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A Week in the Thirty Mile Zone

7/1/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Britney's dressing room reveal, to Tim McGraw's pregnancy, to the jail art of Miss Hilton, it was a hot week in pictures in the Zone!

Click on in to our Sunday gallery of fun -- and relive the love that was the wacky end of another June. Kim Kardashian's wacky end included!

Want more? Of course you do! Cruise on in to our "Ballin' Pimpmobiles" and "Monstah Bling" galleries!

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No Avatar

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Ugh, Ugh

2671 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

What the hell is brooke hogan doing? Is she squatting down here? How ladylike. Is she trying (note: I say TRYING) to be sexy? Is she taking a dump? What's her deal? If I were her dad, I'd be bitchslapping her bigtime right now...

2671 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Choppa from Da Band, LOL... That dude was funny as hell.

2671 days ago

Kris Peterson    

Why do you guys keep subjecting me to these low lives?

2671 days ago

jProud American Author    

Sadly a slow yucky week in Hollywood. Really could use some GOOD news about the celebs.

2671 days ago


Serena Williams arms look like a wrestlers--Paris Hilton's art looks like "simple interpretations" equals a "simple thought processing mind". Britney Spears is still on
something or she just doesn't care what pictures and behavior her boys will have to read
and see when they grow up. I feel sorry for Faith Hill, having to sleep next to -"that belly".

2671 days ago


how old is that Brit picture? In the video with her serving mom legal papers TMZ ran this week she looks MUCH FATTER and it is impossible to lose that much weight in on week

2671 days ago

Ivana Jercough    

Why would someone put jewelry in their mouth, call it 'bling', and wanna be a gangsta. This country has adopted the Black Urban culture as sold to us by the record companies and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

It is time we reclaim this country and pop the zit that is the bangsta lifestyle with all its accouterments, ebonics and misogynous messages.

Thank you

2671 days ago


On Paris Hilton:

As someone who used to work in the entertainment industry in L.A.—and in Beverly Hills -- let me explain to just how the PR reps and publicists work.

For someone like Hilton, every move is scripted and choreographed. Her demeanor when she left Lynnwood came as no surprise…neither did the promise in her claims to have “found God…I’m going to change,” etc. Her interview with King, of course, was a total disaster. The promise fell far short of the reality and she was the butt of jokes throughout the media as a result. The maneuvering and behind-the-scenes machinations by her reps and her parents for media interviews and coverage at a price only added fuel to the flames. Every respected newscaster and journalist knew what was going on and resented the media coverage hype, manipulation, etc.

Her departure for Hawaii in that “disguise” was also very obvious. Everyone was fed up with hearing about Hilton…a fact of which she and her reps are very much aware. That ridiculous outfit only called attention to her and the premise of, “I am hiding from the media.” Had she not gone away for a while, her “career” would be in the toilet.

Every step she has taken has been completely predictable. If I were Hilton – and I’m glad I’m not – I would fire her reps and her parents, and start thinking about some serious damage control. Cleaning up her act would be a good way to start.

2671 days ago


is this some funny thing to watch?
dunno but after Paris Im afraid that Im gonna have to re-consider this site. I mean, it's a nice site but without Paris is kinda ... boring.

Paris made lots of people rich (for a minute), including that CNN guy.. and this site as well.

oh.. and I didn't like the sudden change: before Paris was some sort of some ..idiot and then all of the sudden.. after she said "HI" to tmz.. and sent that cute note then she's smart again?


people do change, for the money mainly

anyhow, it was fun but now that the (Paris) wagon is gone I don't see the fun watching this guy dentures

wow.. what a difference

2671 days ago

stop the madness    

All that crap in his mouth looks bad.With all the poor pepole we hear about you think he would do somthing more worth while with his money

2671 days ago


Virginia said it well.

but you forget one thing: it's not like Paris Hilton is some .. nobody in the need of media attention to make a living LOL

'cause she's already (how can I say this?..) rich?


2671 days ago


Who is the idiot with the monster teeth? What a retard!

2671 days ago


Paris Photo....

Eyes look like Larry Birkhead's daughter....

Never cease praying for this child now that her father has merged with her mother's lawyer-companion. I've seen where Anna Nicole's aspirations were to have her (model) so one can only imagine how this little girl's childhood will be violated by the wishes of the lawyer-companion disguised as "Anna's Wishes". Will she be fed Flurtz "hot" chocolate to ensure her success along the way? We don't need another Jon-Benet on the planet!

Larry Birkhead, where has your head been in recent months or were you cut out of the same cloth as the inner circle and we were simply fooled by Debra Opri's creation of an illusion? If this baby was so treasured by you as the biological father, why would you join up with your enemies on behalf of (money) and refuse (arbitration) on behalf of the disputed lawyer's bill? Whether you like it or not, you owe your first attorney (pay something) on behalf of the acquisition of your daughter. If it were not for her and Judge Seidlin, you would not have your daughter with you right now as she would continue to be harbored in The Bahamas with the lawyer-companion and domestic help.

2671 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Tim McGraw, damn man. What the hell you been chumpin on? Even if you are pushing your gut out it has to be pretty damn big to look like that. Put that nasty thing away. I don't think the song "Live like you were dieing" means treating your body like a trash dumpster.

2671 days ago
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