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"Apprentice" Girl: Trump Has a Massive ... Ego!

7/2/2007 6:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apprentice loser Jenn Hoffman was all smiles at the Operation Smile event on Saturday ... except when it came to her hair-raising feelings for the Donald! You're fired up!

Though she admits she's still bitter about being fired, it's her lingering disdain for Trump's bloated ego that kept the reality reject chatting up a storm. While Donald might disagree, Jenn's guess is that Donald's ego was far too big for the show to continue. She's over the combover!

Oh! She also says Omarosa's Playboy cover-gracing days are trashy. No argument there.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Ya think?

2671 days ago


got to have ego, because looks sure not there.......

2671 days ago


Honestly, it did not take this woman to give us this "breaking news". A real "DUH".

2671 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Stating the obvious. Why do we care?????????????????????????????????

2671 days ago


If she went on a "Reality Show"..specially one hosted by Donald Trump... then she is one truly Stupid person......

2671 days ago


Get over yourself, honey.

You're just another loser....

2671 days ago


These reality show rejects should remain rejected from the celebrity news. Their fame clock has run out. If reality show rejects are the best that Operation Smile can get then the organization is in deep publicity trouble.

2671 days ago

ireland bassinger    


Man you guys try real hard to fullfill that "everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame"

2671 days ago

Cat Stevns    


2671 days ago


she is not a brain surgeon, but she is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2671 days ago


If I had Trumps money and success I would have an ego too.

2671 days ago

just me    

In the span of little more than a decade The Donald has come back from business bankruptcy and the brink of personal bankruptcy to amass a fortune (by conservative estimates) worth $3 billion dollars. Seems Trump's oversized ego translates into super-confidence, super-enthusiasm, and a superduper drive and ability to amass wealth. The Donald was right. Jenn Hoffman is a loser. An "Apprentice" contender who faults such an ego was no candidate for the job.

2671 days ago

4 cents worth    

Yes, I'm sure we are all thinking, "Please, tell us something that we do not already know!!"
Why though, must some respond with "Why do we care," "You're just another loser," and numerous other derogatory remarks directed at just about any contestant or article that appears?
To the posters who indicate that no one cares about the show anyway.... You are the ones who care, right along with each and every single one of us who posts to this article. We can deny it all we want, but if we truly did not care in some sort of fashion, then why in the world would be bother to post our random thoughts on some message board?
We may not watch the Apprentice, but if we were honest and truly did not care anything about it as some protest, then we would have disregarded the article completely and gone about our busy and fulfilling lives. We surely would not have bothered to waste our time reading some random article pertaining to some unknown person on a show that we couldn't care less about, not to mention going to the trouble of taking a minute of our valuable and precious time to post some anonymous comment on a Internet board.
While it's true that the majority of people are no longer interested in the Apprentice (and numerous other reality based programs that are flooding the stations), there are those out there who, for whatever reason do still care and enjoy a variety of these types of programs or they would not be responding to the article.
I'm sure that you already know the best way to show your disdain and lack of interest in a program or for that matter anything else is simply to not watch it, buy tabloids pertaining to it, and definitely do not post any responses to articles regarding it.
As far as the post by "Steve-O," he may want to reevaluate his thoughts a little ,,,,, At least the participants went to the trouble of applying, being selected and actually taking part in the Apprentice, which is more than I'm sure we can say about any of us who are posting here today.
It is very easy to sit in our homes or offices and anonymously post away our thoughts and rants, but why some feel the need or desire to attack people in their posts is beyond me. Not to mention, the people who the comments are directed at are much too busy with their own professional lives to care about what some random, unknown person posts on a board that they will never ever see, read, or even hear about. Could it be that jealousy or envy drives these posters? Perhaps, it is simply that these posters must take their frustration out on someone and are the same ones who take their bad days out on the salespeople, bank tellers, waiters and other innocent people they come across in the course of their daily lives???? Or, have a comment for everything and feel that we must put our 2 cents in, myself included. Possibly, we assume (albeit wrongly) that there are other's out there in cyber-land who care what we have to say or think.
You may very well be able to say that you couldn't careless and would never be caught dead on any of the reality shows, but I seriously doubt that. True, not many of us would willingly subject ourselves to Trump's ego, made for TV comments, or a program that he is associated with in any way, but that aside, I'm sure that there is at least one reality show among the multitude that given the opportunity, many of us would jump at the chance to compete on.
Don't worry, before you even get your hot keys flying on your keyboard in response to my post, you do not need to tell me, I already know ,,,, WHO CARES ,,,,, LOSER and ALL OF THE OTHER NEGATIVE COMMENTS YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE.

2671 days ago


Helllooo... At least she has a sense of humor about everything! It appears that she is just being playful about Donald Trump. I watched The Apprentice and I remember Jenn as nice, being funny and good natured. Not one of the psycho or idiots. She was laughing when she got fired. I liked her even though she was a bit quiet on the show. I can't imagine she is really bitter about being fired. Unless she changed her mind after the show. Either way it's a slow news day if we are talking about Trump. But I still like The Apprentice.

2671 days ago


"Bloated" is a good word to describe Trump from his ego to his waistline.

2671 days ago
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