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Paris: Poor Penmanship but an Ace Artiste!

6/30/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, lady blog Jezebel had Paris Hilton's jail-time note examined by expert handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz. According to Kurtz, Paris' scrawl style reveals a, uh, troubled soul. "Rarely do we see an independent adult write with such diminished capacity of comprehension," said Kurtz. So she's no Soren Kierkegaard." Harsh!

This week, the gals at Jezebel took Paris' artistic merits to task, and had Paris' drawing for TMZ's own Harvey Levin analyzed by acclaimed contemporary art expert James Romberger. His findings? She's a regular Frida Kahlo! Paging Mary Boone!

Says Romberger: [Paris] linework demands a new genre. Poignant and unintentionally surreal, heavily-laden with encoded symbology. He calls her work, "post-modernist-ish insider/outsider Art."

And that's art with a capital "A"!


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If I had drawn that, they'd label me a tard.

2669 days ago


What do you expect from a non-grad? Her interview with Larry King is being called the worst interview of all time.

2669 days ago


Whats wrong with the letter? I don't get it...

2669 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

What's wrong with the letter other than it looks like a 5 y.o. wrote it! She is a 26 y.o. H.S. drop out. She probably had a guard help her with the spelling!

2669 days ago


She draws like a 10-year-old. Get real.

2669 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

She gave Larry a b.j. just before the interview. Notice he didn't confront her for lying about drugs and "reading the bible"?

2669 days ago


How pathetic!Paris some talent???Exuse me exept sucking pinus this basically the only thing she is maby good in but, sorry isn't she single?I wonder why?If she is so great then how strange?

2669 days ago


No, that's retarded douchebag with a capital RD.

2669 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Good lord, TMZ is reporting on Paris' handwriting analysis, and doodle analysis. Next - doodie analysis. Surely after a Friday night something else happened concerning someone else. Anyway, who is this Paris person?


2669 days ago

stop the madness    

Larry King had triple ratings when she was on,somthing like 3million people

2669 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

i dont get wats wrong with the letter either and she was in horrible pain and claustrophobia neway who real;ly belives u can analyze handwriting that well?????i think the drawing iz artistic and cool id like it on a tshirt lol

2669 days ago


Paris AND Kathy Hilton are both from trash roots. Both have NO shame, it seems. But I really do think it must bother them. All of NYC society (Bev Hills too!) laughs at Kathy Richards Hilton (daughter of trailer-woman Big Kathy)

2669 days ago


I seriously don't understand why people can not leave her alone. Especially TMZ since she wrote them this letter. How about you not criticize it, and Thank her for how many stories she has given you.

2669 days ago


She is so hypocrit!That's why, TMZ isn't stupid ok they r earning some monney with her stupid life but they also still want to show the world how mental she is , like doing picture as if she was 10 years old!

2669 days ago


I'm not a Paris fan, however trying to compare her to Kierkegaard is like comparing blood to air. She didn't have spell check in jail. 99% of writers have editors and lovely word perfect to set them straight. The grammar police are always on the look out with their pocket protectors and hand helds hoping and praying they can catch someone using then instead of than or grammer instead of grammar. For the people who live in the real world who compare trust funds and implants and the car they drive, the geek set, those who spend most their days online trying to dream up something witty to say judging anyone who might confuse past with present tense really do need to go outdoors and let the sun shine on their cheeks a little. Take a long deep breath of fresh air, exhale and run back inside their nice cozy corner office and bitch back at me because I'm using a run on sentence. Give her hell for the illegal stuff she does. Kick her ass for the wrong she does but in the meantime, let's chase the Grammar Police and beat them to death with their multicolor Sharpies. Who needs 'em?

2669 days ago
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