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Benoit Wiki Hoax Exposed

6/29/2007 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitThe REAL story behind the Chris Benoit/Wikipedia mystery has been exposed – after the "news" broke about the chilling message that someone posted on the wrestler's Wiki page about his wife being dead - supposedly hours before the bodies were found.

Just as TMZ expected, it was just another case of Wiki-vandalism!

As has reported on their own site, they know the responsible Wiki Wacko and, although he wants to remain anonymous, he did submit a written statement to Wiki, claiming:

"Last weekend, I had heard about Chris Benoit no showing Vengeance because of a family emergency, and I had heard rumors about why that was. I was reading rumors and speculation about this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on Wikipedia to spite [sic] there being no evidence."

Isaiah – I'm No "Mush-Mouth Negro"!

Angry much, Isaiah? Former "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington talked to Newsweek recently, and he rips the show for firing him because, in part, he's a black man "with a booming voice." Actually, let's let him explain: "It didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time."

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Isaiah says an HR person told him that "some people" were "afraid" of him around the studio, to which he replied, "Why, because I'm a 6-foot-1 black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying 'Yessah, massa' and 'No sir, massa' to everyone?"

Nicole Richie Getting Hitched?

Nicole Richie -- already rumored to be pregnant with Joel Madden's baby -- could be preparing to go down the aisle with him as well. is told that ol' Wrong-Way is "shopping around for a wedding dress ... asking stylists for help," and seems to think that the wedding could go down just about anytime, like July. (And she doesn't have a dress yet? Nicole Richie?)

Party Favors: Obama Has Jay-Z and Beyonce on the iPod ... Kristy Swanson Says She's Not a Homewrecker ... Wacko Jacko Is Not Bedridden

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has impressive taste in music -- he told the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97, say Rush & Molloy, that he's got Jay-Z and "a little bit of Beyonce" on his playlist. ... Kristy Swanson tells People magazine that she's not "a homewrecker," even though she took up with dancing partner Lloyd Eisler when Eisler's wife was eight months pregnant. ... And Michael Jackson's manager felt obliged to dispel rumors floating around about the King of Pop, including that he's bedridden and paranoid about his family stealing from him. Thanks.


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A random prank? I just don't buy it. Way too coincidental for my tastes. I don't know what happened but it's all stinky to me. No one knows what happened and until there is more proof of what really happened, journalists and their companies need to stop referring to Chris Benoit as a murderer. Isn't that what reliable news sources are supposed to do? Find the facts that they know and report them?

2643 days ago


Until you have lived in a black person shoes and see what they go through everyday. I 'm a 59 year old black woman and wouldn't hurt a flea, but you ought to see how a white woman jump when you get in a elevator and no one else is there, but me and her. She will flinch like a damed fool. White people think every black person is a crimmal. I've experinced this all of my life. We as black people know how racist white people think and act towards us. I know exactly what Isaiah Washington is talking about.

2643 days ago


This is to all those people complaining about mr. Washington using the RACE CARD. using the race was the wrong thing to do since you not only assaulted a coworker but also verbally abused another co-worker. However this country has failed to allow it's people to live as one race therefore the RACE CARD will always pop out when there is a possibility of injustice. and no this is not the 40's, 50's, os 60's but the same things happen now as then just not on a more visual scale as it di then. Every time a white person says they were robbed or carjacked by a black person and it is later found that they lied that is racism. Every time someone white is abducted and all the blacks in the area are arrested and questioned and a white guy later admits to the crime that's racism. Every time black person is found dragged and killed by a few white people that's ignorant and racist. When a 12 year old girl is sentenced to 7 years in prison for pushing a hall moniter down so she can get her prescription medicine from the school nurse that's racism. One thing all of you ' I Hate the Race Card ' people need to remember is that Black people or any other race did not create the RACE CARD it was created by White people to justify the destruction and imprisonment of other races. Your ancestor ' some of which raised you " created this time bomb to disassociate themselves from blacks, to steal from blacks, to make themselves rich off black sweat and blood. And yes i am a BLACK MAN and I am not a racist and could not be one even if I wanted to be. Why? To be a racist and exact you ideology on the rest of the world you have to have social and economic power to enforce the idea of racism and I don,t know nor have a known about any Black Man " including Barrack Obama " who has that power. That is my rant and I am done.

2643 days ago



The Wikipedia edit was being discussed on your site Monday. Well before it hit any of the media. However, you're just now posting it and after the person came forward, no less. Why? See: "WWE Releases Benoit Text Messages".

2643 days ago


what happened to my rant??????????????

2643 days ago


Isaiah Washington is a racist and a bigot. The fact that he jumped at the chance to play the 'race card' instead of owning up to his own bigotry is proof. He should just accept that he's a jerk and change his name to Ass'iah and run with it. Odds are BET would hire him on the spot.

2643 days ago


Really miss you--I believe you, but I still think Isaiah's angry rants and his physical attack on another star were his problems. People in the media tend to be liberal and I just don't believe he was victimized. I like him too and would like to see him back on TV or in the movies, but he needs to shut up-maybe he could use some anger management classes. Everyone has a cross to bear. He needs to get over himself.

2643 days ago


It appears that both Kristy Swanson and Isaiah Washington are in their own little dream worlds~ Ever heard of the phrase "You are what you are.."

2643 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Gee using the race card because you messed up there Isaiah deal with it. You said the F word at the Golden Globles and the creator of your show? Is African American. Grow up. Something is very fishy about the Beniot thing. Cops should be looking into this one really hard. Nicole get the hell away from Paris and Hollywood. Kristy you sleep with a married man whos wife is 8 months preggers and he gets you knocked up and leaves her yeah that DOES make you a homewreaker.

2643 days ago



Quit SPAMMING this site with your bait of LIES. Very few, if any, are going to fall for it. You're wasting your time. Desperate much?

2643 days ago

homer smith    


2643 days ago


Isaiah Washington is proof that you CAN polish a turd.

2643 days ago



They used the term rehab because it was an easier way then saying executive counseling. Normal people don't know what it is so they just give it the term "rehab" It's where all Celebes go that speak out of line in public.

T.R. Has no explaining to do. Washington yell that Dempsey was friends with a gay guy, T.R. was standing close enough by to hear it. Washington is just putting a spin on the story for gullible people like you.

Katherine wanting more money has nothing to do with this. She isn't hurting or insulting others just because she feels she is worth more then she is being paid.

2643 days ago


My ancestors didn't enslave anyone. People were prejudiced against them when they immigrated (legally). Why do I or any or us have to pay for the crimes of someone else's ancestors? We need each other (black and white) in this crazy world filled with so many enemies. Isaiah could use his passion to make things better. He' s too divisive. He needs to find a positive outlet for his anger so we can see him on TV or in the movies again.

2643 days ago


Hey're letting your mouth overload your ass!

2643 days ago
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