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Nikki Links Alleged Kid Killers Cutts, Benoit

6/27/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Cutts, Jr. and Chris Benoit, the alleged child murderers whose cases are all over the news, have an unlikely lady link -- former NFL cheerleader/model Nikki Giavasis.

Giavasis has been everywhere -- "Today," "Good Morning America," CNN, MSNBC -- portraying Cutts, her former boyfriend and baby daddy, as "aggressive" and "threatening" -- and testifying to his potential to be a murderer. Cutts is the father of Nikki's nine-year-old daughter, and he has two other kids. In 1998, Giavasis was at home with former NBA star Shawn Kemp, when Cutts allegedly tried to break in.

Here's the crazy link: Giavasis was also featured in Wrestlemania XX, the WWE showcase that was won by none other than Benoit. Nikki was part of the WWE "Hot Team."

Giavasis' other credits include a starring role in the instructional video, "Becoming a Pro Cheer Leader" [sic] and appearances on reality series "The Casino" and ProActiv spots. She also claims in her bio that she has a genius-level IQ.


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appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Nikki could have taken the safe road and made no public comments about Cutts being an abuser; especially knowing that going public could anger Cutts.

Instead, she chose to stand up the day after the pregnant mom went missing. And, tell the world what a scary sack of _hit cuuts is. I say that took guts!1

2683 days ago

Francine Comacho    

Oh look ...... The Boys Of Summer.

Every girls' dream should be to marry one of them.

NOT !!!!!!!

I hope they both rot in hell.

2683 days ago

Melle Mel    

Nikki seems to be a whore that has been screwing out of both pants legs since she was in middle school!

2683 days ago

Melle Mel    

Matter of fact everybody in Canton, Akron, North Canton, East Canton, Massilon, Alliance, ect.... already knows that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2683 days ago

Melle Mel    

Oh I forgot, Canton South, Minerva, New Philadelphia, Salem, Steubenville, Marietta, Wadsworth, Hudson, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland, Hartville, Mansfield, Youngstown, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinatti, Dayton and surrounding areas........... I am sure the area has expanded now that she is traveling abroad!!!!!!

2683 days ago


Ya know what he SNAPPED. its been reported he had been having mental issues for the past year and NO ONE helped. Ya hear me VINCE MCMAHON!!! You ignore all your wrestlers like they are garbage to toss out when you are done with them. If you dont know about this mans illustrious career you dont have a right to say a word. HE WAS A GREAT MAN!!! One bad act of man that had evidently ignored should not negate a good life and career. Would we be talking like this if he had just killed his wife. I say NO!!! You have to look at the entire picture. He evidently had something SERIOUSLY WRONG!!! he covered the bodies and left bibles beside them THAT SHOWED REMORSE. Leave this good man alone and let his family MOURN

And on the restraining order Nancy Benoit tried to get IT NEVER WENT THRU so you cant even begin to use it as AMMO. JUST LET IT ALONE

2682 days ago

Marty M    

Why Chris Why.

2682 days ago

He's Boring now    

Glad Paris is back in the spotlight, now the Cable and Network News wont have to scrape so low for guests like Nikki.

She makes Paris Hilton look like Mother Theresa.

Nikki, your fame is up and overwith, get back to your myspace page and go play the good God loving person you have led yourself and other idiots to believe of you. You had me fooled for a few days. Thank goodness TMZ did the expose on your attention grabbing unsympathetic ass. May you never work in the Public Mainstream ever again. Or if you do it will be XXX rated and you can be a real natural as it wont be acting.

Go away now and it sounds like Ohio isnt real pleased with you calling it your home state.

2682 days ago


This is probably a coincidence, but then birds of a feather........

2682 days ago


This woman is capitalizing on the murder of a woman and unborn child to bolster her low-level "star" status. Please STOP giving her media attention for merely sleeping with murder suspect.

2682 days ago


I would never admit I have a genius IQ when connected to Cutts and Kemp. A person with a low IQ has a better chance of not getting involved with two men with a baby's daddy track record as the two above men. This woman is making a fool of herself. From what I see on the web from court documents she does not have a great track record. For someone with so much fame and money she could not even keep an apartment or childcare for her daughter. That is why a judge awarded Cutts custody to provide the daughter with some stability. This is all weird to me. If I were this women I would go crawl under a rock somewhere because she is looking more like a fool than anything.

2682 days ago


when a murdered mother ..along with her murdered child..lays awaiting her funeral..and the parents and sister are grieving along with dear close friends and now new friends grieve over their losses..WE HAVE THE EX OF CUTTS ON HER FLAUNTING HER FAKE BOOBS AND PoSING FOR PICS..WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU??????

2682 days ago

He's Boring now    

Bobby Cutts gonna get his ex Cop cheeky cheeks stretched wide in the Ohio State Penitentary. They got a special place for baby killers in there, and being an ex Cop he best start learning how to live like a Woman. He will soon learn about Women being Abused beyond belief inside those 4 walls.

Yo, Cutts---best to take your own life now rather than spend one in agony.

And Nikki, you give the Greek Race a nasty nasty name.

2682 days ago


It's amazing how many people have such negativity in them. A woman who was abused by a guy for over 10 years and the court records show she kept trying to get away from him.
Then someone reports that she did promo for a show benoit was on and all of a sudden she's looking for pub.
maybe people dont know how media works but they contact the guests not vice versa.
Giavasis spoke out against the guy who turned out to be everything she said. He wasn't even being considered a suspect at that time. a couple days later the guy finally confesses.
she wasn't anwhere posing for pictures. she was answering the questions about the guys personality and behavior. we as the people have the right to be informed and we became informed about cutts, his history, and the guy confessed.
I think she did the right thing by speaking up so we'd know the truth about him when everyone was still saying hes a good guy. look how things really turned out. what a shame how quick people are to be negative. none of us know her or what she or her daughter went through.

2682 days ago

He's Boring now    

Oh one of those in School who were really really good at taking Tests, but when it came to knowing how to act outside of a structured and quanititative heavy direction following, are complete Social Loads.

You know the type, cant tell Right from Wrong, makes terrible choices in dating and endeavours they pursue, yet still Ace the Tests.

If she's a Genius level IQ, than she's an Idiot Savant when it comes to People and Feelings and Emotions.

After this week I pray we never hear of this person again, except for the latest update on the Custody of her Children which she didnt do too good at with that murdering Cop who was caring for their child a large portion of the year.

Mother of the Year Award she wont be up for anytime soon. Maybe though the Idiot with the highest IQ Award. She sure knows how to pick men doesnt she? Shawn Kemp is no Father of they Year nominee either.

2682 days ago
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