lose their cool & loose their tempers. He was under a drug which only hightens the emotions one is feeling. Remember his good qualities.
Love you all. BYE-BYE Bill

2641 days ago


First of all I'd like to express my deapest sympothy to his remaining family. It's true, you never know what's in the mind of man. Furthemore, lets all stop barking at one another for someone elses sadness. Just read all the blogs on this site, it's shameful that adults and children alike are barking at one another for his or her opinion. It's exactly that an opinion and no-one is right and no-one is wrong. The best we all should and can do is, pray for Chis, Nancy and their little 7 year old sun who will never grow up to live nor remember his dads dream. Lets stop this nonsense and stop beating up on one another as though we're in the ring. Pray for them, and pray for each other. Be adults.. Rest In Peace Chris, Forever and always in our hearts... You will surely be missed

2640 days ago



2640 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

June 27, 2007

Benoit received drog deliveries from a Florida business that sold steroids, human growth hormone and testosterone on the Internet, according to the Albany County, N.Y., District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the business,

Six people, including two of the pharmacy’s owners, have pleaded guilty in the Albany investigation, and 20 more have been arrested, including doctors and pharmacists.

Steroids have been linked to the deaths of several professional wrestlers in recent years. Eddie Guerrero, one of Benoit’s best friends, died in 2005 from heart failure linked to long-term steroid use.

The father of Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig blamed steroids and painkillers for Hennig’s drug overdose death in 2003. Davey Boy Smith, the “British Bulldog,” died in 2002 from heart failure that a coroner said was probably caused by steroids.

Full story at

2640 days ago


I think Vince did the right thing last night and his speach was right on he could of went a little further but he didn't everyone knows a lot of the wwe stars have used or still use steriods there are a few exceptions as in everything. However this should open there eyes on this type of abuse and they should do something about it. I can only hope. No ones know exactly what happened we were not there however we do know he killed his wife and child and that is so wrong in so many ways. Unfortunaly we will never know why there was no letter left. My son enjoys watching the wwe and we have talked to him about it he is fortunate to know its fake and umderstands that what Chris did is wrong. We will not stop him from watching the wwe it usually amuses us and we just laugh at all the stupid stuff they come up with. However my son does idolize John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

2640 days ago


Vince is only guilty of promoting the passing of this "legend". This man had steroids, and was very guilty of abusing his wife.
These two things must have played a part in his disgusting, cowardice behavior.
Vince's tribute should be for battered wives, and the mental disorders one may get from steroid use.
This man is no hero. He killed his wife, and son, and took the easy way out.
Vince could make a difference by dedicating his shows to this situation.

2640 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

The WWE and Vince have a huge reason for wanting to sweep the steroid abuse under the carpet; the marketability of the WWE and its profit capabilities.

Sad that they’ve taken the low road and chose to simply cover their @sses and distance themselves from Chris Benoit. When they could be using this as a huge platform to bring about changes and warn the public at large of the serious risks of anabolic steroid abuse.

Wrestling fans should be screaming for an inquiry to protect the sports good name, and also prevent further injuries and deaths. But, just like the NFL and MLB their trying to dupe the public into thinking there isn’t a problem; and all in the name of $$$$$$$.

This will likely wind up being a huge investigation similar to the MLB steroid scandal, as it should be. That child’s brutal death shouldn’t be in vane. Let him be the poster child of stop professional steroid abuse!!!

2640 days ago


I comend Vince McMahon on the way he has handeled the Chris Benoit situation. First, on how he ended his storyline about him dying. Second, I agree that we shouldn't have all these tributes to someone who murdered his family. I am saddened by the death of a great wrestler but, I have lost respect for him.

2640 days ago

Eric Vaughan    

You know, there's one thing worse than a public relations firm trying to juggle all of this and I'll tell you what it is. Wrestling was your dad's weekend morning funnies after a hard week's work. It turned into a total celebration of psychopathy that is gradually being pushed out by the UFC. What kind of people made that possible? That's what's worse.

2640 days ago


I thought Vince was blown up in his limo a couple of weeks ago?
That is what I have been reading on for the past week or 2.
Now all of a sudden Vince shows up and is in the middle of the ring?

As far as whats happing now, I can't beleive what has happened.
The facts are not even out yet, and yet EVERYBODY is calling Benoit a murder.
Whether anybody likes to admit it or not, the fact is he was a hellov a good wrestler and his acheivments are still out there regardless of what everybody thinks.
Gods speed Chris Benoit and may god bless his entire family.

2640 days ago

A Fan    

In my honest opinion, Chris Benoit was probably one of the greatest people! I had the honor to meet him, and he actually stood up for me infront of security gaurds. Now, I am not saying that murdering is alright, but the way the WWE is handling this is that they do not want anything to do with him anymore. He had an outstanding career, and will probably never see the WWE Hall of Fame. People are judging Benoit by his last act, instead of looking at his life! Of course, I agree, it looks horrible! Why he did it, we don't know! But you cannot just drop everything because it looks bad. The WWE and WWE fans will greatly miss Benoit, and all his talents, no matter what the situation. I will still mourn, and tribute Chris, Nancy and Daniel's lives.

