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Anderson Wags Yalie Finger at Paris

6/28/2007 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnderson Cooper -- once famously dubbed the "Paris Hilton" of cable news -- gave the real Paris Hilton the third degree last night, bagging on her for doing, well, nothing.

The silver-haired Yale graduate and Vanderbilt family scion laid into the GED-educated Paris on his show last night, which he grudgingly devoted to Hilton, who had just been interviewed on his good friend Larry King's show. "I don't understand her," said Coop, "I don't understand the appeal ... she's 26 years old. Why hasn't she been substantial until now?"

What was big, mean Mr. Cooper doing when he was 26? Oh, that's right -- reporting from war torn and disease-ridden countries like Vietnam, Somalia, and Rwanda.

Yeah, whatever -- how many Carl's Jr. spots does Dandy Andy have under his racquet-patterned grosgrain belt?


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Because one is born into weath certainly does not mean he knows everything about any other wealthy person. That is like saying because one is Mexican or any other ethnicity, knows all about everyone else that shares that same ethnicity, as if different people do not have different lives. Come on!
Do you think he went to war torn countries to report as a benefactor to THEM? No, he did it for his own career. The fact that he put his life in such danger for more money speakes a lot about him & it's not too good. All Paris had to do for money was be herself & make the right deals b/c she is amazing and just has IT.

2643 days ago


Anderson should do a story about Angelina Jolie's heroin addiciton. She does a lot of good in the world.

2643 days ago

jProud American Author    

Anderson Cooper ROCKS BIG TIME! In my book. He is a true, dedicated news personality. He is right. I support him 1000%.

2643 days ago


26 with a GED ed...why don't you go to collage.??? get wisdom.respect.and if you found ...truly found GOD...then why didn't you call Steven Baldwin instead of Barbara would be a good place to go........................................................................

2643 days ago

K. T.    

There are clearly 2 camps here: Those of us who get it,a.k.a. the older, more educated crowd who don't need the media to tell us Paris is worthless, she does it fine all by herself, and those who DON'T' get it, likely a yourger crowd who still live at home and watch MTV all night.Any of you who think Paris got her money on her own are only fooling yourselves. She is where she is because of her parents, in every aspect concievable. Had she been an unknown, she still would be, and would NOT have made milliions, because she's a dime a dozen. street slut... look at the people that are her fans, enough said.

2643 days ago


GED go Paris! She IS nobody special..."never done drugs" MY ASS!!!

2643 days ago


I don't think Cooper should crticize Paris or how she was raised when his own brother jumped out of a window.

2643 days ago


Paris is a liar. A stupid, boring liar.

Anderson is right.

2643 days ago

how sad    


Aaron Brown left CNN years ago, don't make it sound like it's recent....Stay current.

2643 days ago


Anderson Cooper is a great guy. He has alot going for him.His job involves debate and critiques.But,he and Paris have some things in common. They come from privileged families.Paris has acting experience and business experience.There is some real
judgement there.This most recent issue is more about her driving skills than her career experience.

2643 days ago



are you kidding me??? Paris has IT???? oh, well you are sooo right...STD's what she has.......and what you said about cooper going to war by himself and doing all those things for his career so he can get more money....sorry but he EARNS that money because MAYBE he doesn't want to depend all his life living off his family is a stupidity to compare paris with cooper....just by looking at him you can tell he is a worthy person, not like paris....and btw, tmz...stop kissing paris's FLAT A$$

2643 days ago

He is just jealous that Paris is a little bit prettier than him, and that he cant wear the false eyelashes and the hair extensions - at least publicly, i mean, come on, that guy is a homo, im sure you all know.

2643 days ago


I love Anderson Cooper. He was in New Orleans for the duration and he cared. He followed up and kept track of what was going on down there. He was our voice. He asked the questions we wanted answered.

2643 days ago


Ashleigh - Is that what it means in Canada? Check your dictionary again sweetie!
62. #4, Dear Abby, "Incredible" means not credible. Were you attempting to clown him? haha, b/c you did. Good job.

Posted at 4:47PM on Jun 28th 2007 by Ashleigh

I too think Anderson Cooper is an incredible journalist!

Incredulous would be the word you need to be lacking of credibility - OK?

2643 days ago


So someone who actually does something with their life deserves to be mocked for it. Is that what this world is coming too? Pathetic boring useless creatures deserve the praise for NOTHING with the gifts they have been given. WOW This is one messed up world we live in. AC is awsome. I applaud what he has done with his life and the respect he has for his position. I just JFK JR. was here to lend his voice to AC's. With great wealth comes great responsiblity. Both these wonderful men learned that from their families. AC is someone to look up to. Im sure his family is very proud of him.

2643 days ago
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