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Bach Hit & Run Accuser: Hoff's Ex Ambushed Me!

6/30/2007 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela BachThe woman who claims that David Hasselhoff's ex-wife crashed into her car and sped off says Pamela Bach tried to "intimidate" her with an uninvited house call after she pressed charges in January.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ, 26-year-old Nicole Valdez says that Bach unexpectedly showed up at her home a few weeks ago with a two-man camera crew that Valdez claims Bach hired herself, and demanded to strike a settlement deal on tape. Valdez said, "Pamela kept yelling through the crack of the door, 'Come out sweetie! I just want to settle this!'" Valdez says she refused to come out and asked the group to leave her property. Furthermore, Valdez claims Bach sent two P.I.s to her home to snoop around.

"Why is she harassing me when I am the victim?" Valdez told TMZ, "She hit my car. If she really wanted to make it right, she should have put a card on my windshield back in January."

Friday morning, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered Bach to surrender to authorities within a week so she could be properly booked on one misdemeanor charge -- meaning fingerprints and mugshots.

Bach claims that she would have taken care of everything had she received an estimate for the damage. Valdez maintains that she turned in a $1,377 estimate to the L.A. City Attorney back in February. "I want her to pay for the damage to my car and I want an apology from her, because she came to my house and disrespected me. Also, an apology for the private investigators from before."

A call to Bach's attorney was not returned.


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What is $1,377.00 dollars to this lady? She could have paid it back in January. That is peanuts.

2670 days ago


A complete and total nightmare...she is beyond ignorant...a bona fide dingbat.

2670 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

This woman really sounds like a nut job. When you get to be her age and don’t take responsibility for your actions, it is ten times more pathetic than a Britney or a Paris. Grow up lady…it is WAY past time!!!

2670 days ago


I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's true, the Hoff does seem like a better parent. She sounds really unstable, at this point. Maybe it's true she does drugs, cuz this is not rational behavior.

2670 days ago


you wonder why the drunk got the kids the bitch is a straight up psycho

2670 days ago

She looks like hell    

So very sad to think this woman is a mother. What an embarrassment she is to her family. I hate to admit it too, but David sounds like the more fit parent. If I were the judge, the kids would be taken from both drunks and given to sound relatives.

2670 days ago


She is OUTSTANDING, that is what I say. She is so gorgeous, th hoffmeister really screwed that one up, I must say!

2670 days ago

J Byrd    

HAAAA!! What a stupid beyotch!!!
Pay the person you strung out drunk dingbat! Nuff Said!!!

2670 days ago


Probably a safe bet that she was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol as to why Bach left the scene of an accident. Bach has this delusional thought that using cameras will aid her in getting what she wants or make someone else look guilty for her gain. All this proves is just how calculating & demented Bach is. The woman should have camcordered Bach and her crew at her front door & called the police immediately - filing trespassing and harassment charges.

This behavior only adds to the mix as to why she refuses to take court ordered drug testing to this day!! Pull some of this plastic surgery bimbo's hair & get a drug history of her stat! All this bottomfeeder living off a celebrities money deserves is a straight jacket & new home, a jail cell!!

2670 days ago


No wonder the Hoff drank, this woman is a mess. She needs help. I feel sorry for her as she is a lost soul. She probably lost her identity being married to Hoff and now finds if difficult to be a total person. When she hit the parked car, she should have dailed 911 on her cell and reported it. Simple. BUT, if she was on drugs or alcohol, she wouldn't want to make contacts. I believe that Hoff got the girls, because she is so unstable and I now believe she released the tape that must have broke the heart of the girls. I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. It would be horrible if she killed herself or someone else in desperation when it was so obvious she needed help.

2670 days ago


Restraining order is needed and up the price with additional papers for undue harrassment.

2670 days ago


Celebrities just hurt people and get away with it. I'm sick of it. I wish they would throw them ALL in jail.

And why wasn't this dealt with in January? Why wasn't Ms. Bach booked back then? She's only being booked now as retaliation for releasing that video of Hoff drunk and eating a hamburger. If not for that, Bach would have gotten away with hit and run, because in LA the police/judges treat you differently if you are a celebrity, or married to one.

If you visit an area with celebrities be sure to have a cell phone camera ready, or install a hidden camera in your car. It's your ONLY protection if you get hurt. Better yet, just stay away from celebrity hangouts. It's not worth it.

I hope Bach, Lindsay and Nicole all go to jail for their crimes.

2670 days ago


Come on sweetie...don't you want to be the star in my show? I know poor, normal people like you need someone like me to help you out of that poverty slump you're in. Looks like you screwed that up too.

2670 days ago


This incident described by the vicim was shown on TV - on a cable station. Bach appeared to be drunk or stoned--she was on something. Her behavior was aggressive and inappropriate. If I were he victim, I would not have open the door either.

The Hoff is looking mighty good. Maybe she drove him to drink.

2670 days ago


One word about Pamela Bach.....PATHETIC!!!

2670 days ago
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