2640 days ago


Chris, What happened to you? The loving husband and dedicated father portrayed on screen during many wwe events. Of everyone wrestling, you would be the last person I would expect this from. You were so devastated when Eddie died. You were so concerned about his wife and children. Then you murder your own family? Did you wait so long to kill yourself contemplating the death penalty , the pennance you would have had to pay if you lived on while your family lay murdered by their protector? Did you put a soft cloth around Nancy's cable cord like you did your own, to ease her pain at the time of her murder? I adored you, you were the underdog, always reaching for the title, never getting it until 2004. I felt your joy when you finally won it. And now, I feel nothing but dismay, betrayal, and fooled. How could you kill your own child, and the wife that stood by your side time and time again? I hope they stoked the coals of hell up to the maxium before you arrived. That's the only thing fitting for a cold blooded murderer , coward who waited till the very last minute to kill himself. Eddie would be horrified by your actions. Just like the entire world is.

2640 days ago


Looks like Vince is trying his best to wash his hands clean of the whole Benoit thing. Benoit devoted 20 yrs of his life to the sport, wrestling an average of 300 days a year. Wrestling might be "fake" or "scripted" but getting dropped on ur head and the amount of abuse they take really is a serious issue.

Steve Austin is in the wrestling hall of fame and has been arrested for beating his wife on more then one occassion. Guess beating women is okay. Just murdering them isnt.

What happened behind those closed doors over the weekend and the reason for them happening none of us will truely know. I think its charming how everyone is painting Benoit to be this monster that snapped but anyone that has been in a relationship knows that no one knows how to press ur buttons better then those that love you. Maybe we should not grab our torches and go out witch hunting him before we know more.

Taking 20 yrs of being dropped on ur head, stress from watching those you work with and are close to (they are living 300 days give or take with these other ppl) die, the stress from a marriage that seems to not be perfect, and possible drugs in his system.. Maybe he didnt just "snap" Maybe she provoked and in a rage he did actually hurt her. Also, I really like how the WWE states, it couldnt be roid rage by the presence of a bible by the victums. That doesnt mean he wasnt raging when it happened.. That only really shows remorse. He wanted them to go to heaven and thats why no bible was found I believe near him. I dont think he cared what God did with him because he didnt care himself anymore.

About his son. I think he ended his sons life for a number of possible reasons. One being that, he didnt want his son to grow up with this shadow over his head. You're dad got angry and killed ur mom, and then killed himself? Or like most of society would say.. You're dad had it all.. Why kill ur mom and himself? Thats not a life for a child to lead. Think it is. Look at Francis Bean. Another reason possibly why is, as the news unfolds more it is said that his son suffered from a disease. A disease that he obviously wasnt to proud of and that he suffered from. With his parents gone, who is going to take care of his son? Who will understand his condition? His needs? No one wants to see there child not have a happy normal life. I think after whatever happened between his wife and him happened me made the concious decision to take his sons life to stop any future pain his actions might cause. Its a parents job to look out for the best interest of there children. Maybe Benoit thought this was best for his boy. I think Benoit wanted his son with his mother.

I think Benoit honestly was a good person. I think he showed remorse for what he did with the actions he took after they were killed. I think the bibles were placed because he wanted god to show mercy to those he hurt with what he did. I think he spent the weekend with there bodies in the house as a way to say goodbye. I think his wife was covered in a towel because he couldnt look at her body knowing what he had done to her.. again, remorse. He txt msged ppl around him and close to him to let them know to come and get them. He wanted ppl to come and find them so they could have a proper funeral and not just rot in the house, and lastly I think he showed he was sorry, tired, depressed, and just exhausted. He told a co-worker "I love you" just prior to hanging up with them. He also had a habit of telling Chavo that everytime he hung up the phone with him.

Everyone wants to talk about what a monster he is. I agree what he did is awful and in no way right but, I dont think any of us know the truth behind it all and to quickly judge the type of person he is on a whole is jumping the gun.

As for WWE, I think the WWE is a sorry excuse for an organization. These wrestlers take beating.. literally.. in order to feed there families. They dont have an off season or a down time... its go go go.. Its constant torture. There is also the need for perfection and also the need to look good. The pressure is on them constantly to look perfect ... and huge. If a wrestler doesnt wrestle.. he doesnt eat. WWE doesnt have a retire program for once you get out of the zone and cant wrestle like you did before. Most end up broke, on the street, doing drugs, and with no place to go. I think that more regulations should be set in place for the WWE. From 1985 till current more then 1k wrestlers have passed away. Mostly due to drugs, suicide, heart failure, and some unrelated accidents. There is something seriously wrong in the sport of professional wrestling. Vince might wnat to wash his hands clean of this... which as a business move is understandable.. but, ppl in general should stop putting up with simple hand washing and demand that something be done in this growing and dangerous sport.

Thank you for reading my p

2640 days ago


#188, you are a moron. People using steriods become paranoid, delusional and ultra aggressive. All of you people saying that this man was a good man. MY GOD DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVES???? JESUS.
Oh...and have you heard? The AP just realeased this little bit. They found track marks on the little boy. In other words...the bastard was pumping up his own son with steriods too. Have a read. I took the liberty of cutting and pasting it for you.
Good man...yeah...a real hero. He might have played on on tv but Christ, he was a monster and everyone of you who are trying to defend're just trying to make yourselves feel better for watching the crap.

Pro wrestler Chris Benoit apparently was pumping human-growth hormone into his 7-year-old son in the weeks before he killed his wife, the boy and himself at their suburban Atlanta home while consumed by “roid rage,” a prosecutor said yesterday.

Fayette County, Ga., District Attorney Scott Ballard said Daniel Benoit had needle marks on his arm. Ballard said he believed the boy had been given growth hormone because his parents considered the boy undersized.

“The boy was very small, even dwarfed,” Ballard said.

2640 days ago
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