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Moron Steals FOX Mic -- Leaves iPhone

6/29/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comApparently, the hottest item outside the Apple store in New York City -- is a FOX News Channel Microphone!

FOX correspondent Laura Ingle was reporting live outside the store this morning, in front of a long line of nerds who have been waiting outside since Monday to be the first to get an iPhone. (Hello? Get a life. It's a PHONE.) In the middle of her interview with Newsweek's Steven Levy, some guy walked up behind Ingle and grabbed her microphone.

The man was tackled within seconds by a burly FOX cameraman. But duh, with iPhones going going for as much as $1200 on eBay -- here's our question: Why didn't the idiot go for the phone??


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Apparently has a visual impairment problem. Word has it that he tried to steal a Fire Department NY hook and ladder thinking it was a Ferrari.

2681 days ago


It is funny how these newspeople who are all into other people's lives, but when something happens to them suddenly the camera is not covering it. After the first tackle the camera man does not focus on the action and is directed away. I guess Fox was worried about any lawsuits that may be against them. It is a bit different when the shoe is on the other foot.

2681 days ago


Janet, I took your advice...

I went to get a sense of humor and the lines were atrocious I tell ya!! Haven't seen lines like those since, err...umm...well earlier today. When I finally got up to the counter, the sniveling little pimple-faced sales clerk informed me (much to my chagrin) they were all sold out. Fiddlesticks!!! However, he did say they would be getting more next I guess you know where I'll be!

Hey, ya think I should try Ebay? : )

2681 days ago


Stupid people do stupid things and thats how they get caught.

2681 days ago

ann coulter    

hmm, didn't wait in line at all for mine. actually bought mine the day it was released at approx. 11:39 p.m. as all the apple stores selling them were open until midnight. they still had lot's in stock so i don't foresee this exactly flying off the shelves. but it truly is a one-of-a-kind phone. play with it in the store and you will see what i'm talking about.

2681 days ago


RE # 25, who commented "it's a phone that does cool stuff... so what?"

You are one of those who probably thought the iPod was merely a new music-playing toy, not realizing that Apple had forseen the future of the music industry and had brilliantly developed something that has effectively buried the CD as a medium while doing nothing less than completely reinventing the music industry. And so it will be with the iPhone, which is essentially a high-end miniature laptop computer with wireless internet (and a phone). It's not "a phone that does cool stuff." Apple does not make junk for profit; they put innovation and vision first (and price accordingly), knowing that profit will eventually follow. I stand by what I said. The iPhone is not just a phone. It will change everything, and others will be scrambling for years to compete & catch up, with piss-poor copycat products.

2681 days ago


hilarious what an idiot

2681 days ago


I cant believe someone would pay 500 bucks for that thing just to say they have it. You have to pay for AT&T service for 2 years at what price to get online? It's a very cool concept but they should wait for competition to lower prices. Personally I don't like the on screen keyboard, I find it to hard to hit a key.Using thumbs to text your thumb covers 4 letters. Some will master it though I'm sure.

2680 days ago


This had nothing to do with Fox's (contemptible) political slant, the iphone, the microphone, or Laura Ingal. It was just an impulsive âss hole who walked by and grabbed the mike in order to be a jerk and get on TV.

--- Faye Kane, homeless smartmouth --- see more of my smartmouth opinions at

2679 days ago


Apple is also well known for outdating its own products with in months. Just as they did with the I Pod. Apple savy people will wait.

2679 days ago


Why take the mike and not the phone?
Maybe it's easier to sell and use a high dollar wireless mike than it is to activate a stolen 500 dollar phone on a 2 year high priced contract.

2679 days ago
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