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Cameron Diaz: Homewrecker?

6/30/2007 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Criss Angel's wife, Joanne Sarantakos, filed for divorce yesterday in a Long Island court. She claims that their 15-year marriage, which Angel insisted was kept secret to boost his image to women, was destroyed by his freaky fame and his recent relationship with blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz.

The Post reports that Sarantakos' lawyer will subpoena Diaz for the divorce trial. For his part, neither Angel nor his lawyer have denied the affair.

Howard Hails Cabbie Off the Air

"Crazy Cabbie" was fired from the Howard Stern Show by Sirius Satellite Radio after claiming he was in possession of a Howard Stern sex tape. Cabbie, whose real name is Lee Mroszak, says he destroyed the tape after talking to his mother, and told Page Six that he believes he was actually fired because of a pending lawsuit against the Stern show from 157 Ignite, a weight loss drug that Mroszak shills. 157 Ignite is suing after Stern claimed on-air that Mroszak looked fatter after using their product.

Artificial Spice

The Spice Girls will have a little extra help -- thank God and technology -- on their upcoming reunion tour. According to the Daily Mail, the Spices will be using a high-tech computer program to enhance and digitally fix their voices when they sing live. Now if only the same could be done for their outfits.

Party Favors...In with Audra, out with Merrin...

According to TV Guide's Ausiello Report, Audra McDonald was chosen to replace Merrin Dungey as Kate Walsh's BFF on the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff, "Private Practice."


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criss is so hot & sexy!!!! cameron she's getting to be a old hag

2680 days ago


Double Standard: I can't stand Angelina J. so I call her whatever fits the moment.. But you need to get your facts straight. I don't know about Nicole. K. dating Tom C. when he was still married to MiMi..But he was divorced from Nicole when he was with Penelope C. Brad wasn't married to Gweneth when he started seeing Aniston. Julia was wrong also, in my book, even tho I still like her. With Angelina, I think theres more hate, because she was so blatant about what they were doing, her and Brad both were. They had absolutely no consideration for Jennifers feelings at all. They threw thier relationship in her face..disgusting. And they are media hos to boot.

2680 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    


Interesting, isn't it, TMZ and it's fans pick on females almost with few exceptions.
But lets do 'get real' here --- the audience here are very likely mostly females. And the comment boards here are almost all *female on female* attacks when views clash. (I've seen a few males get in on that action, but rarely.)

So....we ~are~ kinda still living in 1907 in some respects.
And remember, The Equal Rights Amendment wasn't defeated by men but by -women. Sad but true. Until and unless females bond like males who do protect and defend each other much better than females do, we will continue to live with the same ol' crap we take and the same ol' crap we even dish to each other.

TMZ really proves my point on a daily basis and they do it at the lowest possible level. IOW, with no boundaries, ~~ANYthing goes~~, which make female celebs (even their kids) nowadays vulnerable to fictional but highly titillating 'news'. If details of a female celebs' life are even partially true sometimes that's even more harmful to them......meanwhile (and using Bach/Hoffman as an example here), TMZ takes off on an obvious campaign to literally destroy the 'HO'-female target when we have actual proof the male is a known sloppy out-of-control drunk. No matter to TMZ, and their commenters, though! Gotta *get* that "HO"-female Bach, right?

Bach/Hoffman, like as I said, only an example...but I could list a few others. Another would be Bassinger and Baldwin. Again, we had proof of a very sick *male*. TMZ initially reported the obvious but because they were pissed off Bassinger wouldn't give them any tips or 'return' their nagging calls, they wasted no time at all in starting the revengeful Hate-'HO'-Kim campaign.
Virgie Arthur -- same deal. She didn't want to talk to TMZ so they fired on her daily there for a while....however their *male* ANS saga members were almost sainted by TMZ. (Birkhead, especially)
"HO"-Britney Spears -- come on now...what bad things she doesn't do to herself TMZ makes sure they do it for her. I'll stop at Britney, though..because she's a prime victim and receiver of "HO" by TMZ and it's mostly *female* commenters.

