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Mama Spears to Britney - Please Come Home!

7/2/2007 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears may just have told her mom Lynne to stay away from the grandkids, as TMZ reported last week, but Lynne is still begging her to come home for the Fourth of July. Brit's response? Whatever.

The Britmom told People Sunday that she is hopeful that Britney will come to a family cookout back in Kentwood, LA, the family's hometown, and claims that the family is still "strong," and that "everything is going to be fine." Oh, really? Britney told reporters later Sunday that she's "praying for" her mom, and that Lynne's the one who "needs help."

And as for trekking from L.A. to LA for fireworks? "I don't know. I like it here," said Brit, after supping on a bountiful repast of "edamame and coffee."

Spice Bitching Already in Full Flower

The Spice Girls just announced their tour a few days ago, and already the first rumblings of behind-the-scenes bitch-fighting have begun in the British tabs. One source tells the News of the World, "Away from the cameras they are niggling away at each other all vowing to be top dog."
Melanie Brown, aka Scary, aka Eddie Murphy's baby mama, is already ruffling Spicy feathers by showing up late for meetings and events, "acting crazy ... desperate to show off." Another report says that Geri "Ginger" Halliwell and Victoria Beckham (yes, you know) have been sniping behind all the air-kissing, accusing each other of using the tour for their own ends.

Jacko Wanted Folks to Pull His Slot

Michael Jackson had some grand plans for himself in Las Vegas -- including his own self-branded slot machines and that gigantic statue -- but now it all looks like one big flop, according to the guy who tried to put it together. Jack Wishna, the Vegas dealmaker who arranged Jackson's move to Vegas, tells Vegas Confidential that Jacko was "all excited" about his Vegas jaunt, and a "signed contract" that they had to market his slot machines in Europe and Asia, but it all fell apart. Jackson's rep insists that he didn't really want to become an "entertainer" in Vegas, and says that Michael is giving up the lease on the house in which he's been staying.

Party Favors: "Simpsons" Turn 7-Elevens into Kwik-E Marts ... Supreme Reunion for Diana and Mary? ... Stern Not Stoked About "Kung Fu Assassins"

No, it's not brain-freeze afflicting you -- that 7-Eleven really did become a Kwik-E-Mart. The ubiquitous convenience store chain remade a dozen of its stores into the fictional store from "The Simpsons," all in advance of the July 27 opening of the movie. No word if the stores are staffed by Apus ... Could Diana Ross and Mary Wilson be moving toward a Supremes reunion? FOX News reports that Wilson's not so into the idea, but that Ross is, after thanking Mary "especially" at the BET Awards. ... Howard Stern is steaming about a new flick called "Kung Fu Assassins" that features a shock-jock called "Howee" that, among other things, gets kidnapped by his former boss and some martial-artists after leaving his radio station. The director of the movie tells Page Six that despite the perceived diss, he's a "big Stern fan."

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#14: I cut and pasted that copy. Originally, "is" was missing from the sentence until a fine crackerjack TMZ staffer added it after I pointed it out.

2648 days ago


Poor, stupid Brit...she's still delusional. She'll pray for her mother to get the help she needs?! Britney is the one that needs all the help she can get. One of these days Brit will go running back to her mama...hopefully though when it's not too late. In the meantime, Lynne and her family do need to stay strong. This whole situation with Britney is really a very sad thing.

2648 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

Family may be an instiutiopn but its an instituion 2 wich your involuantarily commited.thats a quote by the fabulous ME!(LOL)its true though 4 me and lots of others including brit and her sister her mom may just be nuts but because poor innocent brit likes 2 party her mother gets 2 act like a moral authority tahts sumthing society does 4 people like brits mom and its really stupid.

2648 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

family may be an instiution but its an institution 2 wich your ivoluntarily commited-todd lissner (lol)its true though all 1 of these dumb moms of a celeb haz 2 do is act anti partying as opposed 2 the celebratie and they get 2 act like there sum moral authority.come on people tahts dumb brits mom may well be nuts and brit and her sister should not have 2 live there life according 2 there m oms crazy whims people expecting that of me ruined my life.

2648 days ago


Let her ruin what little of a life she has left. At some point you have to give up and let the chips fall. She'll kick herself in the ass later for doing this to her mother and children. Mark my words, she will!

2648 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

breaking news lisa simpson waz just caught drunk thorwing rocks ouside flanderses house!add 2 that barts usually hardy partying andf it appears that the simpsons is another hollywood family heading 4 trouble!maybe its the fathers food addiction or the mothers embarrasing refusal 2 stop waring her hair 8 feet long party on bart lol!!!!!!!

2648 days ago


As a Mom I will let my family be on welfare so my one daughter can have lessons to fulfill her dream.I will travel everywhere to help her get a chance at Mickey Mouse Club.I will take her to New York because her chance is there,even though MY home,and husband,and other kids are far away.I will feel all of the sacrifices this family has made for her were worth it when she becomes a loved,respected ,well mannered star.I will take up for her when she gets married and divorced in 3 days.I will stand behind her when she gets married to a guy she hardly knows that left another girl while she was pregnant with his second child.I will do my best to convince her to get a pre-nup even though she insists she doesn't want one.When I see her baring her private parts in public,leaving her children night after night,and taking a severe nosedive in every aspect of her life I will try to convince her to get help.For this I will be served a notice to stay away from her and my grandchilden.------I don't know Britney,or Lynn,but I'm a Mom and my heart goes out to Lynn-oh,almost forgot,also lost husband somewhere along the way.If Lynn is on meds,who wouldn't be?

2648 days ago

Robert Berigan    

I dont believe Diana and Mary Wilson would ever work together under Marys terms..when Diana had her interview on Oprah promoting her tour the (other two) Supremes actually sat in the audience not even on the stage were not even interviewed or ask their opinion.....Diana would never stand not being the Star,she wont even do an ensemble in a movie...she has to be the undisputed Star..Mary is considered a back up the Supremes and I cant imagine Diana seeing things any differently..but I believe after years and loss of popularity Diana is having some regrets...

2647 days ago


Send her my way for a week. I'll show her how good she has it and how bad she is screwing up. Britney your invited Destin FL. Oh wait you already have a house here...Go get an image consultant, personal shopper, and a brain and get your life back in order/

2647 days ago


Can everyone see that the "bitch" here is mary wilson. She is the one that wrote the nasty book. she is the one that hangs onto diana ross' press and boo hoos that she is overlooked. have you heard this woman sing? carry a tune yes. definately. lead singer to take THE definitive girl group into the history books? Absolutely not. she is the one who didn't do the tour. where does she get off thinking that she deserves as much money as Diana Ross? what kind of good business decision is that? And how many times is the press going to lie and say Diana was in charge of the pay scale when it is really the producers of the show? Diana says something nice while SHE is getting a legend award and then she is torn apart for it? i expect the press to not underestimate the intelligence of the reader.

2647 days ago


Britney Spears is a no-talent skanky trailer trash bitch! When success fades away like it is happening to her and her stupid career, all you have left is FAMILY, no matter what! God forbids her mother passes away, what she'll do? This garbage bag dressing slut has burned so many bridges, she'll be left all alone in her plastic life. Keep having fun with your partying and your kereoke tours, nothing lasts forever you no-talent HO.

2645 days ago
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