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Fake Paris, Real iPhone

6/30/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Paris is out of the pokey, what's the fake Paris to do? Well get an iPhone, of course! Natalie Reid waltzed past the waiting masses to get her very own iPhone yesterday and taunted TMZ cameramen with a sneak peak at her coveted new toy.

She then went on to tell her adoring public all about the fake charity work that she would be engaging in as a rep for an organization called Operation Smile, that works for "cancer kids with AIDS" and kids "deformed from alcohol syndrome." There really is a charity called Operation Smile that repairs childhood facial deformities of poverty-stricken people around the world. Real funny.


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Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

O.K. it is no longer cute or funny..your 15 minutes are up! Time to find something else to do!

2643 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

Shame on her for using the name of Operation Smile in such a way. It is a wonderful organization. In the US we take such surgeries for granted. When was the last time you say a kid or adult with a cleft palate in America? Even poor people can have the work done here. But in other countries, kids born this way are shunned and ridiculed and are sometimes even made to walk around with paper bags on their heads so that they don't offend others. Many of them never go to school or even leave the house. Send Operation Smile a few bucks and you can completely change the life of a child and family.

2643 days ago


What a ass.............she should just crawl back under the rock from which she came

2643 days ago

Not too shocked    

Confirm or deny -

That girl used to be a boy.

2643 days ago


They should totally make a trainwreck show called, "Reid sisters," and follow Natalie and Tara around on their drunken adventures!

2643 days ago


Holy crap, she makes the real Paris Hitlon look like Albert Einstein. Is she for real?! WTF?!! She is a straight up jackass.

2643 days ago


Ya know, look like Paris all you want. Pretend to be Paris. Get a new cell phone. But don't go degrading actual charities. Thats just skanky.

2643 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

So what. Good grief, TMZ, that's the best you can do?????

But since you give me yet another opportunity I won't complain.

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TMZ, right there you expose yourselves as unreliable and deceptive. Wondering, is there rehab for your lie-abilities? ;)

But don't fret, I'm rather sure a couple of obstacles to posting here won't prevent the fraternizers from expressing themselves.
Why just look at your 'comments' tally -- proof right there. ;)

Actually, truth is, I'm just jealous. Wishing I'd had the moxie to have thought up such a celeb -breaking-news site myself! But hey...I DO know I wouldn't impede my visitors by having them go through email aerobics to make a comment. So, please (pretty please?) fix the prob. thanks much, ~squeaky :)

2643 days ago


I will state the obvious ..this B!tch looks nothing like Paris. At very best she looks no more like Paris than many other people and the fact that she would base her life on being like someone who does nothing with her life is among the most pathetic things in the world. I'm going to Anderson Cooper this chick and say she SUCKS.

2643 days ago


Wow, that girl is a skank! Why is she being covered? She is more of a no one that me.

2643 days ago


I am sick to death hearing about Paris hilton. Is there no body else in this world worth talking about? She was just a drunken W**** who finally went to jail. I doubt she learned any thing. Let us please get on with life and talk about some thing moe important. These Holly wood people are just movie stars with a lot of money and nothing to do to help this world, but fly around the world and get smashed. BID DEAL. Lets talk about some thing importsnt. ok? There is a war on remember and bad car bombings in england. Let us help these people. These starlets will just keep on getting drunk and smashing every thing about them, including their lids if they have any. Hogan will be dead soon. So be ready for that one to be gone. Clean up Hollywood.

2643 days ago


seriously tmz, find something better to report on. i'd much rather actually hear about paris hilton than this ugly freak who has nothing better to do with her life.

2643 days ago


Do people honest mistake her for Paris? While she has the (maybe former) speecha nd mannerisms down, she doesn't look anything like her!

2642 days ago


Why must TMZ report on anything about this he/she Paris wannabe lookalike!!?!??! And also, her face looks like it is made out of silly putty, she's ugly, obnoxious, and needs to get a freakin' LIFE! What has she EVER done in Hollywood other than appear in one 10 minute segment of The Simple Life?????

2642 days ago


Wow she acts stupid!
She does not look like Paris, Paris is way to pretty, this girl is way to ugly!
Paris Rocks!!!
Nataile sucks!!!!

2642 days ago
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