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Lindsay Takes a Break From Taking a Break

7/2/2007 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every girl is entitled to a day of shopping with their friends -- even if she is in rehab!

Lindsay Lohan took a little vacay from Promises on Saturday to hit up trendy boutique Planet Blue in Malibu. Lindsay -- perhaps looking to pick herself up a little bday present -- browsed the shop with a few friends and a bodyguard.

When it came time to leave, LiLo threw on a pair of sunglasses the size of her face, clutched her new iPhone tight, and made her way through the crowd and into a waiting Mercedes.

Is there an Apple store in rehab?


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Jemima Puddleduck    

I'm already sick of this piece of trash and how long has she been out of rehab? Counting the days til she hits the wall again.

2672 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Gee something else to distract her while driving.

2672 days ago


Has she cured cancer yet?

2672 days ago


WHY do some celebrities walk around with their damn cell phone in their hand? They act like they're the only ones with a Black Berry or a new (POS) IPhone. Especially Paris and Lindsey. And I LOOOVE the fake phone calls they're on. You know, the ones when they have the phone glued to their ear when they walk out of a restaurant when they KNOW the STALKarazzi are outside waiting. They NEVER move their lips! Well unless of course they're (pretending) to care about having their picture taken and they yell out something ineffective like "DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE". But what they are ACTUALLY saying is "LOOK AT MEEE, LOOK AT MEEE....I'M A DUMB ASS WHO JUST PAID 6 TIMES TOO MUCH FOR MY NEW PHONE BUT I'M RICH AND CAN AFFORD IT!" Good God they make me SICK!

2672 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

The Papp's are NUTZ......why not just leave her alone....Why not let her get rid of her demons. At least she is doing more to help herself then those other two NUT cases..!

Good Luck Lindy.....

2672 days ago


who ever heard of a rehab letting you go out to shop. i thought when you went to rehab you had to stay in the place. these hollywood brats think they can come and go and still say they were in the place. i think they are full of is her birthday and i bet she will be partying tonite and rehabing tomorrow. give me a break

2672 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

I am so sure her "REHAB" worked. How many times was she in and out for shopping, gym, or whatever.

2672 days ago

stop the madness    

Enough of these wild stars put the trash out!

2672 days ago

John Denver Rules    

Everyone should just leave her alone!!! Let her get better. Additiction recovery is THE hardest thing anyone will ever do. Personally I think she's a great actress, I just hope she can better herself in time for everyone to see that, before she becomes an even bigger joke like brittany & paris.

2672 days ago

solid snake    

that crackhead whore doesnt even deserve to have an iphone...that is her NEW gadget to sniff the yayo on...go someplace and die lindsay...the world would be so much better w/o u

2672 days ago

stop the madness    

Firecrotch !

2672 days ago

stop the madness    

Dont talk and drive thats what Rebeca Gayheart did and she hit and killed a child.

2672 days ago

J Byrd    

So when is her court date for coke possession? How about drunk driving? I hope her career is ruined and she never makes another movie again. Spoiled bitch/party girl.

2672 days ago


To Wench dog..

She probably received the phone from Apple for free to promote it, so I'm guessing shes promoting it for them

good for her!

she looks great also!!

2672 days ago


so is biatch in or out of rehab????
Jail next?????
or a stop at the local bar and her drug dealer's first? i guarantee before her Aug court date she messes up BIG time again and all this rehab that she is doing to stay out of jail, will have been for nothing.......
Let's all drink up for Lindsay!!!!!!

2672 days ago
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