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Paris Gets Worked!

7/2/2007 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chalk up another celebrity surf casualty; Paris tries and then she flies. Beat! The vacationing California girl took a face full of sand while trying to get into the Hawaiian vibe with some surfing -- if you can call what she does "surfing."

Belly-boarding in the shorebreak, Paris catches a double-up and gets slammed, knocking off her designer sunglasses and sending the heiress into the spin cycle. But she manages to regain the Aloha spirit with a smile -- and recoups her sunglasses.

In the ocean you will find peace in your soul; but it can be hard with a herd of paparazzi on the beach.


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Mike Miller    


2606 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Does Paris call the photographers to come take her picture every time she goes out?? She's such a stupid fake. No guy will every marry that slutty bimbo - no matter how much money she has.

2606 days ago


She looks great!!!!!!! She needs some time for herself. I think Paris is goino to be fine.

2606 days ago

Big Bear    

Proves the negative comments are true. Paris is so nasty the sharks will not even come close to her. The sharks have a keen sense of smell and the herpes sores would not make a tasty treat for a shark or any animal. Why does paris use a surf board?? She has huge feet so a board is not necessary for her to surf.

2606 days ago


Too bad she didn't drown. If she had, TMZ would talk about her until she was buried, then we'd never have to hear about the skank again.

2606 days ago


Good for her,Paris Rocks!!!

2606 days ago


I freakin luv Paris. Who the hell invented dat she had Herpes?? u sick ass people who have nuttin better 2 do den 2 diss her!! Nasty is ur mom damnn dat grl is the sweetist thng. Yea shes dun mistakes but wtf hasnt?? damnn stop naggin on her n i luv tmz!! Always has the latest on Paris=]]]

2606 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

OHH yeah...Paris Rocks in Dumb as...!

2606 days ago


Hello...... do we really care!

2606 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

#8...go here and take the free tour...its in the middle bottom can't miss it...

Paris Hilton Exposed Video Pictures FREE tour....go look for yourself....
NO one could make this stuff up....She did it....all by her little bitty self...!!!

2606 days ago


Tomorrow TMZ will be reporting on her bowel movement...

2606 days ago

Mrs. Jackson    

Boy she is really hard at work building that HALF WAY HOUSE for former prison inmates and those charities she wants to help must really appreciate all her hard work frolicking on the beach in Hawaii. Once a spoiled bitch always a spolied bitch. SHE WILL NEVER CHANGE and PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS HATE HER..

2606 days ago


Big Bear -- LOL

Looks like Parasite is hard at work on the charities she was so into along with her new found inspiration. Although according to the news, even Larry King was not fooled by her lies: "King admits he wasn't sold on Hilton", "And King was far from impressed when his special guest lied about reading the Bible in jail.", 'King says, "I don't think Paris reads the Bible."' Same ole lying skank. She's back to business as usual....thinking only of her self, partying and soon .....driving drunk again. She can't handle a car wheel nor a surf board, but she can find her designer sunglasses.

2606 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

All these networks willing to pay money to have an interview with this brain dead cell - why don't they put money out and interview some of the other women who have just been released from Lynwood - how they were treated compared to Parass, what the scoop was in jail about Parass, how they felt about Parass, her porno tape, racist tape, drug addiction and her Herpes! Her "un-special" treatment.

I doubt very much Parass will ever do any charitable work unless it has her name & mug on it!

Oh yeah - how about the "Paris Playhouse" she was considering, read from the "scripted phone call from Parass to Bahbra WaWa" quoted on the View by Bahbra WaWa

What a playhouse that would be - Pictures of Paris plastered in various stages of undress, everywhere for child wellness and personal growth.

How about an "Everything Paris" Gift Shop Inside - wonder how many copies of her porno tape would be for sale? Maybe they'll sell Valtrex. Damn - ADDERALL should be a big seller. Big, ugly a@@, fly-eye sun glasses and copies of "Hooked on Phonics" signed by Parass , as well as her favorite Bible verses, embroidered on little black velvet plaques for the bathroom wall, that would be a "hot" ticket item.

I think this woman must have had a lobotomy at birth - that or her daddy had some bad little "spermers" that swam up into one, big a@@ rotten egg!

2606 days ago


Paris has paid her debt to society and if she wants to spend a few weeks in Hawaii, good for her.

From what I heard her say on Larry King and from what I read in People Magazine, that jail experience isn't anything she's likely to forget. Three weeks is a long time in a nasty place like that, and she's probably still freaked out.

I have no doubt that she will do some charitable work that helps female convicts. It's the only way she'll be able to process what happened.

2606 days ago
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