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Was Paris Blowing Smoke Up Larry's Ass?

6/28/2007 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris told Larry King last night that she's never done drugs before ... but not everyone is buying it ... some just let their friends buy it!

TMZ has spotted Ms. Hilton lighting up on a few occasions, puffing away on some curious sticks at both Coachella and in Kim Kardashian's car in front of Hyde.

So what gives? Well, according to Paris, she likes to roll her own cigarettes.


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Source: Wikipedia "Cocaine"

Because of the extensive processing it undergoes during preparation, cocaine is generally treated as a 'hard drug', with severe penalties for possession and trafficking. Demand remains high, and consequently black market cocaine is quite expensive. Unprocessed cocaine, such as coca leaves, are occasionally purchased and sold, but this is exceedingly rare as it is much easier and more profitable to conceal and smuggle it in powdered form.

2673 days ago

Team Peeler!!    

You're an idiot. Paris isn't going to read your comments. And how can you debate photographic evidence?? Paris lied, and she's dug her own grave. People can't stand liars. She's tried to play the American public for fools, and no one's believing her.

Except you, obviously. "The negative"? Uhh...

2673 days ago

sick of paris    

She has never done drugs, huh? Just looking on -i beg to differ.

2673 days ago

Team Peeler!!    

Watch post #63.

And if you mean in real life, yes, people who've gone out have seen her.

2673 days ago


Please. I have a friend who threw her out of his apartment forever because she wouldn't stop bringing over crystal meth and getting his roommate loaded.

2673 days ago



2673 days ago


I thought she said on Larry King Live that she was not going to hang around the wrong crowd. If you are smoking pot, and doing illegal drugs, then you are hanging around the wrong crowd.

Paris is clearly a liar, a perjurer.

2673 days ago


The whole interview (which I only watched so I could post true facts to what I saw) was a load of crap. She smirked the whole time, gave answers that were vague or complete lies, one being that she didn't get hate mail. I sent her hate mail. So either the guards didn't give her the hate mail (since they read the mail first) or she is a complete liar. If she'll lie about one thing, she'll lie about everything. She is sickening to watch. If people are paying for her to be in movies or another season of 'The Simple Life' which is about the dumbess show on the planet. So fake it is sick, then this world might as well throw in the towel to terrorists. She and those like her do nothing but dumb down the world, try and throw us a line of bullcrap and expect us to believe it, and all the while the world, especially America just falls down the tubes.

I can tell a liar, and she lied so much during her interview, all with a smirk on her face that is permanently there. Everyone gets claustrophobic and freaks out in little cells in jail. That was in no way a fair move to release her. I decided to quit watching Larry's show, though I have always like his show, because he let Harvey Levin sit in his spot, kissing the Hilton ass. Levin is a money-grubbing wannabe who wants his own show, not just a website. He is repulsive to watch and to listen to. He will come to the defense of whichever party pays him the most. He is ugly. He even insults the readers/posters of his website, labeling them as beneath everyone, so how can people like him? I had just become a fan of Larry King, and now because of Levin, I won't be taping it anymore. I have to stand up for what I believe in, and Larry put Levin on, despite the fact that his viewers did not like him. That is a slap in the face of his viewers. If you agree, write the Larry King show and the CNN website, and say it. I did.

2673 days ago


Hell, go to and see video of her smoking pot on numerous occaisions. She's a big-time user of many different narcotics.

2673 days ago


Jillie, I totally agree with you. Don't get me wrong TMZ is one of the first celebrity sites that I go to, but for once I would like to see a truly unbiased website. Although I understand that it is human nature to have favorites, celebrity bloggers should become more professional and put their personal feelings away.

2673 days ago


Then again, not too many people are going to admit doing illegal things on tv.

If she thought it was cool to let people know then she might have, but she probably wasn't proud to tell people she does it. However, I would assume since someone actually recorded her doing drugs.

Some people might think that would be stupid to do.

2673 days ago


wasn't there a picture with her purse open that had an plastic bag with green ........I remember it

2673 days ago


Now that I think about it, Judge Sauer and Rocky Delgadillo were NOT too hard on her. I think they were too lenient on her.

2673 days ago

J Doe    

ever notice that paris and nicky OOOOONLY date billionares,

kathy hilton taught nicky and paris that they have to marry UP,that the hilton fortune is not what is appears to be.

rick and kathy hilton ARE NOT fully accepted in the HIGHER social circle jet set, they are desperate for nicky and paris to marry into that to insure their posistion into that membership

im bettin rick hiltons business associates make crude jokes behind his back and own the video one night in paris.

2673 days ago


I got the chronic buddah Paris...Hit me up 410-326-6981

2673 days ago
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