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Benoit and Son

6/28/2007 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the adorable child Chris Benoit suffocated before killing himself. This picture of Benoit and son Daniel was taken at a 2004 event honoring Chris.

Daniel Benoit suffered from Fragile X Syndrome, a chromosomal defect that causes autism-like behaviors, language delays and other physical/sensory problems, afflicting 1 in 3600 males and 1 in 4-6 thousand females.


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Why is it that when a mother killes her children there is sympathy and even reduced scentences? But if the same is done by a father then he's labled Satan. You D-Bags need to come down off your pedestals. YOU ARE NOBODY TO SIT IN JUDGMENT.
I believe you women are just upset because he killed one of your own.
Your sympathy is transparent. Hopefully you will be next.

2643 days ago


Tricia, he had Fragile X Syndrome as stated.
#19-the hormones found in the Benoit home were all obtained with valid precriptions.
One more thing I would like to say. People seem to have no problem making fun of mentally retarded people. I see snarky comments posted all the time. This sweet little boy was mentally retarded. Think about that sweet boy's face next time you think it would be funny to make fun of mentally handicapped people. These sweet kids take a lot of crap from "normal" people who know better, but think it's no big deal because they are "retards."

2643 days ago


what a beautiful little boy........may he sleep with the angels.......and this picture should not have been realsed

2643 days ago


I do not find fault in you for putting up that picture. To put a "face" on this horrible crime makes all of us realize what a horrific crime this was. It makes us FEEL, and from that maybe we can try to figure out how to stop things like this from happening again.

That child was so beautiful. God Bless him

2643 days ago


It's like in Greek Mythology, Media's husband left her and she wanted to kill herself but couldn't bear to leave her children alone unprotected in the world, so, she killed them first. There must be a psychological name for this as it is more common than we think.

2643 days ago


This makes me want to vomit. Why couldn't he just kill himself and let his family live a normal life. I'm not sure why tmz put the child's syndrome on there, but I wasn't thinking they did it out of a reason for why he did it. It sounds like it would have happened either way. It is just sick. How could a person physically suffocate their child? He's a friggin disgrace.

2643 days ago


Stormy, I believe you are correct.

2643 days ago


Ok, so ya'll know what went on in that house before these crimes were committed?
No one knows what freaking happened. It's tragic and horrific. Pray for their souls and for their families to find comfort. If you can find the time between playing judge and jury or Inspector Gadget.

2643 days ago



2643 days ago


Again I think it needs to be pointed out that: YOU PEOPLE ARE IN NO POSITION TO SIT IN JUDGMENT. Just put on your strech pants, lay on the couch and wait for your husbands to get home. Take your boredom elsewhere.

2643 days ago


This is so heartbreaking!!!!! It's so hard to even look at that precious little boys face knowing his life was taken so violently by the hands of his own sorry ass father!!!!!

RIP - Daniel
RIP - Nancy

God Bless your souls!!

2643 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

34. stated " hormones found in the Benoit home were all obtained with valid precriptions

No they weren't legal prescriptions. Benoit is linked to an illegal mail order steroid ring in Orlando; with recepts and douments found that Benoit purchased them from this company. Also reciepts that this is likely were Benoit got the human growth hormone to inject his son. The child's pediatrician didn't RX the use of HGH.......Benoit took it upon himself to give the son the dangerous hormone.

2643 days ago

Cindy K    

#39 - Yeah ... I'm curious as to what site you think you are on?? This is TMZ a site where people post their thoughts, opinions and sometimes judgements. Are you one of those folks that don't think Chris did it or perhaps you are one of the folks that thinks we should be showing respect to a murdering SOB???

2643 days ago


This pic made me cry.

2643 days ago

emily johnson    

My prays go out to nancy and daniel benoit i feel nothing for chris benoit because that is a horrible act committed by someone taking the life of your wife and child how could plan such a crude and cowardly act . Hopefully the truth will come and what caused a man who had everything to take the life of his family.

2643 days ago
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