Plaster of Paris

6/27/2007 3:02 PM PDT
How does Paris manage to look that, um, good? With three trunks of make up, enough false eyelashes for a Pretty Little Princess pageant, and a white-jacketed professional, that's how!

It doesn't look like she's taking TMZ's natural look advice. 90% of 209,000 voters in our unscientific poll said that a makeup-free Paris is more attractive than a painted Paris. This pro makeup person swung by the Hilton family's Bel Air mansion yesterday, so it looks like the ex-con will be caking on the foundation, shoveling on the shadow and gluing on the wonky-eyelashes. Stars aren't blind!

You can see Paris' new look tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," in her first post-incarceration TV interview.