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Anderson Wags Yalie Finger at Paris

6/28/2007 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnderson Cooper -- once famously dubbed the "Paris Hilton" of cable news -- gave the real Paris Hilton the third degree last night, bagging on her for doing, well, nothing.

The silver-haired Yale graduate and Vanderbilt family scion laid into the GED-educated Paris on his show last night, which he grudgingly devoted to Hilton, who had just been interviewed on his good friend Larry King's show. "I don't understand her," said Coop, "I don't understand the appeal ... she's 26 years old. Why hasn't she been substantial until now?"

What was big, mean Mr. Cooper doing when he was 26? Oh, that's right -- reporting from war torn and disease-ridden countries like Vietnam, Somalia, and Rwanda.

Yeah, whatever -- how many Carl's Jr. spots does Dandy Andy have under his racquet-patterned grosgrain belt?


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Paris, I think so many people are jealous of you.
You go girl!

2640 days ago


Coco, I don't understand why :as a woman" you were offended by Andersons comments?
He praises Angelina Jolie.

2640 days ago


Hey, you know he's not out TMZ.

"Even if he does go to the gayest gym in new york" - Rufus Wainwright.

2640 days ago

Life is a goodie    

he contributes ...(luv him...)
she does nuthin' ... (don't luv her...)

2640 days ago

Mrs. Watkins    

Paris has a long way to go to prove to me that she is worth reading about...I have grown very sick of reading about the spoiled little rich girl. I think her parents and her close family members could of sat down on her a long time ago, motivated her to educate herself, suggest that she stop preening in front of the cameras and do something more with her life that get paid to go to appear at someone's party.

I am sure there is far more to Paris Hilton than the fashion, her ability to be a media whore and what her lame show represents about her.

Time to put the big girl panties on Paris and grow the hell up.

2640 days ago


Anderson Cooper Rock!! Considering that he and Paris come from similar backgrounds and he has gained tremendous respect for his intelligence & work ethic which Paris has neither. He is right on the money when it comes to his views on Hilton.

2640 days ago


Thank god for Cooper - finally someone calling her on her poor excuse for a life. Cooper has more family connections and money than the Hiltons.. and you're surprised that he's one of the few talking the truth about Paris.. I guess he's not intimidated by the Hilton's.

2640 days ago


I LOVE ANDERSON COOPER ~ He's awesome. TMZ wishes ANYONE who worked there had half his intelligence.

2640 days ago


#28 news-not true, There used to be a guy with a show right after larry's, I can't think of the guys name-then it was cooper. When the the guy retired, that's when cooper's show became 2 hrs.

2640 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I watch Anderson Cooper, and trust and respect his stories so far.
Paris is reflecting values she was taught. Females are exposed to a
side of the learning curve males luckily mostly avoid. Look good, look good.

Paris is no Anderson Cooper, but she has her own value. It's apples and
oranges, plus different strokes for different folks. Variety in people keeps
life interesting. Why should Paris adopt Cooper's value system? A little
wouldn't hurt, but that seems a bit holier than thou. I'm no zealot, but thought about
Jesus warning against judging Mary Magdelene. Bottom line is that had
Paris been born with Anderson's brain, she might be a reporter. She wasn't, but still
seems more capable than most at supporting herself in a pretty big way financially.
I think the newsy types are just fed up with this non-story pretending to be leading
news, as they know where it actually ranks in the world scheme of things. I can't
really blame them. Stop reporting it. It's the producers who decide the stories.

2640 days ago


Go Anderson! Whoever blogged it is right - he cuts through the BS. She should not have been on a one hour interview - how many times can you say that you are a changed person and read the bible? It was funny when he asked her what her favorite bible verse was and she flubbed it. Also, when she was asked if she read the bible and she said, "yeah, while I was in prison". I guess that streak is over now. Anderson is just calling it what it is - BS. I'm glad she is no longer in jail - she didn't deserve that long a sentence, but let's move on. I love TMZ, but be fair and stop kissing up to her because she gave you a shout out - you rock! Just stay that way!

2640 days ago


Coco you have got to be kidding me.

I didn't know Anderson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. That just makes his compassionate coverage of hurricaine Katrina that much more amazing. He is what Paris had every opportunity to become. Instead she is no better than a ghetto drug dealer squandering her life away on a relentless pursuit of the hottest party and endless pampering.

I missed the Paris interview, but I am glad I caught Anderson. I agreed with every word out of his mouth and I pray she proves me wrong. What I couldn't understand was why no one corrected the female commentator who kept referring to Paris as a model. Paris does not make a living as a model as far as I know. Did I miss something?

2640 days ago

Dawn Day    

I am one of Anderson's biggest fans after watching his show last night. Finally, a man who sees Paris for who she really is and doesn't go brain dead when she bats her eyes or shows some skin. He told it like it is and that is why he is a respected journalist.

2640 days ago


Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Nicole Ritchie can save the world!
These three...Amazing human beings who have contributed so much to our society( They must have just look at the 24 hour coverage they get) Can travel to locations that the media has so far ignored and shed light on the problems in those regions.

Paris being the selfless , modest person that she is, would do anything to bring attention to the fact that American soldiers, and innocent civilians are being killed every day in a civil war in Iraq. Suppose for a moment that she hopped on a plane and went over there.. The media would follow her like a pack of wolves on the hunt.

Nicole, knows what its like to have missed a few meals, therefore she should be able to relate to the starving people in Darfur. She could go over there and bring attention to a genocide that has been going on for years. Women and girls are raped on a daily basis and children are being used in the army of militias. Villages are burned and destroyed and there are millions of orphans. If she took time out of her busy schedule ( getting her nails done, shopping) the media would pay attention and follow her to Darfur. The world would began to see how horrific the conditions are there.

Lindsey , could move to New Orleans and show the world that just because the cameras and Anderson Cooper have gone away, the people there are still trying to recover. " Reports of suicides, strokes and stress-related deaths are tremendously high. They see it in the police calls for fights and domestic violence. They see it in the long waiting lists for psychiatric care that they have no way to provide.. About half of the city's 450,000 pre-Katrina residents have yet to return,"
My guess is if word got out that Lindsey was going to move into one of the trailers provided by FEMA, the media would stake the trailer park out. They would follow Lindsey through the garbage filled streets and abandoned homes.

Perhaps they'll have an epiphany and realize, that they've wasted so much time covering people who don't deserve it. Maybe..just maybe they'll take notice of the suffering in Darfur, the American soldiers dying in a civil war or the American citizens who are still suffering in New Orleans.. One can only hope that the media finds it's soul.

2640 days ago


Mr. LIVE IN A BUBBLE COOPER, she HAS been significant way before this. The fact that you never bothered to look into it does not make it nonexistant. I will not list her achievments here for you. I suggest you look it up with your big upper head. I saw you judging her last night on T.V. You said it yourself, you did not understand her. Maybe you are way out of touch with these sort of thing. Although there are many things going on in the world, you just ignored this. That is why you do not know, nor understand.

2640 days ago
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