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Britney Claims Her Rehab Was Bogus

6/29/2007 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears feels totally betrayed by her mom, her soon-to-be ex husband, her former manager and Promises, the rehab facility she called home for nearly a month. In short, she claims she never had a drug or alcohol problem but was railroaded into rehab.

Sources tell TMZ that Lynne Spears, Kevin Federline and then-manager Larry Rudolph all pressured Britney to check herself in. We're told Spears acknowledged having emotional problems after her second child was born, but strongly maintained she did not have a drug or alcohol problem.

Nonetheless, multiple sources say Federline threatened to go public by going to court to wrestle custody from her if she didn't go to rehab. Sources say Spears could not withstand the pressure from her mom, Federline and Rudolph, and checked into Promises last February 20.

We're told eventually the professionals believed Spears suffered from post-partum depression, made worse because she stopped taking Prozac. She was also emotionally crumbling because of a messy divorce and intense media scrutiny.

After leaving Promises, as paparazzi waited for the golden shot of Britney drinking again, she began getting angry that she was at a rehab facility in the first place. Britney and her assistant, Allie Sims, called Promises multiple times, asking for a copy of the report showing that she tested dirty for drugs and/or alcohol when she checked in.

We're told it took several days to get an answer. Only two reports were sent to Britney's rep, both showing no drug or alcohol use whatsoever. Most shocking, the first report was dated March 7, 15 days after Britney checked in.

Sources say one of Britney's reps then called the facility and asked for any evidence of a dirty test, but she was told there was nothing in the file. The question -- if the first test was taken more than two weeks after Britney checked in, how could they treat her if they didn't know the problem?

Britney fired Rudolph and has now drawn a line in the sand with her mom. As for Federline, we're told he's threatened to go to court and question Britney's fitness as a mom every time there's a disagreement. Spears, who is extremely protective, does not want to expose her kids to a public battle, so she's caved on many of his demands.

We're told Britney's legal team has repeatedly asked to have a "private" judge handle disputes in a private office (that's the M.O. of her divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, in celeb divorce cases), away from the cameras, but Federline has insisted that everything be handled at the L.A. County Courthouse, where the media could record their comings and goings.

TMZ spoke with Dr. Donna Markus at Promises but she said, because of patient confidentiality, her facility had no comment.

Larry Rudolph and Lynne Spears could not be reached for comment.

Britney Spears: click to launchFederline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, says, "When one person in a divorce has great means and influence, and the other much less so, leaving the case in the public system makes that person more comfortable that they'll be on a level playing field as the case is heard."

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Brit...get a grip! Take control of yourself and your kids and do your thing. The best revenge you can get on all three is by showing them how you can (and will) suceed.

2640 days ago


I believe her. If she was a drug addict/drunk why is there no medical record at Promises?

She was suffering from emotional issues, I don't think many people would be able to cope well with the scrutiny that she has been under and at the same time go through a divorce and custody battle.

2640 days ago


I don't see why she is mad at anyone. Going to rehab is better than having to go to a psych ward. She needed to go somewhere to save her hopes of having any kind of career post divorce. She probably would have lost her kids too, if her erratic behavior continued.

2640 days ago


Oh, - so ALL the videos, eye-witnesses, and her relatives (who REALLY know her) are ALL wrong and lying. Britney needs to realize that she's STILL screwed up if she can't even face and admit her problems. She's just another bimbo in denial thinking that the public is equally as stupid and will actually believe her over common sense..

2640 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I'm surprised to see Britney trashed and Federline defended.

I said all along that she was suffering from having two babies so close together, trying to deal with a cheating husband who brought his drug dealers to her home with their children there, and dealing with career expectations, including a ridiculous manager who suggested the route to a comeback was to hook up socially with that slime Paris Hilton.

And if your parents and family are not supporting you through all of this, that's a travesty.

Kevin Federline has not suddenly become some paragon of virtue and fatherhood just because he was fortunate enough to marry Britney Spears for a short time.

