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(Old) Spice Girls

Back Together

6/28/2007 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Almost 10 years (and a few kids) since they last performed together, all five members of the Spice Girls announced their reunion tour today. Cue up the backing vocals!

Below from left: (Posh, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary)

Spice Girls
Above from left: (Sporty, Ginger, Posh, Scary, Baby)

The Girls will play 11 shows in December and January, beginning in Los Angeles on Dec. 7, anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Zigazig ha!

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No Avatar


Maybe they should ask Britney Spears if she wants to be a back up singer, they are all fake ass bitches just like her.

2639 days ago


Bring the Spice Girls only single to NOT hit #1, Stop, get to the top of the charts!!!

2639 days ago


Posh looked better before she transformed herself into a boy. Now she looks like that guy from the 80's band Flock of Seagulls.

2639 days ago


The neeg never looked so good.

2639 days ago


Posh's boobs look she can walk about with those melons stuck on the front of her and insist she hasn't had a boob job. She's the laughing stock of England...

Lauren, London

2639 days ago


2. POSH should realized that she is a nobody here in the US..............and also that shes not attracting...........

Posted at 10:38AM on Jun 28th 2007 by Christy
She may not be well known here but is well known around the world. Americans always think that the rest of the world does not exist lol. She may be a nobody to you Christy but is married to the biggest hunk in the world, has three beautiful children, runs several businesses, is a millionaire many times over is chic, immaculately groomed and a trend setter. You, on the other hand, are a real nobody and spend your life on TMZ criticizing others...obviously a very jealous loser.

2639 days ago

shawn moody    

I think they all look AMAZING! Scary looks fantastic and after just giving birth to. you go girl! Ive truly missed the Spice Girls and im so glad to see one of my favorite groups re-unite afrer all this time. They all look so great and theres not that much of a change from back then except mel c has longer hair and posh is a blonde now. This group is defentitly the defention (well to me anyways) of Girl Power! and to TMZ you guys are the biggest buch of assholes ive ever seen! to out a poll up to ask which one looks the worst is just down right rude! Mel B just had a baby for cryong out loud and looks BRILLANT and Emma Button is pregant herself and looks stunning! You TMZ assholes try giving birth and see how great you look! The Spice Girls look amazing and i cant wait for them to be back.

2639 days ago


Posh may have all the money but she looks incredibly unhappy. They all look great.

2639 days ago


They should have made as much $$$ as they could back when they were hot with the public for their music. Although I always thought they sucked. But to try and make a come back this far down the line....all their "fans" have grown up....should be interesting to see what their ticket sales are like!

2639 days ago


Who looks worst..... You people are pathetic.

2639 days ago

Give cool a break    

I'm confused, which one suppose to be the sporty one?
And who is that hot momma on the right?

2639 days ago


who gives a crap they sucked then & it wont be any better now......

2639 days ago

juego de casino    

I always wanted to eat them....

2639 days ago


they look better now than they did back then.

2639 days ago


I'm actually pretty impressed! They all look fantastic! I wasn't a big fan back in the day, but I'd see them now! I really do think they look better now than they did then. (Especially the clothes! Let's hope they stick with the high end fashion, rather than resorting back to those ridiculous costumes they used to put together!) I hope I look as good as them when I'm that "old"!

2639 days ago
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