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Mama Spears to Britney - Please Come Home!

7/2/2007 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears may just have told her mom Lynne to stay away from the grandkids, as TMZ reported last week, but Lynne is still begging her to come home for the Fourth of July. Brit's response? Whatever.

The Britmom told People Sunday that she is hopeful that Britney will come to a family cookout back in Kentwood, LA, the family's hometown, and claims that the family is still "strong," and that "everything is going to be fine." Oh, really? Britney told reporters later Sunday that she's "praying for" her mom, and that Lynne's the one who "needs help."

And as for trekking from L.A. to LA for fireworks? "I don't know. I like it here," said Brit, after supping on a bountiful repast of "edamame and coffee."

Spice Bitching Already in Full Flower

The Spice Girls just announced their tour a few days ago, and already the first rumblings of behind-the-scenes bitch-fighting have begun in the British tabs. One source tells the News of the World, "Away from the cameras they are niggling away at each other all vowing to be top dog."
Melanie Brown, aka Scary, aka Eddie Murphy's baby mama, is already ruffling Spicy feathers by showing up late for meetings and events, "acting crazy ... desperate to show off." Another report says that Geri "Ginger" Halliwell and Victoria Beckham (yes, you know) have been sniping behind all the air-kissing, accusing each other of using the tour for their own ends.

Jacko Wanted Folks to Pull His Slot

Michael Jackson had some grand plans for himself in Las Vegas -- including his own self-branded slot machines and that gigantic statue -- but now it all looks like one big flop, according to the guy who tried to put it together. Jack Wishna, the Vegas dealmaker who arranged Jackson's move to Vegas, tells Vegas Confidential that Jacko was "all excited" about his Vegas jaunt, and a "signed contract" that they had to market his slot machines in Europe and Asia, but it all fell apart. Jackson's rep insists that he didn't really want to become an "entertainer" in Vegas, and says that Michael is giving up the lease on the house in which he's been staying.

Party Favors: "Simpsons" Turn 7-Elevens into Kwik-E Marts ... Supreme Reunion for Diana and Mary? ... Stern Not Stoked About "Kung Fu Assassins"

No, it's not brain-freeze afflicting you -- that 7-Eleven really did become a Kwik-E-Mart. The ubiquitous convenience store chain remade a dozen of its stores into the fictional store from "The Simpsons," all in advance of the July 27 opening of the movie. No word if the stores are staffed by Apus ... Could Diana Ross and Mary Wilson be moving toward a Supremes reunion? FOX News reports that Wilson's not so into the idea, but that Ross is, after thanking Mary "especially" at the BET Awards. ... Howard Stern is steaming about a new flick called "Kung Fu Assassins" that features a shock-jock called "Howee" that, among other things, gets kidnapped by his former boss and some martial-artists after leaving his radio station. The director of the movie tells Page Six that despite the perceived diss, he's a "big Stern fan."

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Please stop putting Britney pictures up first thing in the morning. They make my stomach queesy. She has gone downhill so far so fast.

2640 days ago

jProud American Author    

I love TMZ but...yawn...We need more! LOL!

2640 days ago


Wow. First. I wonder if this is how Justin felt when he tapped that the first time.

2640 days ago

Lenn K.    

Michael Jackson just like Mike Tyson just piss away a fortune uncontrollable spending. Wacko is now broke and that's just sad. All that money gone and nothing to show for it. Britney is so old, why are you still covering this person? She hasn't had a record in almost five years, can't sing, to fat dance from the booze and McDonald's. Why is she still news? Spice girls, please NO!!!

2640 days ago


TMZ your stories are becoming more ridiculous by the day. Hire some real journalist who know how to write. This site has become the Jellyroll Britney, Skanky Lindsay, Fat Hayden, Paris, wannabe reality stars, trash yard.

If you really had balls you would publish the writer's of the dumb articles instead of "by TMZ Staff." I guess the staff doesn't want to be associated with this crappy site when they get real jobs.

I don't know who's the biggest tool, Harvey Leven or Larry King... hummmmmm

2640 days ago

Is it Just me?    

I feel sorry for Lynne but really you can't really complain when the monster you helped to create turns around and bites you in the ass.britney is beyond out of control but at this stage there's nothing hermother or anyone can do about it.I think she should step back and get ready to pick up the pieces.Writing a book about the mess that once was Britney Spears is not going to out her in a good position to take care of those boys when Britney hits rick bottom.

2640 days ago


Please leave Britney alone already! Perhaps her mother is the one who needs help (WINK). Let's not bother the poor girl anymore. She'll get it together eventually.

2640 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...................Michael Jackson, LOSER, move on!!!............................

2640 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

#3, J ProundAmericanAuthor.....Quit "pimping" your crap here!!!!...............

2640 days ago


Britney needs to make up with her Mom, she would not have had a career if not for her Mom,, Granted her career is about over now..
It appears she is taking her anger out on the wrong person,,she only has herself to blame for this mess she now calls life..
Her boys need their grandmother in their lives..
I think the only thing Lynn did was try to help and that seems to have backfired..
Only time will tell who is the one with problems,, sooner than later I think..
As far as her Mom living off of Britney wasn't she her manager?
She pushed her when she was young because that is what Britney wanted according to a TV interview I saw a couple of years ago,, At the time Birtney said she never would have made it to California without her Mom..
And this is how you treat your mother??
I'm glad my girls went into the medical field..

2640 days ago


Could Diana Ross and Mary Wilson be moving toward a Supremes reunion? FOX News reports that Wilson's not so into the idea, but that Ross, after thanking Mary "especially" at the BET Awards ...

Uh, but that Ross WHAT? Hello? End of sentence? Harvey, where did you get your fantastic writers? Mrs. Jones' third-grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary School?

2640 days ago


Britney is proving how unbalanced mentally she is, especially with her comments about her mom--the "praying for her mom" lines--you aren't very good at mind games, Brit--just making yourself look like a further fool. Your life and career have tanked and that is your fault---not anyone else's. Besides, treatment has never ruined anyone's career--it saves them. You ruined your career!!!

2640 days ago

Annonymous -    

First of all:

Britney you need to atternd to what's important to you, YOUR FAMILY in Louisiana - Do this for yourself those family members of yours are not going to be around forever - So you better shape up now, or ship out - Get a grip on yourself and go home and visit with your family make ammends, dont cause a rif - If you do cause a scene, you will be dis owned -

2640 days ago


Collectively, Michael and the Jackson 5 had about 30 Top 10 hits during the 70s to 80s

He could pull off a Vegas Act for this generation - especially if he can still dance

2640 days ago

Off The Rack    


"Ross is" this means she is into it...poor construction, but not that hard to understand.

2640 days ago
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