When he met Britney, he was living with Shar Jackson, who had already had one child with him and was pregnant with another. During this time, Kevin Federline, being the great father that he is, left this pregnant woman for Britney.

I think all divorces should be private. There is no reason to drag family business out into the public, especially with children involved. I understand Britney completely, wanted to keep things low-key for the children's sake. Any sensible, caring person would do that.

Only someone like Federline, who needs the publicity, would use a tragic event like the breakup of a family, to further his own notoriety.

He was a slime, and still is a slime.

She was immature and inexperienced and now is learning. One smart thing she did was to fire the manager who told her to hook up with Paris Hilton.

2640 days ago


Britney has the money & the influence, if Kevin was railroading her, especially without proof, she could have fought him but she didn't so obviously he had the significant cause to force her into rehab. Her entire staff and family would not just turn on her.
Trying to publicly humiliate her mother is disgusting and classless. I don't think she should be allowed visitation with her children unless it is supervised. She is uneducation, trashy and a horrible role model. Did her family make her shave her head? Flash her nether regions? Change in public?
Before she can be a mother or a star she needs to take responsibilty for her actions. If her husband was a money hungry jerk then he would have already sold her secrets, their photos etc... cashed iin on countless interviews etc. But he hsn't, yet she is tipping the paparazzi off on her whereabouts for cash.
BRITNEY SPEARS is a uselss piece of trash!

2640 days ago


She should have never been famous.

Her music sucks, she can't act or sing or really do anything else, she looks like crap and is fat.
Why do we care about what she does? She's a freak show; it's like watching a car crash slowed down, you can't take your eyes away because of the facsination with watching something fall apart.
Where are the good role models-she sucks and I hope she kills herself or moves to Antartica.

2640 days ago

None Ya business    

Britney has fallen off! Her career has gone down the drain! Who is going to buy or listen to her music anymore? She can't sing from all the smoking and drinking shes done and she isnt even cute anymore - she is a washed out little girl who needs to grow up and face the facts!

2640 days ago

Eric Vaughan    

She might be right because that happens on the soaps all the time and they're based on real life. They do that when the only way they can get at your money is by having you committed to an insane asylum. I wonder if drugs were put into Britany's food before she had it shaved? Don't laugh because Katrina left a lot of people poor in Louisiana after they dynamited the levees to spare the whites.

2640 days ago


Never thought I would say this, but I believe her. I believe they all feel rehab is the way to a cleaner image, REGARDLESS. Who needs an actual addiction? Just like the invention of the sex addiction, wtf?

She hit rock bottom when she found out that ALL THAT MONEY could not buy love. Kevin was a pig when she met him (not like leaving your girl seven months pregnant would be the slightest clue, duh) and he's still a pig.

Brit, doing good is the ultimate pay back.

2640 days ago


Brittney is a mess!, but I get a kick out of how everybody thinks that Federline is such a hero. Every picture you see of him now (and he doesnt get that much attention anymore) he's drunk and high. So how can he be more "fit". I supposed with Brits money, he can afford to hire a good nanny.
The media can twist anything to make a good story!!!
These two both need a reality check!

2640 days ago


Not that I like her, but what about K-Fed? There are plenty of pics of him getting high and drinking. Why should he have any say as to whether or not she has a drug problem? What makes him a fit parent if he's doing the same thing he's accusing her of???

2640 days ago


Yes, I also think she was out of control but K-Fed is taking advantage of the situation the guy is a worm as for post partum I lived through it and it sucks you feel alienanated angry depressed and alone .. couldn't imagine that and the public scrutiny on top of it. Give her a chance to do right I'm pretty sure that everyone who has their "opinion" on here has been given a chance or two in their lifetime.

2640 days ago


Do any of you ever have anything nice to say about anyone? Sad to think that there are so many negative, hateful people in this world. And what's even sadder, is you people don't even know these people. What a waste of energy. What is so hard to understand is why so many of you keep coming back and posting on Paris and now Britney if you have such a dislike for them.

2640 days ago

Where are my DingDongs?    

U.S. troops killed in June at 99, part of deadliest three-month stretch of war

2640 days ago
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