'tis why I find this place only good for an occasional visit.. It sure is one hellava ugly scene here at TMZ. Maybe one day the female-celebs TMZ targets and enough female readers here will raise enough outcry to change things. This I know, it's time for females to stop calling other females "HO".

Have a great weekend, Ladies. :)

2680 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

32. post 31 Your an idoit.The word hoe is an reflection.," get some money from him"for what?being a hoe?

by Send lLohan to jail

I suggest you do your homework instead of playing on the internet. Your English teacher called me last week to say you failed your last three spelling tests. We gave you a dictionary for Christmas, missy! Time to dust it off and get cracking!



p.s. Your typing teacher isn't too happy with you, either. Get straight with this, shape up or no more internet!

2680 days ago


It seems as TMZ posts a lot of crap.. The Daily Mail comes up with these stories just to sell papers in the U.K. It's considered as toilet paper there, so maybe you shouldn't quote them. TMZ sucks my hairy toes..! *point & pout*

2680 days ago


Angel is a real creep-a-zoid... Diaz RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

2680 days ago


Cam... if you knew this guy was married, I'm disappointed in you. If he sort of... didn't mention it, you now see his true character and what mess he's gotten you involved in. Walk away before you REALLY get hurt.

Crazy Cabbie... all those who believe he really burned his only copy of that tape, I have a bridge to sell you.

Spices... using a computer to enhance and "fix" voices makes one question true talent. You gals could just stay home and get paid while the computer goes on tour.

2680 days ago

Funny Answers    

Hey #35 Someone! I have my facts straight. I worked wardrobe on Days of Thunder, where Tom and Nichole met. I also worked wardrobe on Vanilla skys, a movie made by Tom C. and Penelope C. just about a year before he left Nichole. You need to read more.
Just Admit you do not like Angelina, not for what she did, Jennifer was not p.g. like Julia's guys was, althought Nichole K. was p.g., and sadly lost her baby. It is okay not to like someone, it just is funny you think that what happened between Brad/Jen/Angelina is so bad, but no someone like Rite Wilson,(facts from article by Hanks himself), Julia Roberts, etc. You must have something lacking to have hate for someone you don't know. Yet you love and care for another, you don't know. What happened between all those couple really is not my business, nor it is your, but you need to research why your hate is so strong. Something is lacking....... Judge lest you be judged yourself. Just as you judged me, without knowing my connnection to these people. Think a bit. What is bad actions by one, is still bad actions by the ones we like and or love.
Have a good life, really.

2680 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I am going to have to stand up for Cameron Diaz. Nobody knew that he was married until the wife. filed. As far as I've seen, Cameron wouldn't say schitt if she had a mouthful. She's a classy lady. She wouldn't do that.

2680 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

This is the way I see it..jennifer innocently waved goodbye to her husband that was going out of town to work on a film for a few months with this very adept husband thief and when he returned he declares that he is now involved with this succubs and she's in and jen you are lets bring the same scenario into the real world where the rest of us live..ladies your husband goes to the office and a few months later he tells you that he is in love with his secretary and he wants a divorce..get it now? this is why ppl hate angelina..these predatory females are in the work place..they are there and you are not and make no mistake they want your husband..

2680 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Yup that's exactly what Tori Spelling did!!!

2680 days ago


#43? his wife was on his freaking show. she's credited with his last name. how do you not know.

2680 days ago


I know alot about Criss Angel and from what i know he has been divorced from his wife for over a year now. So i do not think cameron broke up his marriage because he was already divorced.

2680 days ago


i think people ned to leave criss alone and let hm live his life.

2680 days ago


Who in the world is going to see the Spice Girls in concert???? Really!!
Please Simon...give it up. They are rubbish.

2680 days ago
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