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Lindsay Parties -- Legally!

7/2/2007 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan took a break from rehab to party on her 21st birthday. Can I see some ID?

Family members, including mommie dearest Dina and lil' sis Ali, showed up to a Malibu beach house this afternoon, bearing gifts for the birthday gal. Other guests were spotted carrying presents in Hermes and Louis Vuitton shopping bags, and a special delivery from Versace was seen arriving to the home as well. The sober starlet sure does love her high fashion!

TMZ caught Lindsay running into the party after exiting a white Mercedes. Lilo left the shindig just an hour later, only to return after 30 minutes -- this time in a Range Rover. Luckily for Malibu residents, at no time was Linds driving.

Feliz cumpleaños
, La Lohan!


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Jemima Puddleduck    

What a waste of oxygen Lohan and family are. Drugged out, drunk, whore is all I see. Can someone please explain to me why so many people think she is such a great actress? She is the same low class diva in all her performances.

2608 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Once again, Boy Howdy is flabbergasted at all of the negativity! Honestly - next in line (for what? one can only imagine...) - if you think Lindsay is low class, you know the old saying: "takes one to know one." And Conservative Avenger - are you really Ann Coulter? Only a Nazi like you would offer your stellar parenting skills to the masses! And finally, dear Anonymous (what orginality in a screen name!) - thank you so very, very much for letting us all know that you don't plan to purchase any Lohan merchandise! I was terribly worried that you might go out and do something stupid like see a LiLo movie! Whew - good luck with your boycott - I'm sure you'll start a trend.

LiLo and DiLo - may God bless and much, much wealth, health and happiness. Peace and love, brothers and sisters!

2608 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Boy Howdy, you are an idiot.

2608 days ago

juego de casino    

i am so happy for lindsay.
she is 21. yhea

2608 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Why, seemingly normal, I'll bet you're a member of the Upstanding Citizens Brigade! You calling me an idiot is like LiLo even considering calling you anything! Now, dear, head on back to Sudoku puzzle - sooner or later you'll figure it out!

Hugs and kisses!

2608 days ago

jim lyle    

The President (of the United States) commuted the sentence of Scooter Libbey so that he won't do any prison time for lying to a Grand Jury under oath. Oh, and there's a war going on. I'm afraid "Lindz" might have an addiction problem! Welcome to Holly wood, you cattle. A spoiled bitch with problems gets better coverage than soldiers risking their lives and having limbs blown off! I wish TMZ and others would spend this much time finding out what lobbyists are spending the most time with our politicians or uncovering how we got talked into the longest war in US history. A war with people who NEVER attacked us. Americans should be outraged about what's going on in government, on both sides, not outraged at Paris' prison term.

2607 days ago

jim lyle    

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced is so very in touch with the celeb scene! Please don't drag the entire Gay scene down with you (should I add a "girl" to make you more comfortable). I'm gay and believe that Lindsay Lohan is a classless and talentless bimbo. Actions speak louder than words. Her actions have not displayed a lot of maturity or class. She stormed out of the screening of "Herbie" cursing ,during the biggest scene of the film debut because her song had not been chosen for the race sequence. She's been stumbling around doing coke, having sex and drinking (illegally) in public for years.
Her income is based on her ability to stay in the public eye but then she complains about the papparazzi? May I add that if you think the papparazzi is unfair to her, you shouldn't be on the biggest papparazzi dumping site on the web. "takes one to know one", this is your argument over Lohan's level of class. I recommend, "I know you are but what am I?", as a comeback at me.

2607 days ago

jim lyle    

Boy Howdy Cannot be Silenced has made a strong statement with his brilliant, "it takes one to know one" comment! I'd just like to point out that this logic, while elementary (school), is lacking in substance. For instance, you don't need to be white to know that someone is white. You don't have to be female to know that one is female. In BHCBS's case, you don't have to be a star or an informed human being to believe that you are.

2607 days ago

Kwame f    

Lilo will be assassinated in Detroit, MI someday, if goes there!

2607 days ago

rehab police    

okay first she should not have been let out to celebrate. hello....sounds like paris and her little release from jail. she needs to be in the real world like the rest of us. when you go to rehab you do not get out to go to a friggen party! a party which she left and went where??? One can only wonder and put the pieces of this puzzle together. From someone who works in rehab with people like Lindsey she should have stayed at the center to celebrare. Yeah it is no fun but she did not help herself by leaving. As for her going to jail down the road, hate to see it happen but if past behavior is a predictor of future behavior she will be keeping paris cell warm for awhile. As for parents, good parents have kids that get into things. Do not be so quick to judge. Now Lindsey is legal so it will be interesting to watch and see what happens with her. Hopefully, she will save her own life and stay drug and drink free.

2607 days ago

Kwame f    

She also shares a birthday with Ashley Tisdale, who is exactly a year older than Lindsay Lohan. They're both from a Disney background!

Ashley Tisdale was born in 1985.

She is now doing High School Musical 2. Premieres on the Disney Channel in August.

2605 days ago
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