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Benoit's Doc Has History of Shady Practices

6/28/2007 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the personal physician who saw Chris Benoit just hours before the wrestler killed his wife and son once had his medical license suspended for "reasons related to competence or character."
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In 2001, the Georgia state medical board suspended Phil C. Astin, M.D.'s license to practice medicine for three months and fined him $500.

Early Thursday morning, authorities raided Dr. Astin's office in connection with Benoit investigation. Officials claim they seized medical records, but no arrests were made. According to the AP, Astin has admitted to prescribing testosterone to Benoit in the past, but has not commented on what, if anything, he prescribed to the wrestler on Friday.

Ironically, Dr. Astin's father had also run into trouble with the state medical board. According to records from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners, Phil Carroll Astin Sr. was found guilty of engaging in "unprofessional conduct" in 1992 by over-prescribing a plethora of pills including amphetamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers and narcotics to various patients.

As a result, the medical board suspended the father's license for 30 days, put him on 5 years probation and fined him $2000. Astin Sr. was reinstated in 1997, following the completion of his sentence.

Astin's offices were located in Carrollton, Georgia -- a small college town about 50 miles from Benoit's home.

Calls to Dr. Astin Jr. were not immediately returned.


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The clock on Wikipedia was incorrect. Someone ran a test two days ago & it is still incorrect if u post an edit.

2639 days ago


Comments by #5 and also #16 make a lot of sense. Good Job. I hope TMZ checks this out.

2639 days ago


#17, do you have a source for that - the wikipedia GMT time codes beiong wrong? Not being confrontational but would really like to be able to follow up on this.

2639 days ago


someone knew she was dead...

Posted at 5:19PM on Jun 28th 2007 by d

YEP ..and do i need to add 2+2 for you too. He kill the Wife first ..then was texting people like crazy even saying he lock away his attack DOGS .ODD the dogs weren't harm even the killer or killers ; and what NICE killers ...They leave BIBLES close to the wife and son and didn't even ROB/take anything from the house. -->*sigh* I give up its tough to talk to a fire hydrants.

2639 days ago


All I can say is that I was on tmz two days ago & this topic came up. One of the people on the site ran a "test" while we were all online. She said that the clock showed the day before the actual date. That's my only source. I have not tried it myself.

2639 days ago


Since Wikpedia gets its information from the public, and anyone can post/edit, I would not necessary believe everything I read there.

2639 days ago


My family and I are so glad that more information has come to light. We do not believe that he did it and I don't think that anyone will convince us otherwise. We believe that someone was there when he got home from the doctor's office. There are too many unchecked facts in this case. The police have not investigated all of the leads. (How can he send text messages Sunday morning if the autopsy says that he died Saturday night?) Too many holes in investigation for me!!!!
Thank you for posting about wikipedia. How can we get the news media to catch onto this?

2639 days ago


That's not the point, #22. The time stamp for whoever posted to wikipedia from a stamford IP (and later an Australian one) with info that only someone who knew the wife was dead could have is what I am trying to verify.

The universal time (GMT) on wikipedia's site seems to be functioning properly to me, but Lady Teal and LS seem to believe that it was not (even now which seems to contradict my own testing I just did).

2639 days ago


Who cares? It won't bring back a woman and her child.

Let the Chris Benoit rot in hell with his doctor.

2639 days ago


#22 I Agree !00% with you that wikipedia's site seems to be functioning properly to me as well.

2639 days ago

Something is Fishy    

The time on wikipedia was checked into last night by someone posting on this site. While their post did in fact show the wrong time, the post immediately after that one, which I assume was someone reversing the edit showed THE CORRECT time. Maybe the admin clocks are correct. Regardless, the article stated that Wikipedia did in fact notify authorities about these posts so obviously there is some truth to the fact that they came BEFORE the bodies were found.

2639 days ago


The autopsy said his SON died Saturday. Benoit died early Sunday. Sheesh.

2639 days ago


#23 The police have been informed and Fox News reported on this today.

2639 days ago


A Crooked DR???? NoWayyy Theirs Somethin New

2639 days ago

Lita Yahoo also has a news story up. Police are looking into the matter.

2639 days ago
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