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Brad Renfro Violates Probation

6/30/2007 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More trouble for former child actor Brad Renfro. The 24-year-old star of "The Client" and "Ghost World" was found in violation of his probation after failing to enroll in a drug treatment program. Renfro was ordered into a program after being convicted of attempted heroin possession.

The once-cute kid star was caught trying to purchase the drug back in 2005, and was ordered by a judge to enroll in an 18-month to 3-year rehab program. If he fails to do so, he could face jail time, according to People.


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kim suck    

never heard of this FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2675 days ago


in reply to sasha comments its not very nice to call ANYONE a freak, the guy obv needs help!

2675 days ago


I have never heard of this guy. I thought TMZ was about celebs?

2674 days ago


Brad, we represented you the first time around with the boat theft. Then again for your probation violation. What are you doing??? You are now a young man who can earn a decent living. You were great in the client with Susan. You came from a back water country from a really poor family and you could have done it for your family, but you did not. Shame on you. Selfish boy. Always remember Ft. Lauderdale and how we tried to help you.

2674 days ago


I love brad Renfro. Even if he had a problem back in 2005, I have never heard of anyone being forced to take 3 years of rehab! That's crazy!! He is a very talented actor and not a "nobody" like some idiot posted on here. Imagine being a child that young with that much money and not knowing what to do with it? He is an amazing actor and just because he made a mistake doesn't mean people should come on here and bash him. I guess some of you live in a glass house.

Brad - you still have fans that love and support you. We are even bright enough to know that people make mistakes. I hope that your comeback is bigger than ever!

2674 days ago


This guy is truly a talented actor. It is really a sad situation that he is involved in drugs and that the drugs are running his life. He needs to reconize he has a problem and that problem is destroying his life. Then he needs to accept treatment to help him clean up his act. If he will do this and can get proper treatment he can recover and become sober to live a long life instead of heading down a road of self destruction. I wish him lots of luck and help to get there.

2674 days ago

Miklos Dora    

Brad Renfro starred in the movie "Bully" which was a true story about a bunch of messed up kids from Florida, who decided to "off" a bully played by Nick Stahl. Renfro plays the picked on "surf dude" whose girlfriend convinces him that Nick Stahl's character (Bobby)
has got to go.

It was directed by Larry Clark, who directed "Kids." I got so sucked up into the performances, I felt like I was actually there when they stabbed and beat the kid to death.
I was so affected by it, I couldn't sleep. Renfro played the lead, as he did with
Sir Ian McClellan in "Apt Pupil," holding his own with the screen great. It's really a crying shame that he's "riding the dragon." His talent is undeniable. And as for the person who referred to him as, "Who's Brad Renfro?" Watch a movie once in a while and show some compassion. We're all guilty of some addiction.

2674 days ago

Miklos Dora    

Brad was brilliant as the long suffering "friend" of Nick Stahl in "Bully." God...what a movie. He totally held his own with Sir Ian McClelland in "Apt Pupil." No small feat. For the idiots who think he's a freak and a nobody, go to a movie once in a while. And quit being so self righteous. We all have addictions and demons. No one get's a "free ride."
Show a little compassion and it will come back to you...ten fold.

2674 days ago


So many so called 'star' are on drugs or alcohol nowdays. Goes to show you that money doesn't make you a better person. They have a larger bank account, but they are just as f'd up as anybody else. And sad little Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears are complete train wrecks.

And these are who some people want their kids to look up to as role models? Have mercy!!

2674 days ago


He was GREAT in The Cure, in which he played a young boy who befriends another boy with AIDS when no one else would. It's sad that he's in the throes of such a powerful disease. I hope that Brad gets the help he needs to heal.

2674 days ago


He's from califronia so he SUCKS! That so called FILM about about FLORIDA losers wuz baad. He sucks,he's gay.

2674 days ago


He blows me every night....drugged out cool homo.

2674 days ago


send this little prick to the slammer for a while it will do him and his ego some good.

2674 days ago


I hate to hear this about this young man.First saw him in "The Client" and in several other movies since.However,he had a rough start.From what I remember he got the part in the Client when they were looking for a boy who could play the part of a street wise poor wight kid with a messed up childhood,a police officer suggested Brad as he was known to them.At that time he was living with his Grandmother(dont remember where the parents were) but obviously already had a bit of an unusual childhood.He was great in The Cliet b/c you could believe him ( he could relate, so he was very believable).If his parents were out of the picture then they probably had problems.I hope if that is the case he does not follow in their footsteps. I hope he can get it together as I thought he has acted well in everything he has been in.

2674 days ago


In reference to Posts 31 and 32

You are an idiot. First of all he is NOT from California and second of all he is not gay. Your comments were immature and people like you are the reason that these forums eventually get taken away or monitored. Just keep hiding behind your computer screen and remember that what goes around always comes back around, loser.

2674 days ago
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