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BET's Fashion Fright Night

6/27/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the looks of last night's red carpet, it's obvious why the BET Awards honor the best entertainers in music, film and sports -- but not fashion! BET phone home!
BET Awards Fashion Nightmares
From Beyonce's roboho performance getup to Eve's streetwalker chic, check out why it's time these artists hired new stylists and put the hip back into hip-hop!

On another note, while Robin Thicke didn't scare up any fashion alarms, he also failed to become the first white artist to win a BET Award. The world will just have to wait for Celine Dion's next album to drop!


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The real mccoy    

White entertainment television? Why do you think these type of networks, shows, Black history month,etc. were created? So that Black people would have a venue to display their many talents! White people have everything laid at their feet, while Black people have to create their own opportunities. Black people learn about White history everyday at school, while Black people only get a month (which happens to be the shortest month of the year); its not that we dont have history, you guys would rather talk about yourselves. The American Music Awards and Grammys only show one or two Black artists (usually the same few), while Blacks influence most of the music and culture today. How can you honestly overlook that?

2684 days ago


p.s. Jess, Muslim is not a RACE lol...there r only three races---Black, White and Asian...Hispanics/Latinos is an ethnicity....ur either a White or Black hispanic...if u need me to school u on anything else, let me know...

2684 days ago


Great...our counterparts watched!!! Looking to see what other body part they should "botox". Can't we just celebrate then fact that we all were created equal, yet different and we don't have to be carbon copies of each oher..

2684 days ago


Some peoples have been cripple. Then blamed for limping when they get up and walk on their own. For shame. Since you what to reference a dictionary: The name Jezebel has come down through the centuries to be used as a general name for all wicked women. Jezebel is portrayed in modern usage as a controlling whore. Sorry, that is the definition even though you can't spell correctly.

2684 days ago


Yes, I guess your right, green people do suck, HAHA - it's not a microphone!

2684 days ago


downwithgreenppl $ muahahaha: between you & me, i think some ppl in here need to start shmokin a little, relllaaaxxxxx!

2684 days ago


Bestbeauty, I was with you until you said EVERYONE at the show looked good. NOT! Monique and Flavor Flav were not cute at all.

2684 days ago


What can you expect? Class? High fashionistas? In your dreams!!!!!

Check every single picture. That's what they are. No more, no less. ...


2684 days ago


I did not write Muslim is a race. In fact, I didn't write that defintion at all. I copied and pasted that. Plus...they are not even talking about Muslim being a race if you would read it. OMG...Your the one that needs schooling.

2684 days ago


Jessibell: Just because you have a black friend, doesn't mean you are not racist. Sounds like you use her to be your "token" black friend. Are you kidding me about WET? Well 90%, if not more, of all television is WET. Do you feel the same way about SiTV for Latinos/Hispanics? Or ZTV for asians? I am tired of turning on ABC and FOX and CBS and watching white television shows that have the "token" minority that says the most stereotypical non-truthful crap. And as much as you think black people are looking at you, they are not. The world does not revolve around you. Most people don't even realize you exist. OR maybe, you were wearing something ugly. By the way, I am not black.

2684 days ago


TMZ deliberately showed the most unflattering photos of two very attractive women during the BET Awards 07. These photos may well be the worst of the whole show. TMZ has chosen to insult, antagonize, and denegrate an extremely successful, professional, and artist program. What is the motivation? It is no wonder this blog has turned racial. THAT was TMZ justification for the article -- they are Black so let's put them down...tear them apart...because we (TMZ) has no other recourse. Everything about the BET Awards was so well done...all we (TMZ) got to pick on is race. For Shame. Lazy journalism if that is what TMZ is attempting to do...journalize. It wreaks of racism to me.

2684 days ago


BETLover: "Sorry, that is the deffinition even though you can't spell correctly."
bestbeauty: "if u need me to school you on anything else, let me know..."
Jessibell: "Go look up racism in the dictionary" - she then proceeds to copy & paste the exact deffinition onto her entry.

WHEN DID THIS TURN INTO A SCHOOL LESSION? I wonder if any of you realize how ridiculous you sound?!? It's a friggen blog! GET OVER IT!!!

2684 days ago


Never said anything about muslim being a RACE! U need to learn how to READ!!!!!

Animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races
“I am a Muslim and … my religion makes me against all forms of racism.” Malcolm X Speech, Prospects for Freedom 1965
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Don't u know how dictionaries work?

Again here it is, for people who can't read:

animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races “I am a Muslim and … my religion makes me against all forms of racism.” Malcolm X Speech, Prospects for Freedom 1965
2. belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

2684 days ago


some people on here make no sense at all and are truly ignorant of the facts. BET was created at a time when no one wanted to cater to the needs of a black audience. Now we have various channels that cater to us but there's still a demand for bet, thus its still around. Its kind of like HBCU's which were founded because we weren't allowed to go to school with whites.
anyways back to the awards...i liked them. Beyonce's performance was hot but i was a little disappointed that kelly had to perform with her. Ne-Yo's performance was weak and thats about it.
and yeah that celine dion comment was kind of weak. Usually I like the subtle jokes that TMZ makes but this one flew right over my head.

2684 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Mainstream networks AND cable television lack's proper representation of AFRICAN AMERICANS so we CREATED our OWN network damn. How stupid are you ppl, I mean really. History is gives a play by play of our determination, strength, unity, hard work and ability to overcome any why would you fools think we wouldn't create a television NETWORK by us and FOR US? CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX is WET so stop whining and complaining, put yourself to use and get rid of that wet dog smell and lice some of you ppl have!

Beyonce LOOKED HOTT!! Her dress was spectacular! So did Kelly, Ciara, Patty, Lil Wayne's daughter was so cuteeeeeee, Selita Eubanks looked hot too, most of the ladies represented. It was wonderful to see those beautiful naturally Caramel Toned, never in need of a burnt orange tan, gifted African American men & women spotlighted and awarded for their hard work and talent. Tacky, corny ass TMZ hasn't a clue about how we get down, they should stick to topic's about that tackhead ho herpes Hilton. Cokehead LL and baldhead talentless babymomma Britney.

2684 days ago
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