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Aloha Paris!

6/28/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spies are in the know about Paris. Paris was in the International First Class Lounge at United Airlines this morning, wearing a disguise -- a black wig and a straw hat.

She has left the lounge and we're told she's Maui bound!


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Jo Jo    

Harvey Levin and the TMZ staff have a twisted obsession with this tart. Much like a pedophile stalker on little girls.

2613 days ago


Good riddens!

She was so fake and scripted last night! When she started reading her poetry, I had to change the channel - my stomach couldn't take it anymore...

Hey, I did notice something though - what happened to her pretty blue eyes last night - did she forget to pop those in???

2613 days ago



Get the HEll out out of OUR Take the weekend off paris,,,better yet,, take the rest of your life

Nothin like makeing a big change in your life,,, TAKE A NICE VACATION..LOL..LOL...

Total BIMBO(PARIS),,, Did people/public,, really think she was going to change and do something with her life..LOL....I THINK NOT..LOL...

This women/child is sooooo

ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT OUT...LOL..... I hope it's a one way ticket,,lol

2613 days ago


UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harvey, are you in love with Paris???? Can you not stop posting about her? We really do NOT care!

2613 days ago


I don't get it. Is she still on probation? If she is how the hell is she allowed to go to Hawaii? In my state you can't even leave the county, much less the state, if you are on probation.

2613 days ago


I just think that everyone is expecting Paris to just have a drastic change in her life after being in jail and that the media is going to put her down no matter what she does. I am sure that this whole thing has been a tramatic experience for her and now she has done her time and people should just let her live her life. I have always thought that she thinks she is better than other people, but I actually find myself thinking that the media is just ganging up on her now. Women mostly are being really caddy and just can't seem to give her a break. I do think it was unfair how they jerked her back and forth in the jail system and that she got a much harsher sentence than anyone else in this situation. Just let her live her life in peace.

2613 days ago


who freekin' cares?

Harvey, I love you, love TMZ, but PLEEZ stop torturing us w/all Paris, all the time. until she's killed in a fiery crash or actually does something with her useless-ass life, we really don't need hourly updates! isn't there any other trainwrecks you can follow?

2613 days ago


Wonder if she "bothered" to get permission from her parole officer to leave the state?

2613 days ago


Paris Hilton needs to go ahead & suck her thumb in public, revealing her true identity.

2613 days ago


You have got to be kidding me!! Half of these comments were saying "I don't care! Stop talking about her, who cares!" WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING ABOUT HER IF YOU "DON'T CARE?" You had to click on the actual story and read the whole thing then waste time leaving a comment. Quit kidding yourselves. Seriously, you all are a bunch of a**holes. Of course we care. It's like watching a train wreck in slow mo. It's hilarious.
Also, to "live it up": hey, Dumbass, Maui is still in our country. Hawaii IS a state.....

2613 days ago

MADD private jet?
Can't wait to see the cellphone photos from the other passengers when show up on the net.
Party on Paris.

2613 days ago


I guess the disguise was so she could sneak in a few drinks without getting caught. Same old Parisite. She will never change as long as she has money to shove into peoples faces. What a skanky ho!!!!

To #26-Debbie - How do you figure she was treated unfairly. Did Baca send anyone else with the same symptoms home to house arrest instead of staying in jail. Of course not, they're not Parisite!!!!!!! WAKE THE F#%$ UP, YOU STUPID, UN-INFORMED LOSER!!!!

2613 days ago


Hey Harvey! You're lawyer (used to be anyway)

How did she get around her probation when she is on Probation until 02/2009.
Usually probation means you cannot leave the state (Claifornia) unless there is an emergency (family death etc.). Last time I checked, Maui was in State of Hawaii.

Love t hear from some lawyers on this one (Harvey)

2613 days ago


Paris, your pound of maui-wowie is waiting for you when you arrive.

2613 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

cool i suggested she vacation have sum nice kava and pineapple wish i could join u lol

2613 days ago
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