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Brown Eyed Paris Close to Crying

6/27/2007 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In another clip of Larry King's interview with Paris, Hilton was on the verge of tears. She said that when she went in for sentencing, she thought she was going to get community service and was shocked to be going to jail.


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Parents Need to Know    

PS the City Atty is going to get kicked out of office and his whore of a wife sent to jail now! Love it!

xoxoxo Paris!

Posted at 7:59PM on Jun 27th 2007 by Paris is simply amazing!

And your "whore" idol, who hasn't contributed one useful thing to society, will be sitting right back in her "Jailhouse Orange" for breaking her probation before the end of the year!

2644 days ago


...I agree with you..I decided I was NOT going to watch any more new segments, TMZ or more magazines, papers with stories about a pathetic talentless spoiled selfish little rich girl...but you know seeing her dopey mother in the car to pick her up...well where do you think she gets this inflated ego...her parents, and all the others like them, who treat their stupid ignornant little offspring like they are better than everyone else deserve to be punished also..
This bitch could have killed someone...I get REALLY angry over people who drive drunk, and they seem to think it is they know, or even care how many lives are lost to drunk drivers...This is murder in my mind...when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle knowing your judgement is impaired....Just like playing with a loaded gun...
These over indulged morons out there, and there are many of them out there...think they can ignore the law, like it isnt made for them...and unfortunately they often get away with it...Rich mommy and daddy pay to get their kids out of trouble....Just like the Kennedys years ago..and probably still do..
It really sickens me...I am outraged by it all...And apart from anything else these stupid little ignoramouses arent even old enough to be drinking...
So maybe the clubs and restaurants they are drinking in should also be held accountable..
Like the Hiltons, Lohans and all the other under age dim wits running around pantiless and brainless...and of coufse this also applies to guys too..
I mean look at the idiot Brandon how disgusting is he...
Any drastic punishment meteed out to these people cant be enough for me...!!! They better thank their lucky stars I am not a judge....HIlton and others would be snivelling in jail for a long long time...
I am SOOO thankful to US magazine and any others that follow their lead...and ignore these silly little girls (and boys) who refuse to take responsibility for their immature selfish actions, and maybe their dumb ass parents too..!!!!
I quit my subscription to a couole other mindless mags because I was so fed up of reading about Hilton, Lohan and Spears, the bald pantiless wonder...but her excuse is she is from Louisiana...
It also goes to prove that money doesnt make class....

2644 days ago


I am personally impressed, she managed to get *like* 6 words without *like* saying *like*. She didn't say hot once, and I didn't hear her call Larry a bitch, so maybe she has grown...

2644 days ago


I live in Franc and when I installed cable TV, I was excited to be able to get American TV talk shows as I thought that Larry King Live was supposed to be a serious talkshow. However, I am now just so disappointed to say the least, as every time I tune in to Larry King Live all I'm able to see are programs dedicated to Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead, Howard Stern (17 shows dedicated to her saga in a space of 1 month), Rosie O'Donnel vs. Donal Trump, OJ Simpson saga, the America Idol participants, Dancing with the Stars participants, and all other kind of celebrities who have done nothing to merit an 1 hr. interview seen internationaly. I really thought that Larry King was supposed to be the number one host of talkshows. I cannot understand how the American people consider him to be the number one. His show is only an hour of celebrity gossip. He looks like an aging TOAD!! a dirty old man.

2644 days ago


so she didn't wear her blue contacts....

ohmigod she did change!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha............

2644 days ago

simon birch    

Tjis little hussy hasn't learned a dam thing! Justed wanted to let people know...Like whof fricking cares!! She still thinks she is so important that she has to let EVERYONE know so we won't worry about her...wake up body does except the ones making money off your dumb ass. Your are such a waste of space. You really could make a differance, but your still too wrapped up in your self. You don't know what a hard time is. The only one to get anything out of this is larry setting there with a boner hardly about to take a break so he can choke his chicken while she is still in the studio...go larry fire one load number two!!

2644 days ago


Brown-eyed girl, blue-eyed girl--who cares???? The "girl" is a grown woman, who thinks, acts and behaves as if she were a school girl. Grow up, Paris!!! You're lucky you only had to serve 21 days--I know women who had to serve 90 days, with the General Population for violating their parole. How many AA meetings did Poor Little Paris attend while in jail? How many has she attended once she got released? Give money to charity--buy your way out of a record. Wake up TMZ--enough of Poor Little Paris!

2644 days ago


I actually am enjoying the interview. She looks nice. She looks a lot less trashy!

2644 days ago

Randall Lind    

I think she was awesome. She held her own and was not the dumb blond that the media makes her out to be

2644 days ago


Holy Cow!! Makeup and Stylists work miracles!!! I just seen a pic of Paris post jail with her brown eyes and no make up....SHE WAS HIDIOUS!!!! Her ratty extensions looked like straw...she has little beady brown eyes...and she is sooooo pasty white that you could practically see through her!! Sooooooo I guess now that she's out she can fix her fake hair and nails, and fake contacts for blue eyes, and GOBS of makeup to make her beady eyes look more interesting...what crust...she totally looks like a man without all her makeup...and for crying out loud...she wears size 11 shoe...she's a freak!!!!

2644 days ago


Welcome Home Paris!!!! The world is once again a much more beautiful place with you back in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong...stay beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

2644 days ago


Rosie is a BIG FAT PIG! ..........and so are Ria, Babs & Peanut.

2644 days ago


I LOVE YOU PARIS!!! I can't wait to see how you move on to better things...

2644 days ago


I watched a little of the intereview of the Larry King show. First off it is time for Larry King to retire. I see why people want to be interviewed by him when they are in trouble. Softball questions. I found that she still doesn't seem to take responsibility for what she did. She still a spoiled brat that shows no remorse. I doubt that she really will change. PLEASE STOP GIVING HER AIR TIME. It sad when CNN gives air time to Paris and pushes Michael Moore off that time slot with more important issues that really concern the american people.

2644 days ago

Dawn Day    



2644 days ago
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