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Megan Fox

On Becoming Angelina

6/28/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First she stole Angie's signature over-the-shoulder tat. Now she's doing her over-the-shoulder pose! What's next? Looks like the lips!

Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie
For "Transformers" star Megan Fox, morphing is in season this summer. Few can so enviably emulate one of the most gorgeous women in the world. But has Angelina found her match?

Who's got it goin' on? Angie or her wannabe?


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Sorry, Ms. Fox is no comparison to beautiful Angelina. She even looks beautiful without makeup. Look at Fox. Yck!

2674 days ago


How come TMZ doesn't talk about Angie's heroin addiction.

2674 days ago


For a kick, read callmejuls last post about fools. Then google her, callmejuls. She posts constantly, sickly, compulsively. She loves Aniston and hates Angelina. Then she has the NERVE to say most of the posts about Angelina are negative when SHE does most of the posting. It is so sick and amusing you won't believe it!! Explains a lot. So much hate to spread around, tick lounger ( I know you use this differently but a tick sucking blood out of people is pretty apt!). You on your other threads now dear?? Talk about gross, this woman is one sick puppy!

2674 days ago


#82 - Britney

Show is hard proof that Angelina has a Herion habbit. Not from some gossip rag. I have never ever seen a story that Angelina has done any drugs. I think she is way too smart for that.

Show us the proof before spreading such ugly rumors.

get a life already.

2674 days ago


Angelina is the fairest one of all. Got to give it to her. She's a bad White Girl.

2674 days ago


Angelina is WAYYYYY hotter and she has the unique face ever, She never have to wear make up that much to look unbelievably Beautiful, No one can ever compare to his beauty.She's the Only One ^-^.

2674 days ago

skeptical at best    

how dare you megan fox look over your shoulder to pose for a picture. you know angelina was the first one strike that pose. and don't get me started on the tatoo. angelina is the mother of over the shoulder tatoos. what's next,tmz? are you going to say she stole angelina's hair color?

i can't help but notice that alyssa milano (a couple stories down) is also stealing angelina's pose. those copycat bitches!

2674 days ago


Copying Angelina is better than copying Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, celebutard ad infinitum.

2674 days ago


Megan wins. For not looking creepy and death-like...and for having a more meaningful tattoo. And to the person who said that it was misquoted, I believe the most important part is the "laugh at gilded butterflies", it comes in a series in King Lear's speech and therefore unless she wants her whole back to be tattooed, she has to add in some understood words.

And also, for those who say that Jen is to blame for the breakup....I don't think you'd feel the same if YOUR spouse left you for a trashy slut. Jen is sophisticated, she remains graceful despite Angelina's attempts to gloat over her "victory" (How unthoughtful of her to do a spread with Brad and her baby). Stop glorifying adultery. Also, Angelina should stop adopting children. She can't possibly take care of them full time and give them the love that growing kids deserve from their mothers. There are other ways to help them...sponsorship, maybe? They could stay in their native countries and still have a happy life. Some might even call her actions (taking the kids out of a ntural environment and rather then giving them a normal life, which she COULD, trust them in the middle of a media fight) a little selfish. Everyone needs to look beyond what her publicist portrays her as and realize...that most of it is a cry for attention, a desperate attempt to make amends, to cover up her past, and to make herself look...better. But she doesn't.

2674 days ago


Jen committed adultery to. She was not divorced from Pitt when she was seen on a hotel balcony back in 05/05 straddling on Vince Vaughn's lap and Vince Vaughn was her husband's co star , ewww, so goes for "Classy Jen." So Jen and Brad committed adultery. Angelina wasn't married.

Angelina was doing her UNHCR work way before Brad, also she's known not to have a publicist so again you're incorrect. Angelina has always been open about her life, this again did not just start when she got with Brad. Her work speaks for itself, that's why you keep trying to bring up her days as a young Angelina to bring her down, but actually, she's never been photographed nude, like Jen, she's never been to jail, and she's not known for clubbing like Jen.

2674 days ago


Maybe we could have a mini-vote. Who is dumber, callmejuls, tweety or ready933? This would be a tough call. An adopted child from another country is not an illegal alien. ready933, how can YOU sleep at night? You are so dumb you should be embarassed to call attention to yourself. And tweetydum, get real. So two proud parents should not enjoy their child when they had a previous relationship with someone else? So if one remarries they should remain in mourning for the one they dumped years before? There should be no pictures of their new life and no moving on? Wow, think of all the second families in this country. Are they in the new relationship to bug the earlier partner? Could this be a more ignorant point of view? And who, but you, a known ignorant dope, would say it is selfish to adopt and give love to children who would of been raised in an orphanage? Wow, lets hope you are childless and not spreading your gene pool.

2674 days ago

Fake People Suck    

Holy Crap #77 is right I just googled "callmejuls" for kicks and she is nuts!!!!
It listed all of the obsessive messages she writes! Okay see I knew you were full of it when you went on that whole kick of having masters...yada yada yada!!!
And I repeat.......a master in LYING!!!
Truly you are nuts!

2674 days ago


What does the printing on Angelina's back say? She took off the one on her uppr arm and doesn't seem embarrassed to have the back tats.

2674 days ago


Isn't callmejuls (call me jen's ugly little sycophant) a hoot? She will have to change her name now. If you google 'callmejuls angelina' you can see all the ugly Angelina posts she has made. And if you google her with Aniston you can see the lovefest. I have no problem with Aniston except her ugly hateful 'fans'. They are so smelly bad and ignorant that it is beyond belief. Their mission seems to be to smear others to make their waste of space idol look good. Just the opposite I say. Wouldn't be surprised if callmejuls IS Aniston. But I am sure if these icky fans met Aniston in real life, that Aniston would want to be 'friends' with them. What interesting conversations they would have.

2674 days ago


Both women are beautiful! But my vote is for the one and only Angelina. If I was a lesbian Angelina is the woman for me. She's more sexy and seems like she's wilder. Put a picture of Angelina when she was 21 next to Megan and you'll see she's hotter! Plus Angelina is overall a better person inside and out. Megan is not fully a woman yet and has no life experience! Lets see how great she is when she's 10 years older! Angelina can always put some weight on but Megan can't grow more brain cells. Megan will never be as big of a star then Angelina!!!!

2637 days ago
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