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Paris Ditches Mainland to Get Lei'd

6/28/2007 7:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incognito Paris Hilton arrived in Maui this afternoon. Aloha, freebird!

The uncaged, jetsetting heiress was in a jail cell for three and a half weeks -- then had to endure a full hour of work being questioned by Larry King. It's time for a vacay, baby!

The ex-con/socialite borrowed a floppy straw hat from the Scarecrow, slapped on a pair of granny chic sunglasses and a ratty black wig from the Britney Spears collection to complete her mystery island look.


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He's just another Idiot    

Bloated, know-it-all, Dr. Phil was on Jay Leno's show the other night. He actually defended Paris, spewing his usual psycho-babble that we all learned in Psychology 101 in High School. The audience was very quiet when he was ranting about Paris but laughed their heads off when Jay would make jokes about her. Somone said once that "daytime television is a vast wasteland". Dr. Phil is proof. Is he on the Hilton's payroll now? His show is fake, made up of people (probably actors) who learn lines on what to say. A friend of mine went to a taping of his show and said that it was a farce - a big joke. Dr. Phil has become a big Media Whore - maybe that's why he can relate to Paris.

2571 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Paris: I pray and read the Bible all the time.

Larry King: What is your favorite Bible Verse?

Paris: uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. . . .duh.

I don't really think there is any hope for the dumb, lying, self centered, 26 year old !!!, Paris.

2571 days ago


On probation and you leave the mainland to trip on some Maui Wowie.....and yes, we saw the pictures on you stokin' Hope you got your PO's permission??????? Another violation for the rich little bitch!

2571 days ago

paris rox my sox    

to Joy

Paris is not a dumb, lying, self centered, 26 year old!!!! maybe instead of judging her by her cover u shuld look in the mirror and judge all the bad things about u bcause noone is perfect!!!!! instead of talking about all the negative things about paris y dont u talk about the positive!!!!!

2571 days ago


did anyone notice when paris came out of jail she had brown eyes instead of the usual blue? hm, forgot her contact lenses i guess....and she had no UPPER LIP! My God, then on larry king suddenly the top lip appeared full - couldn't wait to get out of jail and get some botox and collagen, eh paris? must be nice doing all that community service to help change the world! what a loser!

2571 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

To #433. I can't think of anything positive to say about Paris. Are you her little brother, playing with the computer again? If not, you "Paris rox my sox" also have rocks for brains. Now run along and play with yourself.

2571 days ago


About 2 carots .

2570 days ago



2570 days ago


As someone who used to work in the entertainment industry in L.A.—and in Beverly Hills -- let me explain to just how the PR reps and publicists work.

For someone like Hilton, every move is choreographed. Her appearance when she left Lynnwood came as no surprise…neither did her claims to have “found God…I’m going to change,” etc. Her interview with King, of course, was a total disaster and she was the butt of jokes throughout the media as a result. The maneuvering and behind-the-scenes machinations by her reps and her parents for media interviews and coverage at a price only added fuel to the flames. Every newscaster knew what was going on and resented the coverage, manipulation, etc.

Her departure for Hawaii in that “disguise” was also very obvious. Everyone was fed up with hearing about Hilton…a fact of which she is very much aware. That ridiculous outfit only called attention to her and the premise of, “I am hiding from the media.” Had she not gone away for a while, her “career” would be in the toilet.

Every step she has taken has been completely predictable. If I were Hilton – and I’m glad I’m not – I would fire her reps and her parents, and start thinking about some serious damage control. Cleaning up her act would be a good way to start.

2570 days ago


paris needs to take vacations to irak

2570 days ago


All of you haters are just mad you can't afford a trip to Hawaii even for 1 day. Back off you haters.

2569 days ago


On Saturday afternoon I was at the Waliea mall as saw Paris shopping for sunglasses. Later she walked right by us at the ABC store while on her cell phone and eating an ice cream cone. Photogs and onlookers were kept out of the individual stores she visited by the mall security guards and she was accompanied by a lone 50+ male who was following her and carrying her shopping bags.

2569 days ago

paris rox my sox    

to #436 i agree with u!!! everyone is just haten on Paris Hilton because they cant do half the things she can!!!!!

2569 days ago


What more can possibly be said about her and her "trailer trash living in Bel Air" family? I once read about a proposed reality show where real hillbillies would be transplanted to Beverly Hills, but it was never produced, due to being judged as "too mean spirited." Well, folks, you've got all of the Hiltons in L.A. From Francesca to Paris to Paris' foulmouthed mother mocking the judge in court. Quick, hide the White Lightning, Jethro! It's THE HILTONS!!!!

2569 days ago


Paris I checked out your picture on a blog web site with a white dress with cool black embroidery.Very nice look. LOU R.

2568 days ago
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