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Brad Renfro Violates Probation

6/30/2007 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More trouble for former child actor Brad Renfro. The 24-year-old star of "The Client" and "Ghost World" was found in violation of his probation after failing to enroll in a drug treatment program. Renfro was ordered into a program after being convicted of attempted heroin possession.

The once-cute kid star was caught trying to purchase the drug back in 2005, and was ordered by a judge to enroll in an 18-month to 3-year rehab program. If he fails to do so, he could face jail time, according to People.


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I am out of the loop...who is this guy????

2638 days ago


Don't know him......this site sure shows alot of nobody's. I thought it was about celebs?

2638 days ago


He's best known for being the main kid in that movie "The Client" with Susan Sarandon. He was also in some other stuff. Cute kid back in the day, but then he got wrapped up in drugs like the rest of 'em...

2638 days ago


Brad Renfro is HOT. I love him in the movie "Tart" (with a young Mischa Barton, Bijou Phillips and Dominique Swaine)

2638 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

I really feel bad about this guy. He is such a talented actor and he got off to such a great start. I first saw him as the young kid in The Client with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. He was 13 when he won that part and never acted before in his life. He did an excellent job in Sleepers, the movie with Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Bacon, Dustn Hoffman and Jason Patric. He play one of four street kids from Hell's Ktichen who were sent to a reformatory where they were molested and abused. Again great job. He also starred in a movie opposite Sir Ian McClellan. I hope he can straighten out his life. He's too young to be over so soon!

2638 days ago

Just sayin'    

"Attempted possession"?? WTF?? How long before "thinking about possibly possessing drugs" becomes illegal?

2638 days ago

D. L. GRAHAM    


BRAD RENFRO (24), Star of "The Client" and "Ghost World" was found in violation of his probation after failing to enroll in a drug treatment program. Renfro was Renfro was ordered into a program after being convicted of attempted heroin possession. But, the question must be asked if Brad Renfro, and all the Celebs. aren't suffering from sever mental/personality disorder?

John Rogers (AP), has come up with the perfect defense for all the Celebs. The Not guilty by reason of mental/personality disorder, of those in the upper social tier. That they suffer from a self-important, self-absorbed, self-centered, egotistic, narcissism, not caring about the impact of their behavior on others, is due to their age and the development of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls judgment, which doesn't fully develop until people are in their (20s), and when Alcohol or drugs (prescribed or illegal) are added creating a dangerous mixture, tending to impact that area of the brain ... which has to do with judgment and decision making, individuals become unaware, or they just deny, that they are impaired.

Very Respectfully,
D. L. Graham
El Cajon, San Diego, CT. CA.

2638 days ago


loks like he will be friends and cellmate with Tom Sizmore at the Paris Hilton Inn @ Los Angeles

2638 days ago


looks like he will be staying in the Paris Hilton Inn

2638 days ago


"Attention all shoppers, we have a little boy here looking for his mother."

2638 days ago

Little Bit    

Brad was also in 'Bully' and 'Apt Pupil'
Didn't he get arrested for joy riding a boat or something? He was living with his
Grandmother when the cops got him.

2638 days ago


#3, I hate to complain, but " I thought it was about celebs" is a statement, not a question. It drives me nuts (albeit a short drive!) when people end statements with question marks.

2638 days ago


This is sad. Brad Renfro is an extremely talented actor and I hope that he straightens his problems out soon. It would be a great loss if he didn't.

Best of luck to him.

2638 days ago


This guy is so cute...I miss seeing him in films.

2638 days ago

jennifer o.    

poor kid. Hes got so much talent. Its a shame its all gone downhill for him.
Child actors are notorious for becoming drug addicts or alcholics. Theres just too much pressure put on them to perform. I hope he gets the help he needs and can recover from this. Maybe he'll go on to win many awards for his acting. Sean Penn was a bad boy too and look at him now. It can be turned around.
have a great weekend!

2638 days ago
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