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Benoit's Doc Has History of Shady Practices

6/28/2007 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the personal physician who saw Chris Benoit just hours before the wrestler killed his wife and son once had his medical license suspended for "reasons related to competence or character."
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In 2001, the Georgia state medical board suspended Phil C. Astin, M.D.'s license to practice medicine for three months and fined him $500.

Early Thursday morning, authorities raided Dr. Astin's office in connection with Benoit investigation. Officials claim they seized medical records, but no arrests were made. According to the AP, Astin has admitted to prescribing testosterone to Benoit in the past, but has not commented on what, if anything, he prescribed to the wrestler on Friday.

Ironically, Dr. Astin's father had also run into trouble with the state medical board. According to records from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners, Phil Carroll Astin Sr. was found guilty of engaging in "unprofessional conduct" in 1992 by over-prescribing a plethora of pills including amphetamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers and narcotics to various patients.

As a result, the medical board suspended the father's license for 30 days, put him on 5 years probation and fined him $2000. Astin Sr. was reinstated in 1997, following the completion of his sentence.

Astin's offices were located in Carrollton, Georgia -- a small college town about 50 miles from Benoit's home.

Calls to Dr. Astin Jr. were not immediately returned.


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I cannot believe Christ Benoit did it. Could this be a cover up? I am agreeing with #5. I just hope they do a full investigation.
Very strange that it took three (3) days to commit these crimes. It just does not make sense? Could he be taking the blame for the REAL MURDERER.
He loved his wife and child. Also, why was she still found bound. Rather strange.
He was an excellent wrestler, and worked very hard to get where he was. Why would he throw it away. He loved this sport. Just does not make any sense at all.
I hope there is not a cover up for the real criminal or criminals.

2621 days ago


WWE continues to make excuse's without needing to do so. Vince has millions wrapped up in this organization, I'm not going to listen what he has to say! he has to much to loose.
The public is very aware there is a problem with drugs and you cant excuse that away. WWE could take a stand against steroid use instead.
Having a mentally challenged child cannot bring one to commit murder! that is so lame. Why didn't they get outside help if needed, they could afford it. Nothing makes sense but drug abuse over a long term period.
60 wrestlers have died in the last 10 years. Let's figure to why that is instead of making excuses WWE.

2621 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Not suprising and we knew it was coming.

Now, lets see what connection Benoit had with the illegal mail order steroid ring that was busted in Orlando. Seized records showed Benoit had purchased anabolic steroids from this illegal company. And also bought human growth hormone; the same hormone Benoit was injecting into his son without a doctors knowledge, or RX.

2621 days ago


Also, the wrestlers had email addresses which I am sure contain an IP from the home base. So his crazy ass did it or like they said, may have contacted someone else they don't know about YET. The man never made EITHER of the events Saturday or Sunday. His wife according to the coroner who is going by the different rates of decomposition died on FRIDAY, he talked to people on Saturday on the phone after she died and possibly his son and said they were both sick and throwing up. So I am guessing someone broke in, got past his dogs that the police had trouble getting past, killed his wife in front of him, he NEVER struggled with them, sat a day, killed his kid, sat another day, and forced this 235 lb wrestler to hang himself on his equipment. Right.... they also found a ton of beer cans and an empty wine bottle by his body. Looks like booze and pills were mixed and he freaked out. It amazes me how many people who say he couldn't have done it actually knows him really well personally and lived in his home. Funny the WWE didn't even know about the TRO and protective order she filed, nor about his son's condition. However all these people seem to know he wasn't that way. Lord.

2621 days ago


Here we go with the conspiracy fairy tales and denials. He did it people get a handle on it!
You think all the local & state police, the FBI and dozens of others are in on the conspiracy to what? destroy WWE? lmao
I bet you saw Elvis with a rifle on the grassy knoll also!

2621 days ago


Greg, a WWE lawyer has said that Nancy and Chris were struggling with their son's Fragile X Syndrome. It could have played a part in why he killed Nancy and Daniel. Nancy had recent neck surgery and couldn't care for Daniel herself. She didn't want Chris to quit WWE but she wanted him home more. As for Chris injecting his son, I have no seen one credible news story to that effect. I think it's just a rumor people are getting off of prowrestling websites and they have no basis. is the local paper where the Benoits lived and they have had the most up-to-date and accurate information. Until a credible news source such as CNN, WWE,, MSNBC, or Fox says that Chris was in fact injecting his son with something, I think we should stop speculating. As for the illegal drug ring, Chris was found NOT to have any drugs from that company. All of the drugs he had in his home were prescribed by this shady doctor. Whether or not he got drugs from them before they were under investigation or he had bought from them before is unknown at this time.

2621 days ago

Something is Fishy    

Ok #33, maybe he had an email address from CT, still does not explain the second wiki edit FROM AN AUSTRALIAN IP.

2621 days ago

gina candora    

I've been a pro wrestler for 9 years and I would just like this to be looked at differently...for people who do not know the business they assume the cause is because he was on roids but in all reality if that was the case EVERY single wrestler would be killing their families....I have friends that rode with chris on the road for years and know that he was a family man and cannot beleive what has happened....I can't say what happened but In the defense of every pro wrestler/manager out there that he just snapped and it has nothing to do with the sport of wrestling or steroids.

2621 days ago

Something is Fishy    

#34 I am not saying he didn't do it. I'm just sayiing there is more to this than meets the eye. Two separate wiki edits from 2 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. They both could not have come from him so someone else knew something.

2621 days ago


I am a wrestling fan since I was a child and i was a huge Chris Benoit fan, but really, if you think that anything is any different than what is being reported is silly. Chris Benoit Killed his family and himself. Thats what happened. Its a sad day, but lets not dishonor his family by acting like he didnt do it. If you think that there was any evidence that he didnt do it, that The WWE wouldn't be going on TV and saying something? They now have to go through a bunch of garbage, not to mention that they are gonna lose out on a ton of revenue because they are gonna have to destroy all the Benoit shirts and DVDs and who's gonna want to buy the Wrestlemania 20 DVD with him on it? No one. They are gonna have to edit a ton of things to remove him from ever having lived. HE KILLED A CHILD! He should burn in hell. And he will.

2621 days ago



2621 days ago


#40 that looks to be an old photo of Benoit. As for the IP from Australia, that was posted AFTER the post from CT. So I don't put much into that one.

2621 days ago


#35, I am not sure where you haven't read it, but ALL the news sources quoted the DA as stating the child had needle marks in his arm, and that his parents were injecting him with growth hormone because they thought he was small.

2621 days ago


#35 I googled Chris Benoit son had old needle marks and there were hundreds of reports from all of the above made by the District Attorney in the case.

2621 days ago


d- this is the 3rd death of the wwe with in a week

sherri martel
chris benoit and family
shane bower- (died on june 25th, this SUNDAY), who was also a tag team partner of benoits

it is very strange.

2621 days ago
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