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Jamie Pressly -- Waisting Away After Baby

6/28/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just one month after popping out baby Dezi James, Jaime Pressly is back on the club scene! Party on, mom!
Jaime Pressly
TMZ snapped the quickly slimmed-down mama leaving Les Deux last night, looking pretty damned hot for someone who, last time we saw her, was so pregnant she'd give Salma Hayek a run for her money.

Milk, does a body good.


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Jimmy Loagn - who cares if she isnt married to the kids father =( what is this 1800?

2677 days ago


Jim - just cause you dont see her in tabloids as often as Britney doesnt mean she is an angel. She isnt in tabloids as much as Britney because not as popular as Britney - be real. Whether you like Britney or not she is largely famous or infamous. Jamie is out at a club with newborn at home. This doesnt seem like a women who is sacrificing her party life to care for baby. So unless she was working (many Hollywood industry events held at Les Deux) than I think she should have been home w/ baby.

2677 days ago


Breast-feeding does wonders for the waistline!

2677 days ago


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2677 days ago


DAMN... she's hot.

2677 days ago


I think she needs a sexy nursing bra for the baby's daddy.

2677 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

Thanks, K, I'm glad to see that there are others on here that agree. If JP really was happy about being a new mom, she would be @ home w/ her new baby instead of @ a club, working or not. I can't imagine what was so important @ that club that she had to leave her baby @ home. She hasn't had the baby long enough to need to catch a break, she could've had a relative or a nanny watch the baby @ HOME if needed time to herself. If she just went to lunch or a dinner, it wouldn't be a big deal. BUT A NIGHT CLUB! Pleeeeeease! I do admit she looks good for someone that just gave birth a couple of wks ago, but one would have more respect for her if she was pictured out on the town w/ her new baby instead of partying @ a club.

2677 days ago


She was actually leaving our event at ELEMENT where her man, DJ ERIC CUBICHEE did a set for his business acquantance, NERV of Atlantic Records, westside division. The event was from 9pm to 3am. LEX DEUX is in the back end of ELEMENT, and share the same parking lot. I am a promoter of many events, and we through a big birthday bash for our business partner who goes by NERV. Eric Cubichee was one of the Headliners....along with DAVID DELANO of Power Tools / Power 106.

2677 days ago

so what???    

#9 so?

Of course all we have is your word on that - hummmm. Me think the lady doth protest too much.

2677 days ago

BOEING 787    

Women bashing women! thats all I ever mostly see in these threads #12, stop this already! no wonder why women are the second class citizens that they are in our soc.

Jaime Pressly is simply the hottest girl in Hollywood, I think she will be hot for years to come. All the best for Jaime and her new baby.

2677 days ago


She doesn't look at all guilty for spending other peoples' money.

No problem working on stolen material.

Birds of a feather flock together.

How many more birds on this show are going to have a child out of wedlock?

2677 days ago


Sponging off of other people just like Jason Leetmestealyoursitcom.

2677 days ago


Nice article but I believe there is an error on Jamie's name. The headline with her name is correct but the first sentence is wrong. You spelled it as, Jaime. Just thought I let you know.....

2676 days ago

Those Bracelets Aren't From Tiffany    

Hopefully Jamie Pressly wasn't out drinking when she was hitting the club so soon after having a baby, especially if she's breastfeeding. I think it is completely irresponsible of her to be in a club when she just had a baby. It usually takes 6-8 weeks for your body to recover after having a baby before you're allowed to have sex. It should take longer before you drink when you are breastfeeding.

It's sad that these women focus more on wanting to look "hot" or be "desired" than they do wanting to take care of their child(ren). Poor Dezi.

2676 days ago


Seriously...would you judgemental women just shut it? You don't cease to be a person because you had a baby and became a mother! She went out for the evening...she didn't leave her baby on the doorstep of the local hospital! Get a must really need some alone time for yourselves!!

2676 days ago
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