Brit the Tween: Totally Churched Out!

6/27/2007 3:53 PM PDT
An 11-year-old Britney Spears performed at her uncle's wedding nearly 14 years ago -- and she didn't even lipsync! Can I get a witness?!

This video, shot in 1993, shows little Brit belting out a tune at a Baptist church in Magnolia, Miss. She can be seen wearing a rejected outfit from the "Big Love" wardrobe department. No crotch shots here! Amen!

"When she sang at my wedding it sent chills through everyone who was there, she was electric," Britney's aunt, Chanda McGovern, said. "She just had the most beautiful voice and it was perfect to have her perform." Yeah, but the hoochie choreography was non-existent.