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How Paris Punked the Paps

6/27/2007 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In her interview with Larry King, Paris described how she pulled a fast one on the media at the MTV Movie Awards by making everyone think she wasn't going to jail that night. Paris says she fooled everyone because they didn't get the shot of her going in. Well, Paris, not exactly! For the record, TMZ got the shot!

The full interview airs tonight at 9:00 PM ET on CNN.


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Didnt you all see how this experience changed her life?
She wasnt wearing her blue contacts!!!

2654 days ago


who cares that she went to jail. She broke the law. There are other important things going on in this world. Like the war and the soilders losing there lives. Why do we focus on Paris Hilton going to jail and getting out. Who CARES!!!! It's not like she is doing great things for our country so let's not put so much focus on her.

2654 days ago


I got all the high lights from news shows if thats what you call them. Denial and lies, excuses and BS if anything the people who said she was faking illness were right and that discuss me.
The "victim" has turned 23 days into a prisoner of war saga. What a looser.

2653 days ago

Terry was not in jail as a normal person would be so you cant campare. she had a shower to herself, a cell to herself, she didnt have to wait in line to use a phone her 23 days were nothing compared to those in a cell with 3/4 others. I like her less now then I did before, if that was possible. Her attitude is distubing.
She also is getting that Anna Nicole slur. But that may be just her new smarter voice.

2653 days ago


Some of you people have the audacity to sit back and condemn other people, but you fail to hear/read your own words! Some of the vulgar comments and obscene remarks YOU make and that makes you better than Paris or anyone else?? Puhleeze!! Talk about denial in the first degree!
I don't buy everything that Paris had to say, and only time will tell if she changes or not. But either way, the world will go on and our lives will be the same whether she is now a different person or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, right or wrong. But I think the majority (if they could be honest!) just really dislikes her because she has wealth, etc. That in turn means the "dislike" is really about jeolousy. Like her or not, but build a bridge and just get over it!

2653 days ago

Dawn Day    



2653 days ago


i wish larry king would have focused more on what really happened--she only served three days in an actual cell but the way she answered questions she made it sound like she was in a cell the whole time but she was not. 20 days she was being pampered in a medical facility all because she feels claustrophobic. everyone feels that in prison dummie!!!!!!!!

2653 days ago


Paris has play up this media so well that she still believe that she is above the law and the biggest joke is on TMZ and Fox 11 Good Day LA who cater to her behaver All morning long (Paris this and Paris that) Who Cares about this white trash with money ? She broke the law what makes her so special (Money) Let's talk about people who has been Falsely Accused of a crime but don't have the money or Lawyer to fight for their innocents? If your looking for a story I will send you one on how a brother lost his job with (Amtrak) because Co workers said he was a whistle blower and lie to get him fired from his job,but don't have the money like Paris to fight this wrong? (That's the Story) TMZ and Good Day LA. Somebody Please tell Dorothy to give it a break and start drinking gin and juice(LOL) Where is Jill when we need her? Steve thank good you keep this show grounded with Tony and the Crew and Ms Nischell Turner I will Cook for you and dance on the street with you any day and time and on the ceiling as well LOL) Great Show and Lauren (_)? but Ms Turner is the HottesT :)

2653 days ago


Ok, so what if the paps didn't get a pic of her initially going in...her second entrance had a WAAYY better picture! The shot of her crying in the back of the police car was priceless! It showed her human side...and spoiled too.

2653 days ago


i can't believe most of you people are so stupid, if you got money you get away with anything DA

2653 days ago
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