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Paris Ditches Mainland to Get Lei'd

6/28/2007 7:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incognito Paris Hilton arrived in Maui this afternoon. Aloha, freebird!

The uncaged, jetsetting heiress was in a jail cell for three and a half weeks -- then had to endure a full hour of work being questioned by Larry King. It's time for a vacay, baby!

The ex-con/socialite borrowed a floppy straw hat from the Scarecrow, slapped on a pair of granny chic sunglasses and a ratty black wig from the Britney Spears collection to complete her mystery island look.


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Hey Paris fans,

Go to, click on "Archives", click on "What was Paris Smoking" and watch your role model smoking hash, pot, counting 'shrooms, etc.
So much for "I've never done drugs."

2640 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Looked to me like Parass and Michael Jackson used the same plastic surgeon.

So what does everyone think here about TMZ and not one other picture of "Herpes Hot Lips" today??

Harvey not so enamored with the "HILTON's'" after Larry King's interview with the lying "BONG BABE"?

Maybe everyone has finally realized PARASS is nothing but a self absorbed, lying, porno, racist and is no longer in demand or "hot".

She could have won several of her critics over (with the Larry King interview) if she would have accepted the blame for her actions, wiped the smirk off her face, answered the questions asked of her with truthfulness, remorse and not from a script written by her PR people.

2639 days ago

Karin B.    

Good going Paris, you got the heck out of dodge...I wrote yesterday, she deserves some R and R. What do you know? Today on Entertainment Tonight... they echoed my opinion, word for word...."R and R etc.." Hey ET need a writer?

2639 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Perhaps TMZ is trying to do Paris a favor, to help her out by pushing her story to the bottom of the page and on into oblivion. Suddenly TMZ has dredged up some more stories, even some that are of no interest or consequence and certainly not news, like Sharon Stone and Kanye West stories. Who cares?

TMZ has been strangely silent and has almost a Paris blackout since her interview horror with Larry King. I was always told that it is better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and let people know you are a fool. The closed mouth creates mystery but Paris's open mouth creates disillusionment.

Most news shows and sites have been discussing the content and structure of the King/Paris interview, but not TMZ. No sirree. Not a word. Just Paris jetting off to a glamorous Hawaiian vacation. I'll bet some of her jail cronies have been released this week and would have loved to travel along with her for some post-jail R&R in Hawaii.

TMZ is very transparent, even when they try to disguise themselves in a long black wig and hat.

2639 days ago


She did her time, so leave her alone. She can go anywhere she wants now. Why shouldn't she take a vacation? What do you want her to do for the rest of her life, sit in sack cloth and ashes?

I don't know if Paris has changed or not, but no one is really giving her anytime to prove herself. It takes a bit of time to get foundations, fundrasiers, and the like going. If it turns out after a few months that she hasn't been true to her word about those things, then complain.

Also, not every Christian knows Bible verses by heart, and if she has ADD that could complicate things. That doesn't prove that her heart hasn't been given to God. Also, it's not like she will ever sin again either, all of us sin. So her relationship with God will only be proven to one person, God. I'm no Paris fan, but the bashing is getting old. Unless you are perfect put the stones down please.

I'm no Paris fan, but the bashing is getting old.

2639 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

To me, Paris is like a social experiment.......

Let's take a young girl, insulate her from reality, give her unlimited money & resources and never make her accountable for anything...ever! We will expose her to night life starting in her early teens (with parental approval, wait, participation; let’s cheer her on as she dances on tables with short skirts & no underwear!). We will instill in her an over-inflated sense of privilege, entitlement and importance. We won't bother educating her because education is not "hot". We will tell her she is beautiful and stylish and that everyone who doesn't like her or want to be like her is a "hater" or consumed with jealousy. Let's throw in some color contacts, hair extensions and a lifelong case of herpes for good measure. Then we get the media to buy into the hype. They create a new category of celebrity, famous for going to nightclubs, petty but mean-spirited feuds with one another, drug & alcohol fueled run-ins with people & the law, and sex tapes. We won't bother to give her class, taste, morals, talent, a conscience, values or any redeeming qualities.

