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Lohan Allegedly Coked Up

During Car Crash

6/28/2007 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Coked UpLindsay Lohan was allegedly drunk and had cocaine in her system during an early morning smash-up in Beverly Hills on Memorial Day weekend.

According to multiple law enforcement sources, toxicology reports conclude that Lohan, 20, had "nearly twice the legal limit" of alcohol and traces of blow in her bloodstream when she crashed her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible into a curb on Sunset Blvd. around 5:30 AM on May 26. In California, drivers with a .08 or higher are legally drunk.

Police tell TMZ Lohan and two other adults were in the car at the time of the accident. After the crash, she was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries, then placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Cops later said they found a "usable amount" of cocaine in the car.

We're told that the Beverly Hills Police Dept. could present the case to the Los Angeles D.A. in the next few days.

Lohan's lawyer, Blair Berk, told TMZ, "It's highly inappropriate for me to discuss a pending case." Berk added, "It is extremely unprofessional for law enforcement to do it."


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You go Lohan. You could be the Jan Michael Vincent of your generation.

2652 days ago


Give her Paris Hilton's jail cell.....

2652 days ago

no more celeb moms    

#24- Didn't her DUI come months after leaving rehab? That is a good candidate?

2652 days ago


Why do you she decided to stay in rehad? She doesn't want to have to come out and deal with this mess.

2652 days ago

big joe    

bye, bye

2652 days ago


Im guessing they knew what the reports would say is the reason why she is extending her stay in rehab. Its a way to manipulate the courts to giving her an easy sentence and jail time like Paris....But I dont think they will let her get away with it!

2652 days ago


Ya know...most you people need to get a life of your own. So what if Lindsay parties? So did I at 20 yrs old. And I bet most of y'all did, too. You never screwed up at work? The only difference is that we didn't have a bunch of idiots with cameras chasing us around every minute of every day. Go ahead and walk around any block in any city...wanna take a guess at how many kids are partying?? We all had to learn to grow up somewhere along the line - it 's just that most of us don't do it in the public eye. Yeah, maybe it's too bad and all, but why must the ignorant poke fun? Live & let live!

2652 days ago


Maybe Lindsay and Nicole Richie can share a cell together LOL!

2652 days ago

Mike B    

OK. She is UNDER 21. Getting served. Both her and the Bars should be held responsible. Bust both. Nail these clubs to the wall. That is where they score everything anyway. How have they not been busted? I say they grease the palms of some one out there in LA LA Land.

Second, and most severe, the Cocaine. It was in her system and at the scene. She needs to be scared straight. I hate to say this but she needs to do some time. How much can they get away with out there.

My opinion though is that she will get off with a fine maybe some probation because the way it went down. She did leave the scene of an accident though. And she did go directly to rehab. They like that stuff.

2652 days ago

cha cha    

and folks this is the product of NON parenting

2652 days ago


SO, since Paris "said" she only had ONE drink with her DUI at .08, does that mean her whorey friend Lindsay only had TWO drinks since she had doubled the legal limit???? What's the judicial system coming to wanting to punish such sweet, innocent girls??? Shouldn't they be able to $$$ their way out of such petty troubles?? Poor Lindsay! And I bet the COKE only registered in her system because it touched her hands, as she was telling the drug pusher "No"!

2652 days ago

kim suck    

I just love it when girls do coke!! they get all wet and horny!!! OOOFFFAAA!

2652 days ago


When it comes down to it, who really gives a S---

2652 days ago

Leanna Nicholson    

I have been watching the news reports and etc. for quite sometime about these young
women that seem to be so popular with the young people. Paris, Brittany, Lindsay and the rest of them---They are such a dissappointment as an example to the rest of our youth.
How in the world can they even work!!?? No wonder our country is in such a mess if we keep letting these kids get away with breaking the law and judges letting them get away with it!! You do the CRIME you do the TIME! Anybody else would go to jail. As one
attorney said "Money buys Justice" which is not true! It's keeps the offender out of jail!
Money can buy a lot of things but it doesn't cleanse the soul!

2652 days ago


I think if it were anyone else they would already be in jail. If she were not a celebrity she would have to do her time first then rehab later. However, I have more respect for her than Paris!

2652 days ago
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