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Was Benoit's Son Really Sick?

7/2/2007 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoutAmid reports that WWE wrestler Chris Benoit allegedly injected his son with hormones because of a health condition, Scott Ballard, District Attorney of Fayette County, Ga., just released this statement:

"There are additional reports that contradict the earlier information that suggested that Daniel Benoit may have suffered from Dwarf Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome. Daniel's family denies that he suffered from either condition. As a result of the family's concerns, the Fayette County Sheriff's investigators and the District Attorney's Office have inquired into this matter. A source having access to certain of Daniel's medical reports reviewed those reports, and they do not mention any pre-existing mental or physical impairment. Reports from Daniel's educators likewise contradict the claims that Daniel was physically undersized. The educators report that Daniel graduated kindergarten and was prepared to enter the first grade on par with the other students."


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Where does it say that the child had any drugs in his system? I have been reading the reports and all I have seen is speculation about this. Maybe people should try reading slower, and getting all of the facts before they go off.

2638 days ago


this is shocking and not surewhat to think... if a child was beening shot up with something the mother had to know about it also... not just when dad was many question...
Also have they questions all of the visitors that was in the home that week?
I pray for the family that both sides of the family can have peace and start healing.

2638 days ago


Honestly, what does it matter if his son was sick or not? They're all dead!

2638 days ago


He was most likely having the growth hormone prescribed for his son so he could take it . They also said that he was using steroids as a testosterone replacement because his own test levels were supressed from past steroid use. The body's test levels do sometimes shut down with long term steriod usuage because it is being manufactured by the steroids so it has no need to produce it's own. I believe the typical male puts out 8 to 10 mg. of test a day so there would be no need to take extremely high dosages as replacement therapy so I think once again it was just an excuse to have a reason to take it. Steroid rage is a fact and does exist but I don't believe it could make you kill your own son unless there were some other underlying pshycological problems. Benoit was a good friend of the pro wrestlers Owen and Brett Hart. Owen died in a ring accident. There brother in-law pro wrestler Davey Boy Smith also died prematurely and Benoit's good friend pro wrestler Eddie Guerrero also passed prematurely.

2638 days ago


and OhioRN, it's spelled "patient". You'd think being a nurse you'd know that! It's not like the letter "E" is next to the letter "A" and you made a typo. WTF!

If you're a nurse and can't even *spell* patient, I feel sorry for the people that you treat - don't give them the wrong medicine!

2638 days ago



Wanna burn me at the stake and revoke my license? A person was typing fast and made a typo. Get a life and stick to the subject...which should be Benoit, his family, and what happened.

2638 days ago



I agree. If they were doing this without a prescription, than that is awful . I just wanted people to know that there is a legitimate reason that children do take growth hormones.

2638 days ago


This just keeps getting more sick and scary as time goes on. Why would WWE come out and say the child had fragile X, and all those drugs!
And why wouldn't the child be on the short side, His father was..
we may never know what that child really lived like in that house.

2638 days ago


# 44 - OhioRN (huh)
"As a health care professional I have seen many petients take GH (growth hormone) and not because they want to be taller or look bigger, unlike what some people think on here"

I'm a brain soygen and I too am loosing petients with the BS

Many petients ? I dont think so and why didnt you go on to explain why it is your many patient's do take " GH " Not now! too late lmao

" GH " is not a medical abbreviation for Growth Hormone.

2638 days ago


MY Theory
Chris and Nancy go to bed earlish friday night makes sense he had to catch an early flight on Saturday ok say maybe 3 or 4 people break in, 2 guard dogs u say shot with tranqulizer put in pool yard maybe, I'd bet they havn't been tested for anything I mean why would they. Anyway they go and get Daniel out of bed and then go to Chris and Nancy's room with a gun to Daniels head and one on Nancy Chris is not gonna argue. They take them all to the basement and tie chris to the weight machine then take nancy upstairs tie her up and kill her they wait till morning and make chris leave a message for WWE that he missed the flight because his wife and son arn't well then they wait somemore maybe keeping Chris calm by telling him that everyone will be ok they just want to ruin his career by letting down the WWE i don't know like i said theory, anyway next Chris gets a call which he doesn't answer but calls back a few minutes later to comfirm the message he left earlier again they wait for a while fielding the few calls that come in then they kill Daniel wait till 4 in the morning send text messages from Chris and Nancys phone wouldn't b hard to leave his finger prints on the phones then they kill him and go over the place make sure it is all looking like there has been no one but Chris, Nancy and Daniel there then they slip out.

2638 days ago


Fragile X shouldn't be ruled out just yet, as the article stated "a certain of Daniel's medical records" which I take to mean not all of his medical records. As someone in the occupational therapy field who has worked with autistic children in the past, this child clearly shows stereotypical signs associated with autism. If this family didn't even want their family and friends to know, it wouldn't be that unreasonable to assume they would keep those records and the diagnosis to themselves. It would also possibly help to explain why he was 7 years old and just finishing kindergarten, as if he was on par with those in his age group he would've finished kindergarten by the age of 6. Even Chris Jericho, who is a very credible source when it comes to the Benoit family, stated that in hindsight Daniel fits the Fragile X profile "to a tee." As for the previous needlemarks, even if Chris Benoit was the only one injecting any drug into his son, then his wife would've been aware of it as well which would make her just as guilty (although I believe it will come to pass that they were injecting him with prescribed medication). I am not using this to justify Benoit's behavior in any way, as he holds sole responsibility for what he did, but the facts of this case seem to change by the day and I choose to not judge it until all of the facts come out. And while I think of it I will bring up one more point in regard to Nancy's family denying Daniel's alleged condition. Family members are usually the last to notice anything wrong with a child, or will be in straight denial that there is anything wrong. I could imagine her family would be in denial possibly out of guilt considering that if he did have Fragile X, then he would've inherited it from Nancy as the X gene is passed from mother to child.

2638 days ago

Papa RoachSmurf    

I agree with 51.

We have way too many people talking about how Benoit loved his wife and kids and how dedicated he was to them. These horrible murders do not sound like the actions of the man everyone knew. I am beginning to doubt that Benoit is responsible for the murders and that this was really a triple homicide. Kevin Sullivan should be questioned. He certainly has motive.

2638 days ago


Why are they just seeing this now that that poor little boy can't be helped?
People SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

2638 days ago

bill gray    

People are jumping to all kinds of conclusions with very few facts actually reported by the gutter snips of the media. Before you people start to condemn Chris why don't you wait for all the facts to come in-if they ever do then make your comments known to the world!! This was a truly horrible series of events but please have patience before you condemn him to eternal damnation!!

2638 days ago


"These horrible murders do not sound like the actions of the man everyone knew. "

This statement caught my eye. Just because you watch the man on television and perhaps shake his hand as he walks through the crowd does not in any fashion mean you know him. Lets be clear. It means you know ABOUT him, but even then all you know is what you're shown.

All there is to go on at the moment is speculation, and its running rampant. There has even been a wide spread theory that Benoit was told by his wife that his child was not his and that she'd been deceiving him all these years. Though it might explain the "snap" he experienced again its still no more than speculation.

If we're going to speculate how about this? Chris comes home to find his wife in a manic state threatening Chris that if he should go away one more time and leave her home with the child that she'll kill the child and leave. An argument ensues that literally tears benoit apart. In a rage, she kills the child. Benoit in GREIF kills her and then under the weight and guilt of taking the life of the woman he loves, gets drunk and takes his own life as well.

Theres some speculation.

2637 days ago
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