What comes out the other end is Paris Hilton & her generation of talentless do-nothings. The problem now is that Paris is not that little girl anymore. She is a fully grown woman completely unequipped for reality. She is caught indifferently & consistently breaking the law; her reaction is not to take responsibility for her actions, but to try to blame it on others. Then, she tries to play the “I’m a victim” card. Then, when faced with being forced to be accountable for her crimes, she has a “mental breakdown” which somehow disappears the day she’s released. Then, when on TV for the 1st time after her release, she lies boldfaced to her interviewer, never thinking that anyone will consider calling her on her ridiculous & easily disproved lies. Even her so-called “Reality TV” show is fake. She hates blacks and Jews because she is uneducated and isolated. She hates herself because whoever the real Paris was way back when is long dead and she is left with the carcass and no clue what to do with it. People like Paris Hilton aren't born; they are made.

Now it's up to us, who are partially responsible for making her (by buying magazines she’s in, and buying products she endorses), to completely reject her and those who strive to be like her (like disgusting porno toiletbowl actress Kim Kar-Douche-ian). Let's put all the rich, spoiled, raised by nannies, talentless, brainless "socialites" on a book, do something meaningful with your wealth and status, contribute to our society in positive way or just go away permanently. Let's use our collective power to render the Paris Hilton's of the world obsolete.

2639 days ago

Love E Sweden    

Im sorry Paris! I have been sutch an idiot.. I really shourldnt have given thoose signals to You when I dont really know what I want Myself.. But If You will come to Stockholm soon I promise that I will make it up to You.. All crazy things that have happend to Me lately, really makes Me confused, I mean all I want is some privacy but it seems impossible, This really makes Me mad & sad...

Still thinking about You


2639 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

418. To me, Paris is like a social experiment....... Posted at 12:05AM on Jun 30th 2007 by she's a loser

I think this is the best post I have read on TMZ since the site has been following every move of Paris Hilton's, pre jail up through present day.

Very well said and so true.

2639 days ago

yr not kiddin anyone    

So much for going right to work on helping out all those inmates she spoke of.....girl has the attention span of a parakeet, and the sincerity of a trump...or is it tramp.

2639 days ago


Once she gets a tan she'll forget all about her Halfway house. The sun will fry what's left of her brain.

2639 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

This entire ordeal was handled so poorly. She should have did her time and kept her mouth shut.....before, during and after. She just made everything worse! She needs to fire her pr people....pronto!

2639 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Paris told Larry King she had ADD for years and takes ADDERAL.

ADDERAL is "speed"! It is widely used by college students (over medicating) to meet the pressures of college lifestyles.

If a person stops taking ADDERAL, they go "cold turkey" with severe anxiety attacks, sometimes paranoia, claustrophobia, weight gain.

I think Paris Hilton is a druggie and used the excuse of ADD to mask her addiction.

If the ADDERAL was prescribed by her doctor, there is no way that she would not know the side effects of this drug and would have had it with her when she went to jail or would have informed jail medical personnel immediately of her condition.

Cold turkey from ADDERAL is real hell for about 72hrs, severe cold, severe shaking, agitation, can be suicidal.

No one would go through all of this unless they were using it illegally.

As I recall, she also told Larry King she had gained a couple of pounds in jail, even though she described the food as "slop".

Yep - sounds like she is just a druggie who was told by her PR people or shrink the public would believe this ADD excuse.

2639 days ago


I was hoping that Paris would lie low for a while, try to remain unseen, but she has the most recopgnized face on the entire planet.
I guess she'll never find privacy, whether she wants to or not!

I wish the Photogs would leave her alone while she is recuperating.
She is not obliged to get inot any project right away.
But she should've explaned the inconsistencies in her Larry King-y interview.

Hey, maybe she'll go on Greta van Susteren or talk to Sen Hannity- the latter seems to have developed some sympathy for her as well.

2639 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

After reading "House of Hilton", I can see why Paris is the slutty media whore that she is. Her mother, Little Kathy and her grandmother Big Kathy's, continuing advice was "become a celebrity and marry rich". Paris's parents were thrilled when she made the Sex Tape. She became famous instantly. Education was never a priority in that family. Paris and her mother barely made it out of high school. Her grandmother had a shotgun wedding while still in high school and had four husbands. Paris has many, handlers, PR people and lawyers on the payroll so she doesn't have to read or write much - just show up. It's a good thing that Conrad (not educated, either, but a hustler in making money) Hilton made lots of money with his hotels, because his descendents would probably be trailer trash and Paris would be a hooker standing on the street corner. Oh, yeah, she already is. Father, Rick, is not involved with the Hilton Hotels. He's a realtor. Rick's father, Barron, says he's glad Paris is working - he's glad someone in that family works. Everyone should read the book. I checked it out at the Library. It's VERY enlightening.

2639 days ago
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