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BET's Fashion Fright Night

6/27/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the looks of last night's red carpet, it's obvious why the BET Awards honor the best entertainers in music, film and sports -- but not fashion! BET phone home!
BET Awards Fashion Nightmares
From Beyonce's roboho performance getup to Eve's streetwalker chic, check out why it's time these artists hired new stylists and put the hip back into hip-hop!

On another note, while Robin Thicke didn't scare up any fashion alarms, he also failed to become the first white artist to win a BET Award. The world will just have to wait for Celine Dion's next album to drop!


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A Black friend? I have tons of black friends. They feel the same way about their own kind. I had a health teacher that was black, a VERY good man. He told our class that he was actually embarrassed to tell us that 80% men in Prison today are black men. He agreed that blacks could be more nice. In my opinion I think they are a lot better than what they put themselves out there to be. Your missing my whole point.

2673 days ago


It really amazes me that after a red carpet star studded event TMZ like Perezhilton only showed 2 pictures from a long list of BLACK celebrities. When they do decide to post something about a black entertainer it is always something negative. Harvey is such the kiss ass he is so sickening. If you have seen him in action you know exactly what I mean. So TMZ it you can't say anything nice about a Black Celebrity then lets not print anything. The word Sexy =Beyonce and your fake a$$ pamela anderson or any other no shape, flat a$$ or inflated a$$, no hip chick you try and say is sexy........................TMZ I have on my "hater blockers" when it comes to this site.

2673 days ago


I've know lots of REALLY nice black women. In fact, I like a lot of black people. My point is A lot them hate white people for no reason. That's ALL! Some black girl even admitted it on here that a lot of black people discriminate against white people. This is all I have to say. I'm getting sick of this. I'm out of here for good. I can care less what anyone else says.

2673 days ago



2673 days ago


I thought the awards show was the best of the year. Maybe TMZ doesn't understand because they aren't used to covering African-American events. It's like me going to France and trying to school them on how to speak French

2673 days ago


TMZ placed the most unflattering photos of two very attractive women on this site. These photos may well have been the worst photos taken of the whole show. TMZ recurring actions wreaks of racism. Continually showing people 'they are jealous of" in a negative light. The BET Awards 07 show is the heavyweight of awards shows. Because it was professional, artist, and child friendly -- TMZ chose to put down, denegrate, insult, and antagonize BET's show, its viewers, its advertisers, and most of music-loving world. Shame on you TMZ. There are several really really photos and topics to report.

2673 days ago


I don't evan botter wit that stuff....

2673 days ago

solid snake    

HEY BEYONCE!!!!!!! 7 OF 9 WANTS HER COSTUME BACK!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

2673 days ago


TMZ -- shame for ignoring my entries and allowing "Jessibell" post that drivel ad nauseam. I know you're getting these. Still waiting to be posted 3 times pending.

2673 days ago


TMZ posted the most unflattering photos of two very attractive women. These photos may very well have been the worst of the BET Awards 07 show. TMZ continues to reflect people "they do not like" in a negative light. The BET Awards is the heavyweight of awards shows. TMZ wreaks of racism in its attempts to denegrate, disparage, and insult BET, BET shows, BET audiences, and BET advertisers. How could you after very recent history --- circa 1933? What happened to you after the 1960s? What direction have you taken? Do you have amnesia? You have to know your history. Come on?!

2673 days ago


BET stands for black entertainment television-

meaning if you are not black chances are you won't be entertained

2673 days ago

I am Just Sayin..........    

Hmmmm and they said Tmz was biased???????? I think the things said about the BET Awards was truely rude, as well as racist. I thought the show was great. As far as Beyonce, she was doing a PERFORMANCE, but I guess you wouldn't understand that, after all you have your Britney and Paris' to think worthy of your applauses.

To the folks that don't like the Hip/Hop and R & B culture.......there is a thing as CHANGING THE CHANNEL if you don't like what you see. Also, besides the BET and ESSENCE award shows, the rest are dictated to the white people. So as I said, if you don't like what you see......TURN THE D*MN CHANNEL. I'm just saying.............................

2673 days ago


Beyonce performance was great. Ciara also did a good job. Brittany can take notes from the girls regarding dancing and costume design when you give a performance. That house of blues performance was horrible, did you see that outfit she had on, she looked like a hooker and her dance moves looked like someone from a elementary school talent show created them..

2673 days ago


Is it me or is Beyonce fat?

2673 days ago


That's what you call curves Callmejuls, she has a shape, she's not a stick figure. She's has the hour glass figure. Kelly Clarkson is what you call fat and out of shape. Brittany is fat and out of shape, did you see the cellulite in her legs lately, ewwww.

2673 days ago
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