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Reasons Why it Sucks to Be Paris Hilton's Sister

7/2/2007 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Paris Hilton off the mainland, photogs went wild for her sister Nicky last night -- and she was not too happy about it.

TMZ cameras spotted Nicky outside Il Sole on Sunday, where cameras surrounded her and bombarded the celebusister with questions about her ex-con sis.

Nick was quiet and did her best to keep away from photogs, but let out an "oh my God" when someone asked her what she though about "fake Paris" Natalie Reid -- guess she's not a fan!


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Is it really justified to refer to her as an 'ex con'.

2616 days ago

blah blah blah    

me thinks so

2616 days ago


I wonder if Nikki is as nasty as Paris. Nikki certainly seems to try and avoid the limelight and photogs more than Paris. Don't really hear about any movies on the market either.

2616 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Lets see security
She was convicted, spent time in the slammer and has been released. Yep she's the classic definition of an ex-con.

2616 days ago


There are a lot more problems in this country than worrying about a couple of zillionaire heiresses. Our country is being invaded by a third world banana republic, and the President and big shot senators like Kennedy and Reid agreeing to it. We're in a war halfway around the world where American soldiers are getting killed and nothing accomplished. The dollar is buying less and less.....thanks to the free trade messes Clinton and Bush have gotten us into. Why would anybody care what happens to the Hilton sisters?

2616 days ago


Yes. TMZ is the palce to discuss world politics. We are infatuated with airheads becasue it makes it makes us fell better about ourselves.

Plus, they are hot and so doable.

2616 days ago

blah blah blah    

so robert
why are you reading about them then?
"nuff said"

2616 days ago


Nikki, Go with the flow. This to shall pass.

2616 days ago


Does Nikki have more than Paris' 8th grade education? (Paris dropped out of school part way thought 9th grade, so 8th is her last completed grade)

2616 days ago


I have to take a minute and not cut Paris down today. If there is one thing I know is the love one sister "can" have for another. My heart goes out to both of them because if I couldn't see my sister for a month...I would die. Plus, when she dies...I will probably go with her.

2616 days ago

Brian Llewellyn™ Please wear more yellow ladies!!!!!!!    

Hee... Hee... I like Nicky Hilton. She reminds me of World War II German Tiger Tank. That was the most powerful tank in the world during Word War II. And that tank would blast through concrete walls of buildings and never stop for anything. And that's the way Nicky is. She blasts through walls of Paparazzi and never stops for anything, just like that Tiger Tank. Only she's cute when she does it. Nicky trips me out. She's a good woman. Go Nicky...

Brian Llewellyn™

2616 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Nicky does have it ruff. She has a brain and if not for Paris would have so much more credibility. You are on;y "it" in that family if you do porn. The parents worship Paris but never see it is Nicky with all the ability.

Parents brainwashed too.

2616 days ago

sara g.    

Nicky looks so sickly skinny in this pic...she looks like a she/man with that adams apple...

2616 days ago


She has the same "simple" mentality of her sister, when she can only comment "Oh my God". Maybe she thinks it is a quote from the Bible and trying to make up for Paris's lack of memory on the Larry King Show--when Paris was not able to come up with a favorite
quote from the Sacred Book.

2616 days ago


Almost everyone wants to see Paris Hilton Become a more responsible person but yet they wouldn't give her the benefit of a doubt to do so. It's sad to see how we ''crusify'' our fellow man in their worst moments. How is one supposed to change when we expect the worst from them?

2616 days ago
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